The First Heir novel Chapter 1599

The First Heir – Chapter 1599

Martin laughed, looked at the man admiringly, and patted him on the shoulder., “Very well, you did a good job. It just so happens that the company is short of a general manager right now, so I’ll give you the position. I hope you can lead Martin Pharmaceutical to glory!”

As soon as that man heard this, tears of excitement filled his eyes as he said, “Thank you for your trust, Mr. Johnston. I won’t let you down!”

All of a sudden, everyone there became anxious. They stood up and began talking.

“Mr. Johnston, I also have the R&D information about one of Beacon’s drugs.”

“I know several distributors who can help our company expand our sales channels.”

“Mr. Johnston, I have confidential documents from Beacon Research Institute. I’ll sure they won’t disappoint you.”

Martin looked at everyone’s eager gazes to gain merit and a smile slowly bloomed from the corners of his mouth.

“Very good, everyone will have your turn. Take your time and don’t rush. We stand united!” Martin was full of smiles.

Soon, the group dispersed.

In the small hall, only a few people who had provided important information were left. They sat with Martin, drinking tea and discussing the next steps.

The rest had been sent away first.

“Mr. Johnston, now that we have the list of partners of Beacon Group, we should strike while the iron is hot and contact them as soon as possible to discuss cooperation.”

The man from earlier, named Jacky Cullen, spoke at this time. He looked like he was only in his 30s.

Martin sat on the sofa. He took a sip of tea and looked at Jacky while saying, “I’ll leave this matter in your hands. Get it done quickly and well.”

“I understand.” Jacky received the order and nodded in response.

The rest of the people said at this time, “Mr. Johnston, I think this matter should not be rushed or it’ll be counterproductive. Based on my observations of Philip, he’s not as simple as we thought. With such strong financial resources, he must be smart too. Regarding the issue of partners, he must have thought of this problem and contacted them a step before us. If we go over and talk now, I’m afraid we won’t be welcomed.”

Hearing this, Jacky immediately got up and chastised, “Russell Carl, I think you’re just being timid and fearful! Even if Philip has contacted those partners, so what? Should we be afraid of him? Since we’re talking about partnerships, it depends on whose price is higher. I don’t believe that if we offer a better price than Beacon, those partners will not be swayed!”

This damned Russell Carl always opposed him, and this time was no different.

Was he upset because Jacky had gained credit?

The man named Russell Carl wore black-rimmed glasses and looked quite handsome. From his appearance, he seemed a little shrewd.

When Jacky chided him, he listened carefully with a faint smile on his mouth.

After Jacky finished, he said leisurely, “Jacky, I’m not saying it’s not feasible but it’s a matter of timing. If we target Beacon’s partners now, Philip’s side will definitely notice it. Once they do, do you think we’ll stand a chance?”

Jacky’s face darkened. He pointed his finger at the man and shouted, “So what if they notice it? They can’t do anything to us. Now that we’re talking about cooperation, it depends on whose proposal is better! If they can’t afford it, it’s their problem. What are we afraid of?”

Russell took off his glasses, wiped them with a spectacle cloth, and put them back on again. He said nonchalantly, “Have you forgotten about the financial resources that Philip demonstrated at the meeting today? Since he can fill the 1.6 billion dollar gap created by the divestment of several board members, he won’t be short of money.”

Jacky was stunned by this statement and was unable to refute it.

Martin also looked grave. He thought about it and asked, “What do you think, then?”

Russell smiled and said, “We wait, Mr. Johnston. We can wait a few days for the trump card in your hands to take effect. When the time comes, we’ll negotiate with those partners. It’ll surely get twice the result with half the effort.”

Martin was taken aback. How did Russell know about the trump card in his hand?.



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