The First Heir novel Chapter 1617

The First Heir – Chapter 1617

A small character like him was not worthy of his attention.

The few security guards immediately turned around, looked at Philip coldly, and said, “Dude, excuse me, but you need to leave.”

These people were new recruits and naturally did not know Philip.

Philip looked calm and did not say anything. He merely took out his phone and dialed Agnes’ number.

At this moment, Agnes was discussing business with a few investors inside the conference room.

Suddenly, her assistant hurriedly ran in while holding a phone in her hand, saying, “Miss Summer, your phone is ringing!”

Agnes’ face went cold as she turned her head to the assistant. She reprimanded, “Can’t you see I’m in a meeting? What phone call? Just reject it.”

Agnes was a strong career woman with a clear distinction between public and private affairs. She would never answer personal calls during working hours.

The female assistant was at a loss and said, “Miss Summer, you have to answer this call. You told me before that as long as this number is calling, it must be handed to you no matter what.”

Agnes’ expression trembled as soon as she heard this. She ran over and snatched the phone. The caller ID showed that it was Philip Clarke!

Agnes quickly answered the phone excitedly, smiling and saying respectfully, “Philip, are you back?”

On the other end, Philip smiled lightly and said, “Agnes, it’s been a while. Are you busy?”

“No, I’m not Where are you? I’ll go and meet you,” Agnes said with a smile.

“In the lobby of the company.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over!” Agnes hung up the phone and smiled apologetically to the investors there. “Excuse me, I have to go see someone. Please wait for me.”

Those investors were a bit startled at this moment. They had never seen Agnes lose her composure like this before. Was she leaving them all behind just to meet one person?

She was a well-known strong career woman in Riverdale who only thought about work.

Who was the person she wanted to meet? Who could demand such attention?

Back to Philip’s side. The security guards saw Philip on the phone and their expressions darkened as they shouted, “Young man, that’s enough. Are you calling our Miss Summer? Wow, you can really act the part convincingly.”

Philip smiled lightly, put the phone away, and looked at the security guards. He said, “I don’t want to cause trouble. You’d better not do anything to me. Otherwise, you’ll suffer.”

“Damn it! You’re pretty tough, huh?”

“Stop talking crap with him. Hurry up and kick him out. Otherwise, if Mr. Lyon blames us, none of us can afford to bear the consequences.”

While saying that, several security guards walked toward Philip with the intention to kick him out.

Just as they were about to make a move on Philip, a delicate shout sounded from behind, “Stop it!”

While everyone was watching, a woman wearing a white blouse, a red hip -hugging skirt, and high heels briskly walked over.

Her figure was hot and her poise was elegant. There was a trace of valor in her frown.

“Miss Summer, what brings you here?”

The security guards panicked when they saw her and quickly stepped aside as they said respectfully.

Agnes glanced at them coldly and walked directly to Philip. Then, in everyone’s surprised eyes, she bent and said respectfully, “Chairman Clarke.”

Chairman… Clarke?

Everyone was dumbfounded!

This kid in front of them was the chairman?

How was this possible?!

The security guards were so scared that they could not speak and could only gulp nervously.

The female receptionist on the other side stared at Philip with eyes wide open in disbelief.

He was actually the chairman!



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