The First Heir Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310

“So what? Today, you barged into my father’s shrine. I’ll kill you to console my father’s spirit in heaven!”

Crawford shouted angrily. Then, his entire person launched like an arrow as he raised his fist and kicked, rushing toward Monty!

Biff, bang, thud!

The two of them fought swiftly with fists hitting the flesh, every blow seeing blood!

The whole situation had turned white-hot!

It was a close fight!

Monty spotted a flaw in Crawford’s movements and slashed at his arm!

The blade, shining with cold light, slashed directly on Crawford’s arm!

Crawford drew back in pain quickly, clutching his arm!

However, Monty abruptly moved his way to the front and threw a punch at Crawford’s chest!


This punch contained 80% of Monty’s strength!

Crawford’s entire body flew backward, hitting the door frame of the hall and then falling to the ground!


A flash of the dagger!

Crawford clutched his chest and spurted a mouthful of blood. When he raised his head, the bloodied tip of the dagger was already half an inch away from his neck!

Monty looked at the seriously injured Crawford coldly, shook his head, and laughed cruelly. “You’re still not my opponent. Even if you’ve been through the door, you’re still not!”

Crawford could not refute. He glared at him and said somberly, “Mr. Simmons, you’re indeed worthy of being the next supreme candidate. Your strength is above mine.”

Monty smiled coldly, put away his dagger, and stood up.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the shrine in the main hall. With a wave of his hand, the 12 suited guards had already assembled, moving neatly and uniformly to stand behind him.

The floor was full of members of the Jensen family, all completely defeated!

Even the direct descendants of the Jensen family were seriously injured. They helped each other to stand up and roared furiously.

“That’s the old master’s memorial shrine! You can’t barge in!”

“If you dare to break in, you’re enemies of the Jensen family!”

Angry roars resounded in the space at night.

All members of the Jensen family had reddened eyes at this moment as they were staring angrily at the backs of Monty and the others.

Crawford also stood up with the help of his grandchildren. Then, they blocked the entrance of the main hall, staring at Monty and others with cold eyes.

Standing in the front of the crowd was Crawford who was covered with wounds. He said solemnly, “Today, even if all the sons of my Jensen family die here, I won’t let you and your people step into this mourning hall!”

Monty frowned, looked at the group of death-defying Jensen members, and said indifferently, “Do you really want to stop me?”

The children of the Jensen family roared in unison, “If you want to break in, you have to step over our bodies!”

Death as a sign of determination!

Monty was annoyed. He raised his dagger at Crawford and shouted angrily, “Get out of the way! Otherwise, I’ll kill without mercy!”

“Mr. Simmons, go ahead and make your move. The sons and daughters of the Jensen family will not budge even half a step!”

Crawford spoke coldly, his eyes looking brilliant.

Monty was agitated and raised his dagger while shouting, “You’re seeking death!”


A cold and deep voice rang out behind them with monstrous fury!

“Whoever dares to break into the old master’s memorial shrine, I, Philip Clarke, will be the first to come after him!”



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