The First Heir Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314

It was this kick that injured him so seriously and broke several of his ribs!

The six Aces present were stunned!

They stared intently at the figure that had suddenly appeared in front of Philip. He was incomparably tall and had a predatory air around him. He had sharp facial features and a lofty figure. With his stern expression, he looked like a battle god!

Even the surrounding air seemed to have frozen.

What formidable strength!

Even the six of them could not suppress Monty. In front of this person, it only took one move to take Monty down!


That person made two moves!

The first move was when he broke Monty’s blade with one hand.

The second move was when he kicked Monty!

The actions were done in one go at an incredibly fast speed!

This man’s strength was definitely above the six of them!

He was definitely a supreme figure!

When everyone saw the person in front of Philip, they immediately gasped in awe!

The six Aces instantly became extremely respectful and reverent!

It was him!

The tall figure in front of Philip was actually him!

The most spectacular character from back then!

They did not expect to meet him here after the man had disappeared for more than ten years!

Philip naturally recognized the figure in front of him at this moment and shrugged as he said, “Did Father send you here?”

The figure was surging with incomparably strong killing intent. His ferocious eyes were locked on Monty who had fallen limply to the ground.

He nodded in response and said, “Young Master, the lord is worried about your safety and asked me to come here. After this incident, you need to go back with me. The lord has things to tell you.”

Philip’s expression changed, and after a long silence, he said, “Okay.”

It was a very simple conversation.

After speaking, the figure raised his leg and walked toward Monty step by step. Every step he took felt as though it landed on everyone’s hearts, causing them extreme distress!

The 12 guards were vigilantly standing in front of Monty and protecting him at this moment.

However, they were simply not a match for the opponent and were directly knocked out.

Mobius shook his head and sighed. “Battle God Fulton Hash. I never expected that I could one day meet him.”

Dorian smiled slightly and said, “With such a character here, I’m afraid that even the Alpha Camp would be completely wiped out.”

“I can’t imagine that someone like him would actually be in the Clarke family.” Lou was also full of apprehension.

Several of them looked at each other and smiled. The sense of crisis from just now had completely disappeared.

With this person around, it was guessed that no one in the world would dare to approach Philip’s side.

“How many keys do you think he has?” Boris asked suddenly.

Mobius frowned and said, “Four.”

“I’m not sure. It may be one more than we thought,” Dorian said quietly in a profound manner.



Such a person was simply a rare existence!

Roxy blinked her pretty eyes and suddenly said, “Don’t forget the fourth door, the one that doesn’t exist. I just had a strange idea.”

“What idea?” Mobius asked.

Roxy glanced at Philip who was standing there, thought for a while, and shook her head before saying, “Forget it, I can’t be certain.”

Back to Fulton’s line of sight. He had taken care of all 12 guards with his bare hands.

Then, he stood in front of Monty with a somber face. He looked down at the man on the ground and said coldly, “To attack the young master is to dance with death. Not killing you today is showing respect to that old man behind you. Go back and tell him that if he dares to cross the line again, my lord will be angry.”

Monty staggered up from the ground, glanced at Fulton and Philip resentfully, and took his people away.

After the matter was taken care of, many people were sitting in the side hall.

They were Crawford, some of the descendants of the Jensen family, Lydia, the six Aces, and Fulton.

Philip was there too.

At this moment, Lydia looked a little panicked as she took off a long jade pendant from her neck. It was shaped like a phoenix feather with strange patterns and marks on it.

“This was given to me by my great-grandfather. He said it was a marriage gift.”

Lydia said in a low voice, her eyes full of sadness.

The six Aces glanced at it. They looked at Fulton and then said to Philip, “This is the key. There should be another one.”

Philip frowned, stepped forward, and took the phoenix feather pendant from Lydia’s hand.

Was this the key to the door?



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