The First Heir novel Chapter 1605

The First Heir – Chapter 1605

The young man named Shane Lovelace grinned and said, “Of course, I plan to bring my cousin back to the Lovelace family. The surviving bloodline of the Lovelace family must go home and acknowledge our heritage.”

When Shane said this, his eyes flashed with ferocious coldness. Coupled with the smile on the corner of his mouth, he seemed very scheming.

Cleo scowled and said, “Shane Lovelace, I’m warning you! Dad let us out just to get in touch with Wynn, not bring her back. Don’t try to ruin his plan. Otherwise, I’ll report to him right now!”

Cleo was angry. This younger brother of hers was always like this.

Shane shrugged, raised his eyebrows, and said with a smile, “I know that. We’ll go along with whatever you say, okay? By the way, have you checked her information?”

Cleo nodded and said, “Yes, she was adopted by Uncle’s former friend, Charles Johnston. Her husband is Philip Clarke. There’s not much information about him, except that he has a notorious reputation in Riverdale. It seems that he married into the Johnston household and there’s nothing noteworthy about him. She has a daughter named Mila Clarke who suffered from congenital heart disease but she’s been cured. They managed to get the domestic medical expert, Professor Henry Turner, to treat her.”

Shane frowned as he muttered, “Philip Clarke? This name is really boring. Forget it. I’ll find some time to get in touch with this person to see if he’s really worthless.”

“What for? He’s just an ordinary person, nothing worth our concern,” Cleo tilted her head sideways and said suspiciously.

Shane raised his head and said with a smile, “Cleo, this is why Dad told me to come along. What’s the use of you always keeping an eye on Wynn? We have to start with the people around her. This man named Philip Clarke is a good opportunity. As long we get a hold of him, bringing Wynn back to the Lovelace family will be as easy as a walk in the park”

Upon hearing this, Cleo became anxious and asked, “What are you planning to do? You can’ t hurt innocent people, let alone use violence! The Lovelace family can’t appear out in the open yet. If our family gets into trouble because of your actions, how will you explain it to Dad when we get back?!”

Shane raised his eyebrows and said, “Cleo, you’re wrong again. I won’t do anything to him. I’ll just lure him. Since he’s a loser, money is the best way to bait him. Don’ t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Cleo glared at him and said, “I’ll keep an eye on you. Let’s go.”

Soon, the car started and they left the mall.

When Wynn returned to the suite, she felt a little restless, mainly because of the strange woman she met in the mall.

Cleo Lovelace? Who was she?

At this moment, Charles walked in. Seeing his daughter being distracted, he smiled and asked lovingly, “What’s wrong, Wynnie? What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, Dad, you’re here.”

Wynn came back to her senses and got up, wanting to help Charles to take a seat.

Charles quickly shook his head and said, “No, you sit. You’re pregnant with a child now.”

Wynn sat down again, poured a cup of tea for Charles, and asked, “Dad, are you here to see me for something?”

Charles chuckled and said, “Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just here to see you and my precious grandson.”

Wynn laughed and asked Anne to prepare some snacks.



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