The First Heir novel Chapter 1603

The First Heir – Chapter 1603

Looking at the information in his hand, Philip took a deep breath before he said with a smile, “Nothing, it’s just a casual call.”

Wynn did not think too much about it. After a few words with Philip, she hung up the phone. She turned around and returned to the living room of the suite, feeling a little restless. She could not help feeling that Philip was hiding something from her, and it was related to her.

“Sister Wynn, what are you thinking about again? Come on, I saw a bigger mall nearby. Let’s go for a walk. It’s so boring to stay indoors all the time,” Lydia suggested expectantly.

She was someone who could not sit still. She might go crazy if she were left indoors for one day.

As for Anne Foster, she was tidying Wynn’s room and said with a light laugh, “Miss Wynn, I think Lydia is right. You should walk around more and get some fresh air. It’s good for you and your baby.”

Wynn nodded. She was also a little antsy and said, “Okay, let’s go out for a walk then.”

When Lydia heard this, she immediately jumped up, put her arms around Wynn’s neck, and said affectionately, “Sister Wynn, I want to buy clothes for the baby, okay?”

Wynn smiled gently and said to Lydia, “All you think about all day long is going out to play.”

Not long after that, Anne and Lydia left the hotel with Wynn. With a dedicated car and people to escort them, there was no worry about anything going wrong.

In the other suite, Charles and Martha looked downstairs through the window.

With his hands behind his back, Charles’ face looked very unpleasant. He seemed worried. He sighed and said, “Martha, do you think we should tell Wynnie about that matter? We’ve kept this a secret for over 20 years. She’s about to be the mother of two children, and at her age, I think it’s time to tell her.”

Hearing these words, Martha, who was lying on the sofa, sat up with the help of her crutches and immediately glared at Charles. She shouted, “You must be crazy! If we tell Wynn about that, will we still have a daughter? Where will we put our dignity? How can Wynn face everyone else? Her parents are wanted criminals who have betrayed the country…”

Martha quickly shut her mouth and glared at Charles. Her arms and legs were much better now. She could use some strength in her hands and walk a few steps for a short time with the help of her crutches.

Charles shook his head and sighed, “Alas, if not for that person back then, they wouldn’t have done something like that. Besides, that incident was so strange. Do you really believe they betrayed…”

Charles was very troubled. He had kept this a secret for more than 20 years, and he had been dreaming about it recently.

Martha said bitterly, “What’s there to think about? The matter has been settled and that’s the conclusion. So what if you doubt it? The matters of the Lovelace family are taboo. Who dares to mention the Lovelace family in this country? If you tell Wynn about her origin now, isn’t it the same as announcing to the world that she’s the surviving child of the traitorous Lovelace family? What is Wynnie going to do then? How is she going to live like that?”

“But it’s been more than 20 years since that incident and it has long faded with time. Besides, I recently heard some news that those people are trying to reopen the case for that incident back then. The Lovelace family was framed back in those days. Mr. Lovelace and his wife were also victims of the traitor,” Charles said.

Martha glared at Charles and said, “Anyway, this matter can only rot with us. No one is allowed to mention it! The Lovelace family are still traitors in everyone’s eyes.”

“Then what if the Lovelace family who escaped back then want Wynn back? What should we do then?” Charles said worriedly.

Martha scowled and said, “They can go to hell! She’s my daughter now and her last name is Johnston, not Lovelace! Back then, the Lovelace family had some prestige in the country and was known as the first family in Golden City, but what about it? In front of that kind of power, they just crumbled like a sandcastle.

Besides, how many people from the Lovelace family managed to escape? Even if they did, what’s the use? If they really wanted to find Grant Lovelace’s surviving child, they would have done so already. Why wait until now?”

Charles nodded furtively as he listened.



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