The First Heir Chapter 1315

 Chapter 1315

Philip stared at the jade pendant in his hand with a thousand questions in his mind.

“Seniors, the key and the door, what exactly are they? What are the connections between these and the Aces and the supreme?” Philip asked in bewilderment.

The six masters glanced at each other before their gazes fell on Fulton.

“I think Mr. Hash knows this matter better than we do,” Dorian said.

Philip gazed at Fulton who stood at the side with his hands folded. Fulton looked at the phoenix feather jade pendant in Philip’s hand and explained, “Young Master, it’s not the time to tell you about the doors and the keys yet.

I can only tell you some basic concepts. So far, there are four doors to be found. The one in our territory is guarded by the Nonagon.

The ones in Country M and Country Y are guarded by the 12 Sacred Halls of the West. The last one is not at my liberty to disclose.”

“What are these doors?”

Some juniors of the Jensen family wondered and asked aloud at this moment.

Fulton turned around and looked at the starry sky outside. A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes as he said, “The doors lead to the unknown.

Anyone who has the key can enter the matching door and seek a chance encounter. After coming out from the doors, some people will become business wizards and quickly build a business empire; some will become genius martial artists, ascending to the expert level with unfathomable potential; some will become war gods or supreme beings like me, gaining control and reigning supremacy over an area; and others will become invalids, living the rest of their lives in confusion.

“You can think of these doors as a place beyond the world’s imagination, where you can learn a lot for your own use. However, everything depends on an individual’s luck. Not everyone who enters the doors can get something in return.”

After Fulton finished speaking, the surrounding atmosphere quickly quietened down.

People who did not understand the doors wondered and speculated what kind of place it was behind the doors.

However, those who understood the significance of the doors, such as the Aces and Crawford, were full of respect and longing.

They had all entered at least one of the doors before and it was really a place full of learning.

There, they gained a realm and knowledge that could not be achieved in this life. In some respects, they also received enlightenment and became masters of the national martial arts world.

If they had to describe the world behind the doors, it was a vast unknown full of wisdom.

Anyone who opened the door was called an inheritor or a disciple.

This was because if anyone took anything away from behind the doors, they must serve the ‘door’ for their entire lifetime and become a slave to the ‘door’ forever.

“What about the keys? Where do the keys come from?” Philip asked with a frown.

Fulton replied, “Some of the keys come from the Nonagon. Every year, they will select some people, distribute the keys to them, and allow them to enter the door to learn. Another portion is given by the doors to selected people as an invitation for them to enter.

After they have completed their studies, they will become lifelong disciples, forever serving the door if there is a need.”

Fulton’s heart was in a flurry as he thought of the past.

“What kind of existence is the Nonagon, and why do they have the keys?”

Lydia’s face was serious and suspicious at this moment.

This was the common question in everyone’s mind

Philip felt that there was some overlap between what he was hearing now and some of the information he had inquired about over the years.

Furthermore, he had a stroke of inspiration just now. Perhaps his mother’s accident was related to the door.

“The Nonagon is a mysterious institution within the territory, specializing in some supernatural phenomena. It’s responsible for the training and selection of candidates who can enter the door. It has a huge influence. The four supreme beings in the territory all come from the Nonagon. Of course, Supreme Williams is the only genius among the four supremes who was recognized by the Nonagon and invited by the door.

“Such people are few and far in between,” Fulton said.

“Who else?” Philip pursued.

“Young Master, your father once served in the Nonagon and became the youngest and most dazzling existence in the institution since its inception. He also received a strong recommendation and invitation from the door. He’s a highly talented genius whom I admire and respect very much.”

Fulton said these lightly, but these brief sentences had already revealed very important information.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Philip.

The patriarch of the Clarke family, Roger Clarke, was actually such a person!

He actually served the Nonagon and even obtained an invitation to enter the door!

No wonder the Clarke family had suddenly grown and quickly dominated the global financial power back then.

“What about you?” Philip asked.

Fulton turned his head, his eyes falling on Philip. He said with a faint smile, “Me too.”




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