The First Heir novel Chapter 1615

The First Heir – Chapter 1615

Looking at Gopher Delivery Services behind him, Philip stepped in.

The employees in the company were working hard, and the atmosphere was not bad.

Philip’s appearance made the female receptionist perplexed for a moment. She got up, walked over with a gentle smile on her face, and asked, “Hello, are you here to apply for a job?”

Philip chuckled, shook his head, and said, “No, I’m here to see your general manager.”

The female receptionist looked at Philip suspiciously. She did not treat him differently just because he was dressed in an ordinary outfit. She smiled slightly and asked, “Do you have an appointment? Our general manager is in a meeting, so she’s not free right now.”

Philip nodded, found a spot to sit down, and said, “It’s okay, I’ll wait.”

The female receptionist smiled and poured him a cup of tea before she returned to work.

Philip sat there leisurely, drinking tea and basking in the sun. He enjoyed a rare moment of peace and quiet. At this moment, a man with glasses suddenly rushed in through the door. He was about 30 years old with a chill on his face. He glanced at Philip when he passed by before turning to the female receptionist and asking harshly, “Where’s Miss Summer?”

The female receptionist immediately stood up and said respectfully, “I’m sorry, Vice President Lyon, Miss Summer is having a meeting with several investors.”

The man’s face darkened before he pointed at Philip and asked, “Who’s this person? Why is he sitting here? Is he here to apply for a job?”

The female receptionist replied, “No, Mr. Lyon. He said he’s here to see Miss Summer.”

Here to see Miss Summer?

Mr. Lyon scowled before he reprimanded the female receptionist harshly, “How dare you let such a person in? You let him in just because he said he wants to see Miss Summer? Hurry up and get someone to kick him out! Don’t you know where this is? We’re the biggest food delivery company in Riverdale. Won’t this sort of riff-raff affect the image of our company? Besides, there’ll be some important clients coming here today. Didn’t I inform you before hand that no irrelevant people are allowed to come into the office?”

These people were really useless! His words had fallen on deaf ears!

The female receptionist was shocked by Mr. Lyon’s reprimand and her weak shoulders trembled slightly. She hurriedly bent over and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lyon. I’ll ask him to leave immediately.”

After saying that, the female receptionist trotted to Philip and said apologetically, “Mister, excuse me but I have to ask you to leave.”

Philip had witnessed the scene just now. The man called Vice President Lyon was really arrogant.

Vice president?


Philip smiled lightly and said to the female receptionist, “It’s okay, I’ll just sit here. Let him come and talk to me himself.”

When the female receptionist heard this, she was immediately anxious and said quickly, “Sir, please don’t cause trouble. He’s the vice president of our company. You should just leave for now.”

“What are you muttering about? Why are you taking so long to kick someone out?”

At this moment, Mr. Lyon walked over sullenly. He glanced at Philip mockingly and shouted, “Who are you? Hurry up and get out of here!”

The female receptionist kept making eyes at Philip but he ignored it. After taking a sip of tea, he got up slowly, looked at Mr. Lyon, and asked, “Are you the vice president of this company?”

Herb Lyon chuckled, adjusted his suit, and said proudly, “Yes, I’m the vice president here. Do you have an opinion on that? Why don’t you take a good look at yourself? I‘m warning you for the last time. Hurry up and get out, or else, I’ll call security!”

Herb was very upset with the man in front of him. There were some people one would hate at first sight. Obviously, it was the case with Philip.

This was clearly a guy who looked very ordinary. What made him so calm and composed in a situation like this?

Philip smiled lightly and said, “I’m afraid that you’ll regret it after you kick me out.”



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