The First Heir novel Chapter 1610

The First Heir – Chapter 1610

The corner of Philip’s eyes froze as he punched Lou in the face and kicked him in the waist. The other party flew back and crashed to the ground.

“Lou, are you alright?”

Several hooligans quickly gathered around Lou, helping him up from the ground.

It was too sudden!

Lou’s two front teeth had been knocked out by that punch, his mouth and nose full of blood.

“Damn it! What are you waiting for? Kill him for me!”

Lou covered his face. It was so painful that he could not straighten his back. He had never been so humiliated before. He was beaten up while in the hands of such an ordinary young man, damn it!

Was he not a loser? How could he fight with such skills?

With a scowl on his face, Philip’s cold intent radiated from him as he raged wantonly at the entrance of this building.

“It’s your fault for making the first move!”

A furious shout!

Philip quickly rushed out, grabbed the parking attendant’s stool at the side, and smashed it over the head of one of the hooligans!


The stool shattered and the hooligan howled. His head instantly split as he fell on his back in a pool of blood. The sight was gruesome.

Following that, Philip stepped forward, took on a fighting stance, and punched Lou in the face viciously.

Lou did not even see how the other party made the move when he felt the shockwave in front of him. A huge fist smacked into his face and his nose suffered another heavy blow!

Blood gushed everywhere!

Lou cried out in pain as his body flew out.

The remaining few hooligans were momentarily disoriented and completely dumbfounded.

Who were they, where were they, and what were they doing?

All of them must be having the same thoughts.

However… Biff, bang, thud!

In less than five minutes, the several people were taken down by Philip. They were sprawled on the ground and unable to move.


Many onlookers who saw this scene gasped as they felt their scalps go numb!


He was simply too powerful!

Was he still a normal person?

“Holy sh*t! This guy was so ruthless!”

“That’s Lou Webb. He’s in big trouble now.”

“Who is Lou Webb? Oh, I remember now! He’s the person who stabbed someone and just got released!”

While the crowd was reeling from shock, a little minion had already run out in a hurry.

Lou Webb had been beaten up! It was an earth-shattering event!

At this time, several people in the crowd were staring at Philip.

One of them was Ruby Ford, who had been beaten up by Philip back then. Today, she had made an appointment with several girlfriends to get hyaluronic acid treatment and microsurgical plastic surgery. Seeing Philip defeat all these men, she was really frightened.

“How is he so powerful now?” Ruby looked puzzled and started to panic.



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