The First Heir novel Chapter 1437

As soon as these words were spoken, Rachel’s face instantly became very unpleasant. She stared fixedly at Philip with her almond-shaped eyes and asked, “Are you really not going to spare Chester?”

Philip did not need to answer. His silence was already an answer.

Rachel’s eyes froze as a glint flashed across them. She said, “Everyone, come in!”


The door to the suite was pushed open and instantly, a dozen thugs in black suits rushed in. All of them looked ferocious.

“Philip Clarke, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. Tonight, as long as you promise not to do anything to Chester Ludwig, I can let you go!”

Rachel said coldly with her arms across her chest, her face showing a hint of warning.

Philip looked very calm. He glanced at the dozen or so thugs behind her as a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He said, “Do you really think you can make me change my mind with just these people? You’re underestimating me.”

As he said that!

Biff, bang!

At the door, another few people quickly rushed in and the thugs from earlier were taken down the next second!

It was Josh Clancy and his party!

Seeing this group of people who suddenly barged in, Rachel was so frightened that she went pale. However, she still forced herself to appear calm as she stood there. Three or four thugs remained standing in front of her, guarding her and keeping her safe.

“Damn it! Notify the people below, block off this entire floor and tell all of them to come up!”

Rachel was furious. She took the coat on the bed and draped it over her body. She bit her red lip and stared at Philip viciously.

“No need. The bunch of trash you’ve arranged below has already been cleaned up by us,” Josh said with a big grin.

Upon hearing this, Rachel’s heart thumped. Her eyes carried a hint of hesitation and suspicion.

As for Philip, he indifferently took a few steps forward and looked at Rachel, saying, “I think the manpower you arranged at the hospital is almost dealt with by now.”

“You… What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Rachel denied it.

Philip just smiled blandly.

At this moment in the hospital, the men Nigel had deliberately arranged for relaxed their vigilance.

A group of people got down from several black vans that were parked at the entrance of the hospital. All of them were dressed in black with hats or masks. Long daggers or other weapons were hidden on their bodies.

They glanced at each other before they entered the hospital lobby. They then ran to the third floor from the stairway.

“Catch them!”

Suddenly, in the corridor of the hospital, some of Nigel’s men found something amiss and immediately rushed toward the few guys running up from the stairway’s entrance!

Instantly, a fight broke out!

As the two groups fought, another group snuck inside the ward from behind.

There were only two bodyguards inside the ward. Before they could get up, they were already taken down by the other party!

Then, the man in the lead with a black mask, without looking at who was lying on the hospital bed, directly picked up the child and wrapped the child in the blanket.

“Go! Tell our men to withdraw at once!”

The man in the lead commanded in a low voice. With two men in tow, he quickly rushed out of the ward, went to the stairway, and hurried downstairs!

Sirens blasted throughout the hospital, followed by the sounds of fighting and killing.

Downstairs of the hospital, the guy who took the child got into the car straight away. He quickly left this area and went straight to the place that Chester had arranged in advance.

At the same time, the subordinates whom Chester arranged near the Lambert family’s mansion had been closely watching the movements of the Lambert family.

At this moment, Nigel, who was standing in the courtyard, received a call and suddenly shouted in anger, “What? Did something happen at the hospital? The young miss was taken away? What the hell are you doing? Hurry up and search the whole city! If you don’t find the young miss before dawn, all of you can kill yourselves!”

The sound waves echoed. It could be heard that Nigel was very angry at the moment.

“Jim, Jim! Get the car ready. Go to the hospital!” Nigel shouted.



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