The First Heir Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316

Everyone gasped!

Battle God Fulton Hash was also one!


Truly spectacular!

What kind of existence was the Clarke family?

Regarding the door and the Nonagon, it must be a secret among secrets!

The six Aces understood, and Crawford Jensen understood too!

Once the existence of the door and the Nonagon was revealed to the world, it would definitely cause a huge sensation!

It was because the people in Nonagon and those who had entered the door were geniuses and freaks!

To put it in simple terms, the movie ‘Lucy’ would be a good representation of the real world.

The most mysterious division in the Nonagon was the biotechnology department.

The genetic research and biological cell research had reached the peak!

The objects of research were those who came out from the door.

Looking at the current society, industries and companies related to biotechnology were not rare.

Even the major countries were desperately competing with each other in this field!

The source of all this was the door.

The atmosphere in the room was a bit somber.

At the moment, everyone present felt as if something was stuck in their throats, and there was confusion in their minds.

Even the descendants of the Jensen family were dumbfounded at this moment.

They were completely unaware of the doors and the keys.

The only ones who knew anything about it were the deceased Old Master Jacob Jensen and the current patriarch, Crawford Jensen.

“Patriarch Jensen, I wonder if the other key is in your hands?”

At this time, Mobius asked Crawford next to him.

Crawford nodded and had his subordinates take out an ancient sandalwood box with a dragon and a phoenix carved on the surface.

Crawford opened the wooden box, took out the phoenix feather jade pendant inside, and said, “This was given to me by my father back then. Every patriarch of the Jensen family is qualified to enter the door, but I’m not talented. 20 years have passed, but I’m not good enough.”

“How is this key related to the former supreme?”

Lou stood to the side with his hands over his chest. He asked in puzzlement.

Crawford shook his head and said sadly, “I’m not sure. I’m afraid that only the old master can answer this question.”

Everyone nodded.

This secret might only become history with the death of Jacob Jensen.

“There is another person who knows,” Philip suddenly said at this moment.

Everyone’s eyes flickered as they thought of it too.

The former supreme!

However, dare they ask the former supreme?

Of course not.

Fulton spoke up at this time, “If my guess is correct, this key was probably given to the Jensen family by the previous supreme in order to win them over. But after the Jensen family got a key on their own, the former supreme didn’t want to have a stalemate with the Jensen family, so he didn’t take it back. Now that Old Master Jensen has passed away, the former supreme decided to retrieve the key.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded silently.

This was the only explanation that made sense.

It was because the Nonagon had its own selection criteria for the key to the door.

None of the selected individuals or families would know each other’s identities.

After the crowd dispersed, Philip and Fulton were left in the room.

Philip pondered for a moment before asking, “Is the fourth door in the Clarke family?”



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