The First Heir novel Chapter 1606

The First Heir – Chapter 1606

After two minutes of silence, Charles could not help asking, “I heard you went to the mall just now?”

Wynn nodded and responded, “Yeah, Iwent out for a walk. It’s boring to stay inside all the time.”

“Yes, it’s good to go for a walk.” Charles nodded and drank a cup of tea. They fell into an awkward silence again.

Wynn looked at Charles and saw that his face seemed full of thoughts. She said with a smile, “Dad, what exactly did you want to see me about? If there’s anything, just say it. I’m your daughter. There’s no need to hide things from me.”

When Charles heard the word ‘daughter’, it touched him greatly.

After thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and said, “Wynnie, how do you think your mother and I have been treating you?”

Wynn was startled, not expecting her father to ask such a question so abruptly.

She smiled, took Charles’ slightly rough hand, and said, “Dad, what are you talking about? The two of you are my parents. Of course, you’ve been good to me. Although Mom sometimes kicks up a bit of a fuss, I know she does it for my own good and I don’t blame her. You don’t have to do this. You’re my father and she’s my mother. This can’t be changed. In the future, it’s good enough if we can stay happy. Now, I can say that I have a successful career, and Philip… he has changed somewhat. As long as you and Mom change your mind about him, I’ll be very happy.”

Charles went misty-eyed. He wiped the corners of his eyes, nodded, and replied, “Hey, you’re right. Harmony and happiness are the most important things in a family. Wynnie, don’t blame your mother. She only kicks up a fuss when you’re at home. Although she wasn’t kind to Philip before and was always clamoring for you to get a divorce, she’s not a bad person at heart. I can also tell that Philip is not an ordinary person. Maybe there’s something you can’t tell us but I can understand that.”

Wynn smiled, leaned on Charles’ shoulder, and said, “Dad, I hope that one day, our family can get together and have a good meal. I also hope you and Mom can truly accept Philip and Mila. It’s all my fault, making you worry about this.”

Charles shook his head, tears rolling down the corners of his eyes. He said, “Of course, I accept them. As long as you and Philip are well, I’m happy.”

“You’re happy but I’m not! ”

At this time, an angry shout suddenly came from the doorway.

Martha came in while sitting in her electric wheelchair. Her face was icy-cold and she glared at Charles while shouting, “What melodrama are you acting out here? Only I can decide my daughter’s happiness! Why should we have a good meal together? I won’t accept Philip Clarke, never! There’s either me or him in this family, not both!”

Charles quickly got up. He furiously pointed at Martha. His temper got the better of him and he shouted, “You’re nothing but a shrew! Is your daughter’s happiness not as important as the money and vanity in your heart? Can’t you see the change in Philip? Must you break up your daughter’s marriage with Philip?”


Martha nodded and replied, “I must break them up at all cost! What’s so good about that brat Philip? You must be confused and have been deceived by him. And you, you must have been bewitched by him. Anyway, I’m telling you that I can’t tolerate Philip! Sooner or later, I’ll kick him out of the Johnston family!”

Wynn also shook her head helplessly and said, “Mom, that’s enough. How long are you going to stay so unreasonable? Why can’t you just accept Philip?”

“Don’t call me ‘Mom’. I’m not your mother!” Martha said angrily, “You’re just someone your father and I…”



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