The First Heir Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311

The voice was as ominous as the Grim Reaper and contained monstrous killing intent!

When everyone looked in the direction of the voice, Philip and Lydia were already standing behind Crawford and the others.

At this moment, Philip’s body emitted waves after waves of coldness. His eyes were as gloomy as a deep pool of water!

He did not expect that after going out for a while, someone would trespass into Old Master Jensen’s mourning hall!

Moreover, they had injured so many members of the Jensen family!

Lydia was so angry that she rushed over, helped Crawford, and shouted, “Grandpa, are you alright?”

Crawford shook his head and was relieved to see that Lydia and Philip had returned.

At the same time, the six masters had already appeared behind Philip. They were all staring at Monty and the others with dark faces and murderous intent!

They had gone out just now. Unexpectedly, they saw such a scene upon returning.

“Monty Simmons, are you making an enemy out of the Aces?” Mobius Pine shook with anger for the first time and said in a cold, furious voice!

At his side, Dorian Fox, Leon Anders, Boris Vahn, and the rest of the Aces were all ready to fight!

When an Ace was angry, blood would flow like a river!

Furthermore, it was the wrath of six Aces!

Monty’s brows knitted together as he looked at Philip before his eyes swept over the six Aces behind him.

In his eyes, Philip was not enough to be feared, but the six Aces behind him were the ones worthy of his attention.

“I’ve heard of the profound strength of the Aces. Today, I’d like to ask the six Aces for some guidance. I wonder if you’d dare to accept the challenge?”

Monty turned around with the cold dagger in his hand. In his dark green uniform, his battle intent surged at this moment!

Roxy’s shapely eyebrows furrowed. With eyes full of surprise, she said, “Oh no! He has the strength of an Ace too! Moreover, the aura on him is so familiar. He has been through the door!”

Dorian’s wise eyes darted around and flickered for an instant. He nodded and said in a deep voice, “Yes, this is the aura of someone who has been through the door. This guy really concealed himself well. The former supreme is indeed playing a very big game of chess.”

Philip’s head was in the clouds and he asked in confusion, “Seniors, what door are you talking about?”

Although Leon was a simpleton, he was also in a rare serious mood at this moment as he replied, “This is a long story. If you want to know, Young Master Clarke, let’s wait until we solve the problem at hand.”

After saying that, Leon exchanged a glance with the other three Aces.

Four masters immediately darted out and attacked Monty, shouting, “We accept the challenge!”


Instantly, a loud crash rang in the room!

Following that, a fierce battle broke out in the area!

Monty was fighting against four Ace figures alone but did not fall to a disadvantage!

Moreover, as the battle heated up, Philip was surprised to find that these people’s speed was getting faster and faster. He could not even see some of their moves!

Toward the end of the battle, Philip discovered that their tactics were completely beyond his imagination!

Too strong!

It could only be described as magnificent!

Furthermore, he had only seen the aura exploding from them on Reed Williams!

Even if Rick Davenport appeared here, he might not be an opponent for these Aces if he were to take them up at once.

Perhaps only Fennel Leigh might be able to put up a fight!

That was simply beyond the limits of human beings!

As Reed once said, the human body was endowed with unlimited potential. As long as it was developed with proper guidance, it would explode with incredible power!



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