The First Heir novel Chapter 1613

The First Heir – Chapter 1613

“What mistake?”

Dru frowned. “Kid, are you trying to buy time? Well then, I’d like to hear what mistakes I’ve made.”

Dru was not in a hurry. He sneered, unconcerned. How could a loser like Philip pose a threat to him?

“Actually, this isn’t your territory but mine,” Philip said calmly as his searing gaze fixed on Dru.

This company, along with this building, belonged to him. Naturally, this territory also belonged to him.

Dru was taken aback before he raised his head and laughed, saying, “Oh boy, you’re really such a prat! What did you just say? This is your territory? Where the hell did you get the confidence to brag like this?”

This kid was really interesting to have the guts to brag in front of so many people. What did he mean this was his territory?

Was he saying that he owned the number one food delivery company in Riverdale?


What a joke!

Philip shook his head, a faint smile appearing on his lips. This Dru Webb was about to die and he still had not figured out what was going on.

This scene happened to fall into Dru’s eyes. What was the meaning of that? Was this guy laughing at him?

Damn it!

What right did this loser have to mock him?

“I don’t care who the f”ck you are! Since you beat up my brother today, I’m going to get you!”

Dru shouted. With a wave of his hand, a dozen of his men roared and got ready to charge over.

Everyone closed their eyes, not daring to watch the tragic scene that would follow.

This was simply a one sided fight with no chance of a reversal at all.

Ruby also lost all interest in watching and left with her friends.

It was more important to get the hyaluronic acid treatment. They had a dinner date with a few wealthy young masters tonight.


“Stop it! Stop it right there!”

A loud bellow came from behind the crowd.

Everyone turned around and saw a middle-aged man with a face full of cold anger. He was followed by dozens of black-suited thugs who rushed over aggressively!

Theo Zander!

“Master Theo, what brings you here? Don’t worry, I can handle this problem here.”

Dru recognized Theo at first glance. He quickly greeted him with a flattering smile.

It was Theo Zander!

The underground dragon of Riverdale!

Who dared not respect him?!

In front of Theo, Dru was just a minion among minions! Furthermore, several streets and a dozen venues in the neighborhood had been given to him to manage by Theo back then.

“Oh no, it’s over! Even Master Theo is here.”

“Hehe, that kid can’t escape now. What a dumb*ss.”

“Who told the loser to brag so much just now? He’s gone and done it now. Master Theo definitely won’t let him off.”

Lou Webb had been helped up from the ground long ago, and his face was full of blood. When he saw Theo, he thought he was seeing his savior. He bawled and cried, “Master Theo, you must stand up for me! This kid has beaten me up like this. He’s too violent!”

However, to everyone’s surprise!

Theo did not pay attention to the Webb brothers. In his eyes, they were nothing more than trash at this moment. Even if his own brother were to provoke Mr. Clarke, he would kill his relatives in the name of justice.


Theo flung his hand and slapped Lou across the face fiercely. This made his existing injuries even worse. Lou’s nose, which had finally stopped bleeding, immediately spurted blood again.

Everyone was shocked!

No one could understand this sudden turn of events!

Dru was also confused. What the hell was this situation?

Immediately after, Theo went over and kicked Lou in the knees with an angry roar, “Get down on your knees!”

Lou was stunned. In his mind, Theo should be here to support them. Why was Theo asking him to kneel instead?

“Master Theo, this…?”


A slap landed on Dru’s face. Theo turned his head, pointed angrily at Dru’s nose, and said coldly, “Dru Webb, you’re just a dog by my side. How dare you make a move on Mr. Clarke?!”

Messing with Mr. Clarke was seeking death!



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