The First Heir novel Chapter 1609

The First Heir – Chapter 1609

When Heath heard the other party‘s words, he frowned and his face went grim.

Someone dared to speak to him like this! He must be tired of living!

“How dare you act so recklessly in my territory?! Men, take them down!”

Heath roared. If he did not take down this group of people, how could he face Master Bell and Young Master Clarke in the future?

However, Shane only glanced indifferently at Heath before he rushed out under the protection of his guards!

This happened in a matter of minutes. The dozens of people were unable to stop these three or four people.

Heath looked at the car that was speeding away and flew into a rage. He pointed at the group of men behind him and shouted, “Trash! All of you are rubbish! You can’t even catch one guy!”

However, he was also full of worries.

These people had good skills and must have an extraordinary background.

Heath quickly went upstairs to check on Wynn’s safety before calling Master Bell to inform him about this matter, asking him to make a decision.

“What? Someone broke into the hotel? A dozen of you couldn’t even take three or four people down?”

Victor was chatting with Theo in First Palace at this moment. Philip was in front of him.

“Okay, I got it. Send more people over. If anything happens, you can just have your head sent to me!”

After saying this, Victor ended the call angrily before saying respectfully to Philip, “Young Master Clarke, Heath called. Something happened in Uppercreek.”

At this time, Philip was studying countermeasures against Martin Johnston. Upon hearing this, he frowned and asked, “What is it?”

“A group of people broke into the hotel where Madam is staying but they’ve been driven out by Heath,” Victor replied.

Philip frowned, and his eyes were stern. After a moment of silence, he said, “Have you found out who it is?”

Victor shook his head and said, “Not yet. The background of the other party is not that simple. I’ve told my men in Uppercreek to look into it.”

Philip nodded without saying anything else. He took out his phone and sent a text message to Rick, asking him where he was.

Rick replied: [I’ve already arrived in Uppercreek. I’ve met an opponent.]

Philip frowned. Not many people could be Rick Davenport’s opponent.

However, he was not concerned. That guy knew what he was doing.

“Any movement on Martin’s side?” Philip asked.

Theo immediately replied respectfully, “He hasn’t gone out but many people keep coming in and out of the hotel where he’s staying.”

After saying this, Theo followed with a question, “Mr. Clarke, I can’t figure out something. With your strength and means, you can easily take down Martin Johnston and the others. Why are you tolerating them for so long and treating them so nicely?”

Philip smiled lightly and said, “Taking down Martin is a piece of cake for me. What I’m doing is fishing out the person behind them.”

“Madam Wallis?” Theo asked.

“She’s not the only one,” Philip said.

“Are there other forces involved?” Theo was puzzled. Philip glanced at him and said, “Did you look into those shareholders who divested their capital?”

Theo came back to his senses and said, “I did. There are indeed other forces supporting them from behind, but they’re too secretive and I can’t dig anything out.”

Philip sighed before saying with a smile, “No hurry, take your time to investigate. I want to have some fun with these people.”

Not long after, Philip left First Palace. Since he was back, he decided to go to the delivery company to see how Agnes Summer was managing it and relax a little.

Philip hailed a cab and arrived at the ground floor of Gopher Delivery Services. He was just about to enter the door.


A gloomy male voice sounded from behind Philip.

“Hey, are you Philip Clarke?”

Four or five tattooed ruffians wearing vests, each with a dangling cigarette in their mouths, appeared while looking extremely arrogant and domineering.

Philip turned around, looked at these tattooed hooligans, and said with a nod, “Yes, I am. What’s the matter?”

The guy in the lead, wearing a green vest, threw the half smoked cigarette in his mouth on the ground and trampled on it. He sneered, “I’ve been waiting for you. Someone has paid a price for both your legs.”

The one speaking was Lou Webb, the head gangster in this neighborhood. On the streets, people called him Lou. He was quite capable with many followers under him.

His methods were ruthless, and he was involved in dirty business.

Philip frowned when he heard the words. He took on a defensive stance and asked, “Who wants to do that to me?”

Lou scoffed. “Don’t ask me who the hell it is. If you mess with the wrong people, you should be taught a lesson!”

After saying that, he took out the long dagger hidden in his arms and moved to stab Philip in the thigh!



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