The First Heir Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309

Monty’s attitude could only be described as arrogant!

He was dressed in a dark green battle uniform and leading 12 expert guards from the Alpha Camp battalion. Where was the display of expressing condolences? He was clearly here to take advantage of Jacob’s death and establish his prestige!

The 12 men in suits behind him all had cold eyes and were full of killing intent. Dormant chills lay within them, just like jackals in the night. They appeared ready to put an end to the Jensen family members here at any time!

Tonight was the night for the wake of Old Master Jensen, but this group of people who suddenly appeared without notice was trying to forcibly break into the mourning hall and search the body of the deceased Old Master Jensen!

Just to retrieve something?


Crawford was full of chills as he glared angrily, shouting at Monty, “Mr. Simmons, the hall has already been set up with the memorial shrine. If there’s anything else, why don’t you wait until after the funeral when we can sit down and discuss?”

Crawford kept a tight leash on his temper, not wanting to clash with Monty and his people!

After all, the circumstances today were very special, and it was not appropriate to resort to guns and violence.

However, Monty shook his head and said, “No! As per the lord’s orders, we must retrieve that item tonight. The Jensen family must not stand in our way. Otherwise, we’ll kill without mercy!”




After saying that, Monty led his men to break into the mourning hall.

Crawford roared angrily, “How dare you! Tonight is the first night of my father’s wake. The sons of the Jensen family will never allow anyone to disturb the old master’s peace and quiet! If you insist on barging into the mourning hall, don’t blame the Jensen family for not remembering the friendship between the old master and the supreme!”

Crawford was really furious!

How dare this Monty Simmons be so rude?!

What was even more hateful was that the former supreme was his backer!

What was he trying to get back so impatiently?

Crawford was not even sure what deal his father had with the previous supreme.

What could that item be?


Monty snorted as a glint flashed in his eyes. His hand touched the dagger at his waist, and he said coldly, “On the account of their past relationship, the supreme has ordered me to only retrieve the item and not hurt anyone from the Jensen family. However, if you insist on stopping me from carrying out my orders, don’t blame the dagger in my hands for being merciless!”


A flash of the blade!

The dagger on Monty’s waist was already out of its sheath and the 12 battalion guards behind him were ready to fight!

Everyone from the Jensen family also glared at them, rushing out one after another with battle intent!

“Huh, Mr. Simmons is really capable, trespassing on my father’s mourning hall and still being so demanding. I’d like to ask the former supreme his reason for doing this!”

Crawford shouted in a cold voice as he released a powerful aura!

The Jensen family would never be afraid of any challenges!


Monty’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he spat out the order between gritted teeth.


Behind him, 12 guards in suits moved out instantly and pounced on the Jensen family!

“Go! Defend the old master’s peace until the end! We absolutely can’t let such beasts take even half a step into the hall!”

Crawford shouted in a cold voice as he took the lead. He quickly rushed out and directly punched and kicked two of the guards in suits!

Behind him, the members of the Jensen family also rushed out instantly and joined the battle!

The two parties fought at the entrance of the hall just like that!

Monty stood at the end with a dagger in his hand, staring at Crawford who weaved in and out of the crowd several times.

Then, with a hideous sneer at the corner of his mouth, he muttered to himself, “The Jensen family is really extraordinary. They must have been through the door.”

After saying that, he moved!

Holding a cold dagger in his hand, his body was full of surging killing intent, and he quickly rushed into the center of the battle!

One swipe of the dagger and one person was slashed!

Monty was like the God of War in this battle, invincible wherever he went!

Soon, he rushed in front of Crawford with all members of the Jensen family having fallen behind him.

His eyes were cold and stern as he stared at Crawford, who had fought off two people, and shouted in a cold voice, “Have you been through the door?”

Crawford’s brows were furrowed, and with a surging momentum, he displayed the Jensen family’s kung fu!



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