The First Heir novel Chapter 1601

The First Heir – Chapter 1601

Philip looked at Bernard coldly, took the envelope from his hand, and opened it in front of him.

After just two glances, the expression on Philip’s face quickly turned chilly. His eyes soon became colder than an abyss!

This… This was…

He looked up, abruptly grabbed Bemard by the collar, and shook the information in his hand while shouting coldly, “What is this? Are you using such dirty methods to frame Wynn? Don’t think that I can be fooled this easily!”

Bernard sneered and said, “Do you think this is made up? What if I tell you that it’s true?”

Hearing this, Philip was startled.

Bernard took the opportunity to shake off Philip’s hand and adjusted his necktie. He said coldly, “Philip, the Johnston family has kept this a secret for more than 20 years. We never planned on announcing this, but if you insist on opposing us, then this secret will be spread all over Riverdale! When that happens, you can surely imagine how Wynn will end up. I hope you think about it. No hurry, we’ll give you one day.”

With a sinister smile, Bernard patted Philip on the shoulder.

Philip was still staring at the contents of the document, his face full of shock and disbelief.

How did this happen?

If Wynn knew about this, what would she think and how would she suffer?

Immediately after, Philip glared at Bernard and warned, “The contents of this must never be leaked out. If you dare to say a single word, I won’t spare you!”


As soon as Philip said that, seven or eight black-suited thugs rushed out of the villa and surrounded Bernard, threatening him.

At this scene, Bernard panicked and yelled, “Philip, the choice is in your hands now. Think about what you should do! If you give up fighting us, this secret will not be leaked out. But if you continue opposing us, we won’t care if this information is spread all over Riverdale!”

Bernard also gritted his teeth and finished his last sentence before he got into the car to leave.

At the gate, Philip stood alone and grasped the document in his hand. He was confused and worried.

He quickly dialed a number and said coldly, “Rick, help me confirm one thing. I’ll send you the information right away!”

“Yes, Young Master!” On the other end of the line, Rick did not sound as lazy as before. He naturally felt the urgency of the matter from Philip’s tone.

Soon, Philip took photos of the information and sent them to Rick

Then, he said coldly to his subordinates, “You guys, follow Martin Johnston and watch his movements. Also, immediately contact all major media in Riverdale and tell them that if they dare to report anything about Wynn Jolmston, I definitely won’t let them off!”

“Yes, Mr. Clarke! ” several people responded and quickly left the villa.

Philip clenched his fist and held the document in his hand, his heart in turmoil.

He was worried about what Wynn would think if she knew about this.

Bernard returned to the hotel after he left First Palace.

“Martin, I’ve delivered the information. Philip’s face almost turned green when he read it.” Bernard trotted in with a smile. He took the teapot on the table and poured himself some tea, taking a big mouthful of it.

Martin was fooling around with a few call girls he had invited over. Seeing Bernard back, he sat up on the sofa and asked with a smile, “Oh? Was his expression that bad?”

“But of course. After all, once that secret is leaked out, Wynn will definitely collapse!” Bernard smiled coldly and continued, “By the way, I’m sure Philip will make some preparations. Should I contact the media now and give them a heads-up?”

Martin nodded and said, “Well, it’s good to make early preparations. Philip didn’t say anything else and just allowed you to return?”

“Maybe he got scared. I thought he was a powerful force, but I didn’t expect that he’s just a wimp.” Bernard laughed, his eyes full of mockery.



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