The First Heir novel Chapter 1438

Before long, a Bentley quickly drove out of the Lambert family’s mansion.

Those who had been lurking around also immediately dialed Chester’s number.

At this moment, Chester was pacing back and forth in the suite, looking very anxious!


A ringing sound. Chester quickly picked up the call and asked, “So, how is the matter going? Did you bring back the person? Was she in the hospital or the Lamberts’ place?”

On the other side of the phone, the subordinate was panting and said, “Master Ludwig, we got the person. We’re now heading to the place you arranged.”

“Good, good! Everything’s fine as long as you have her. I’ll have a look over there in a while.”

Chester breathed a sigh of relief. After so many years, he should already be immune, but when he heard the news now, he was still excited for a moment!

He got his trump card!

It was also this time that another call came in.

“Master Ludwig, we saw Nigel rushing to the hospital from the Lamberts’ mansion. He already knows that the person has been taken away. He’s fuming and wants to search the entire city.”

When Chester heard this, his heart that was still somewhat suspicious finally settled down.

Sure enough, it was a reversal tactic!

Miss Clarke had said that the little girl would be taken away by Nigel, but Chester felt that it would not be so easy.

He then thought about it while putting himself in the shoes of Philip and Nigel, and sure enough, he guessed it right!

“Great! Leave a few people behind and keep an eye on the Lambert family’s movements. The rest of you can head to the abandoned port. Make sure to keep a close eye on those people. Absolutely nothing can go wrong this time!”

Chester said coldly as his eyes flashed with brilliance!

After ending the call, he could not wait to tell Rachel the news.

Back to Nigel again. Not long after he got in the car, the car turned into an alley and then stopped.

Nigel sat in the back of the car, looked in the rear-view mirror, and asked, “Have you lost them?”

“Master Lambert, I got rid of them. Those people’s tracking skills are very bad.” The man in the driver’s seat scoffed.

Nigel hummed as he pondered. The mission Philip gave him this time was really difficult. He had asked him to put on an act. He wondered if anyone saw through it.

While thinking, he took out his phone and dialed Philip’s number.

Philip soon received the call from Nigel. He stood in the suite, looking at Rachel with an indifferent expression. He answered the call and asked, “How are things going?”

“Young Master Clarke, everything has been done according to your instructions. The child in the hospital has been taken away by Chester Ludwig’s men.”

On the other end of the phone, Nigel replied respectfully.

Philip nodded and said, “Okay, follow them but don’t make any moves yet. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Yes, Young Master Clarke,” Nigel replied. He waited for Philip to end the call before saying to the driver, “Check the location and tell everyone to go there. Remember, don’t alert the enemy!”

Back to Philip. After he ended the call, he looked at Rachel with a smile on his face and said, “In less than five minutes, Chester will give you the good news.”

When Rachel heard this, she looked at the faint smile on Philip’s face and suddenly felt her heart twinge!

Coincidentally, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and it was really Chester!



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