The First Heir novel Chapter 1612

The First Heir – Chapter 1612

Everyone was stunned.

Unexpectedly, the young man in front of them was so reckless and did not know what was good for him!

This guy was Dru Webb, a famous figure in these streets. He had people, money, and power.

At this moment, the crowd was busy discussing.

“I’m telling you, he’s done for. After messing with the two Webb brothers, even ten lives won’t be enough to save him.”

“He’s really too arrogant. Does he really think he can face a dozen people on his own?”

“He’s just a rash young man. He’s gone and done it now. He’ll definitely get beaten up and end up a fool!” Ruby blinked and frowned helplessly.

Philip was really too foolhardy. To challenge Dru Webb was simply looking for death.

It was good to let Philip suffer a little so that he would know the gap between him and others.

With that thought, Ruby’s eyes revealed strong disdain and spite, as well as gloating.

When Dru heard Philip’s words, he was startled. He sneered menacingly and said, “Very well, you’re a cocky kid indeed. Let’s find out if you have more bones in your body than other people!”

Dru frowned. The other party did not put him in his eyes in the slightest!

Damn it!

Was this fool actually looking down on him?

Dru was furious, pointed at Philip angrily, and shouted, “Boy, don’t blame me for being cruel today. You asked for it! Everyone, beat the crap out of this kid for me!”

More than a dozen punks who Dru had brought along approached Philip with gloomy sneers at this moment. How could one person fight against a dozen of them?


In the crowd, many people kept shaking their heads while helplessly sighing. It was over. This kid was doomed.

Dru Webb was notorious for being ruthless. Messing with him was like messing with a rabid dog that always kept an eye on its prey.

However, Philip looked indifferent. He took out his phone, dialed a number, and said coldly, “Theo, I’m at Gopher Delivery Services. I’m surrounded by a man named Dru Webb and his men.”

“What? Who is so bold? Mr. Clarke, I’ll be right there!”

Theo was angry. He waved his hand and roared, “Bring some men along and follow me!”

Someone actually dared to surround Philip in Riverdale? That was like disturbing the lion in its den!

Courting death!

“This damned Dru Webb. If he messes with Mr. Clarke, killing him won’t be enough!”

Theo’s expression turned cold. He knew Dru and was aware that he had done well for himself over the years. However, since he had messed with Philip, his future would be destroyed today!

When Dru saw Philip making a call with his phone, he immediately sneered and said, “Not bad, kid. You actually know Master Theo. It seems that I’ve underestimated you.”

Dru’s eyes were cold and stern. He did not expect the man in front of him to actually know Master Theo. However, so what?

With such an ordinary appearance, how could he be an important character?

He would be a loser at best.

He must be pretending and using Master Theo’s name! Thus, Dru was fearless.

Philip looked calmly at Dru and said, “I have to correct a mistake you made just now.”



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