The First Heir novel Chapter 1602

The First Heir – Chapter 1602

“Oh, he’s not really a wimp. He’s just too good to Wynn and prioritizes her. We made the right move this time and struck where it hurts the most!”

Martin laughed as he spoke, his face full of triumph. “By the way, Martin, how are we going to deal with those business partners?” Bernard asked.

With two beauties in his arms, Martin said with a smile, “No rush. Let Russell Carl and Jacky Cullen handle them.”

“Russell Carl and Jacky Cullen?” Bernard was full of doubts and said, “Martin, these two are rivals yet you’re actually letting them handle this? Aren’t you looking for trouble? No way, I need to personally watch over things.”

“That’s enough. Bernard, just think about it. Since these two are rivals, it stands to reason that they won’t be able to tolerate each other and will certainly do their best to get the credit. Moreover, it’s also mutual supervision. If someone does something wrong, do you think the other person will let him off?” Martin said with a smile.

This was something he had learned from management books. Putting two rivals together would surprisingly produce twice the result with half the effort.

Bernard was momentarily stunned until he figured it out. He gave Martin a thumbs up and said, “Martin, you’re still the brilliant one.”

Martin smiled and said, “Now, we wait and see what happens. We wait for Philip to come to our door.”

After saying that, the two brothers looked at each other and laughed. The entire suite echoed with their sound of laughter, accompanied by the enticing giggles of women.

On the other hand, Philip soon received a call from Rick Davenport. The voice on the other end of the phone was a little somber as he said, “Young Master, I’ve looked into it. The information is true.”

When Philip heard these words, his heart suddenly sank. The expression on his face gradually froze as he said, “Do something for me. Go to Uppercreek and keep an eye on Wynn. Don’t let anyone go near her hotel.”

“Okay, I happen to be leaving Cloudside and it’ll take one hour to reach Uppercreek, ” Rick replied.

After ending the call, Philip walked back and forth in the living room alone with his hands behind his back. That information was on the coffee table.

Things had taken a sudden turn and he needed to reorganize his plans.

While thinking about it, Philip quickly dialed Wynn’s number and took a deep breath. When the call was connected, Wynn’s voice came from the other end, “What’s wrong? You’re already missing me so soon?”

Philip laughed and said, “Yeah, I miss you and the baby. Is everything okay?”

Wynn hummed and said, “We’re fine. He’s just kicking me all the time. He’s very active.”

Philip smiled and said, “It’s normal for boys to be active.”

“By the way, why are you calling me?” Wynn suddenly asked.

Philip was taken aback before saying, “Oh, nothing. I just wanted to hear your voice.”

“Oh, Brother Philip is so mushy. Hey, Sister Wynn, don’t hit me…”

Suddenly, the sound of Lydia and Anne’s laughter came from the phone.

Philip also laughed. When Wynn’s side was finally quiet, he said, “Have you sent them away?”

“The two of them just love to fool around,” Wynn said before she asked, “Tell me, why you are calling me?”

Philip hesitated for a moment and looked at the information on the coffee table, especially at the column that stated Charles Johnston and Martha Yates were not Wynn’s biological parents.



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