The First Heir novel Chapter 1436

No one spoke for a while.

Philip kept his piercing gaze on Rachel. After a while, a faint sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth as he asked, “If you were me and your daughter was kidnapped, sold abroad, and almost met with an accident, what would you do?”

Rachel’s expression changed as she started explaining, “Chester was wrong in this matter. The lord has also criticized him for this. If you still feel angry about it, you can state your conditions for you to spare him.”


Philip sneered, got up, and walked to the French window. He looked at the black business cars parked on the dark street outside.

Then, he said, “If I refuse, will those people you’ve arranged below rush in and take me down?”

Hearing this, Rachel’s heart lurched and she felt beads of cold sweat seeping on her forehead.

The temperature in the room also dropped suddenly.

“Oh, Young Master Clarke, you’re really good at joking.” Rachel forced out the words after a long while.

Philip did not laugh. He snorted coldly, turned his head, and stared at Rachel with bright eyes. He said, “Rachel Clarke, tell that lord behind you that I’m getting my hands on Chester Ludwig no matter what! If he dares to intervene in this matter, I don’t care who he is or what kind of power he has; I don’t mind fighting with him head-on!”


In the room, Rachel looked out of breath as her face darkened.

She clenched her fists, got up, and looked at Philip. Squeezing out a smile, she said, “Young Master Clarke, is there really no other way?”

“There is. Tell the lord behind you to come to Cloudside in person and beg me!”

When Philip said this, Rachel was furious and chided, “Insolence! How dare you insult the lord like this? Philip Clarke, you may be the young master of the main Clarke family on Arcadia Island and there may be no wealthy families in this world that can compare to you, but don’t forget, no amount of wealth can be a match for a few special forces and characters! I advise you not to mislead yourself!”

Rachel was livid. How dare Philip say such defiant words?

He wanted the lord to come here personally and apologize to him?

Dream on!

How could he easily meet the lord?

The lord was no different from the Clarke family’s head. Both of them had once been the core figures of Nonagon!

Philip smiled lightly as if he had expected Rachel to say that. He said sternly, “Mislead myself? In that case, I want to see what your Gentleman Court can do to me if I go after Chester Ludwig!”

His dominance was overwhelming!

His furious bellow shook the entire suite!



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