The First Heir Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313

That roar directly shocked the audience!

Faced with Monty, who was not even defeated by the four Aces combined, Philip was actually so bold as to tell his opponent to get lost!

This was the powerful strength and confidence of the Clarke family!

The six masters stood beside Philip instantly, guarding him.

They were really worried that Monty would get annoyed and kill Philip here.

Indeed, Monty was angry. He stared at Philip with cold eyes, and a hideous sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth. The mask on his face matched his smile at this moment, looking incomparably dark and sinister.

It was just like the smile of the devil.

“You’re the first person who dared to say that to me.”

Monty spoke coldly, his tone morose and with killing intent. He directly drew his dagger and walked toward Philip step by step.

“Monty Simmons! What do you want to do? If you dare to take another step forward, we will fight you to the death even if we have to sacrifice two of our own!”

Mobius said angrily in a cold voice. The flexible sword at his waist had been drawn out with cold intent.

Monty’s footsteps never faltered. With a devilish smile on his face, he said, “Heir of the Clarke family, if I kill you tonight, I’d like to see who the people who would be drawn out are and what kind of disasters will happen.”

After saying that, Monty quickened his pace and rushed up with his dagger next to him!

When the six Aces saw this, their eyelids jumped wildly!

This damned Monty, he was a lunatic!

He actually dared to make a move against the heir of the Clarke family!


The six masters, suddenly erupting with surging auras, surrounded and charged toward Monty!

At once, a shocking fight broke out again!

This time, it was not that easy for Monty to face the six Aces!

However, the more he fought, the more frenzied he became. The raging aura from his body kept increasing as the battle heated up!

Dorian was terrified and exclaimed, “Oh no! He’s trying to use us to break the momentum and ascend to the supreme position!”

Mobius and Roxy naturally noticed it too.

Monty Simmons was actually using them to help him ascend to the supreme position!

Once he broke through, he would be the new supreme!

At that time, trouble would follow!

“We must end this quickly! We absolutely can’t let him break through!” Boris bellowed.

The six quickly closed the encirclement, gradually forcing Monty into a corner.


Monty was currently like a madman with unbridled movements. The killing intent that surged through his body grew stronger and stronger!


An opportunity!

Monty seized the gap when the six people closed in on him and raised his sword to slash across at Philip who was standing on the side!

This strike carried a monstrous killing intent!

“Young Master Clarke, watch out!”

The six Aces shouted in alarm and tried their best to block it!

However, they were still a tad too slow!

The dagger in Monty’s hand was too fast, aiming directly at Philip’s abdomen!

This slash was too powerful!

Even Philip felt an unprecedented crisis and oppression from Monty’s attack!

The blade, carrying a biting chill and killing intent, was unstoppable!

“Go to hell!” Monty sneered menacingly.

In the nick of time!

A figure suddenly jumped in front of Philip from the darkness!


The blade broke!

The fragment cut through the air in a flash of silver, bounced with a thud, and penetrated the trunk of a huge tree before exiting through the other side!

At the same time!

Monty’s entire body flew backward as he spurted blood from his mouth. He fell heavily more than ten meters away!

Like a kite with a broken string, his body rolled on the ground dozens of times and only stopped when he hit a wall!

The wall cracked too!

No one knew what had happened.

Only Monty knew in that instant. The person in front of Philip had kicked him!



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