The First Heir novel Chapter 1614

The First Heir – Chapter 1614

How Philip wanted to punish them depended entirely on his mood. No one could stop him.

“Master Theo, what do you mean? I’ve been with you for four years and am also a well-known figure in this area. What do you mean by lecturing us now?”

Dru’s eyes were cold and looked grim as he clenched his fists tightly.

What was wrong with Master Theo?

Master Theo was turning his back against them without warning. This was something that had never happened before!

This scene was naturally seen by the crowd and everyone was baffled.

“Dru Webb, you’re such a fool! Have you forgotten that I gave you the position you’re in now? Very well then, I’ll confiscate everything you have today! ” Theo roared. Dru was really looking for death.

Dru’s eyes narrowed. He was completely annoyed and said sullenly, “Brother Theo, are you really going to do this?”

However, Theo could not be bothered with him. Instead, he turned around, very respectfully bent 90 degrees to Philip, and said, “Mr. Clarke, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I taught him poorly and raised such an ungrateful thing. How do you wish to deal with him? One word from you and I’ll have someone do it right away.”

Mr. Clarke?

Theo actually addressed him as Mr. Clarke and with such a respectful attitude too!

The group of people was dumbfounded!

They could not figure it out. An ordinary guy like that actually made the underground dragon of Riverdale bow his head to him?

Was he so powerful?

Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock and their eyes flickered.

At this moment, the faces of Dru and his men crumbled. They never expected that this ordinary man had such a big background that he could make Theo succumb.

Oh no! They had messed with the wrong guy!

“Theo, they wanted to break my legs just now. Do you know what to do?” Philip said flatly.

Theo felt a piercing chill from that simple sentence.

Mr. Clarke was angry.

Theo immediately nodded repeatedly, looking nervous as he said, “I understand!”

After that…

Theo’s face went cold as he turned around and kicked Dru violently in the stomach until he fell flat on his face. Then, his eyes danced with angry flames as he shouted expressionlessly, “Dru Webb, from now on, there’s no place for you in Riverdale!”

When Dru heard this, he was stunned! Theo Zander actually dared to do this to him!

At once, Dru roared, “Master Theo, doing this will only make our brothers upset. Don’t forget, I have many followers too! If you really want to make a scene, can you handle the aftermath?”

Dru was also a tough character. Relying on the fact that he had many men, he got up from the ground and rubbed his stomach.

As soon as he said this, his men surrounded him, intending to force the other party into submission.

Theo grimaced and shouted at Dru’s men, “Are you blind and no longer recognize me, Theo Zander? If anyone dares to take one step today, I’ll destroy their entire family!”

Theo’s face was cold at the moment, and his eyes danced with anger.

His domineering aura also exploded from his body! Theo Zander was the underground dragon of Riverdale! Who dared to disrespect him? This bunch of trash was simply looking for death!

When those people saw Theo’s angry posture, they got scared and exchanged glances with each other. They did not dare to step forward.

After all, Theo’s mighty reputation was enough to make them bow!

“A bunch of ignorant trash!” Theo cursed. Dozens of thugs in black suits behind him surrounded Dru and his gang.

There was absolutely no way to fight back!

Dru was panicking and frightened.

What kind of people had his brother messed with?

Philip looked at the scene indifferently. Then, he glared at the panic-stricken Dru and asked, “How do you think I should deal with you?”

Dru was so frightened by that question that his back was drenched in a cold sweat!


Almost instantly, Dru knelt on the ground, bowed to Philip, and said, “Mr. Clarke, I was wrong. I was blind and confused. Please spare me and my brother.”

Bang! Bam!

He knocked his head on the ground repeatedly.

Lou slumped on the side. He understood that his end was near.

As expected, an ordinary pair of sneakers stopped in front of him.

He raised his head in horror and saw the icy face. He quickly knelt and begged, “Mr. Clarke, I was wrong and blind. I deserve to die. Please punish me.”

“Still the same question. Who told you to do this?” Philip asked sternly.

“Bernard… Johnston.”

Lou was so frightened at the moment that his hands were shaking and he blurted out without hesitation.

Philip frowned, his eyes chilling.

He raised his head and looked at the sky. Then, he turned around and said to Theo coldly, “Take good care of the two of them. I don’t want to see them still standing and talking.”

Theo nodded immediately and said, “Yes, Mr. Clarke!”

“Mr. Clarke, please spare me! Spare my brother!”

Dru knelt on the ground and bowed without stopping, his forehead already full of blood.

“Who are you to beg Mr. Clarke for mercy? You should have expected this outcome when you offended Mr. Clarke!” Theo went up and kicked him again.

Philip’s eyes were cold. He did not expect Bernard to use such a petty trick. It was really unbefitting.

“Theo, take some people and surround the hotel where Martin and Bernard are staying. It just so happens to be the right time for me to go there and tell them about my decision. I also want to know their next move,” Philip said coldly with a murderous look in his eyes!



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