The First Heir novel Chapter 1618

The First Heir – Chapter 1618

Philip nodded, smiled slightly, and looked at Agnes, saying, “Agnes, there’s no need to address me as the chairman. I’m just a sleeping partner.”

Agnes said, “We have to follow the company’s hierarchy.”

She turned her head, stared angrily at the security guards who were going to make a move on Philip, and yelled, “Who told you to be disrespectful to Chairman Clarke?”

Those few security guards were so frightened that they hurriedly bent down and said, “Miss Summer, we didn’t know he’s the chairman. We were just following orders.”


Agnes snorted and said coldly, “You can pack your things and leave after getting your salary from the finance department.”

Hearing these words, the security guards all panicked and hurriedly knelt on the ground, begging for mercy, “ Miss Summer, please spare us. We really didn’t mean to do it.”

Philip shook his head and said to Agnes, “It’s fine. They didn’t know, so they’re not guilty. Let them off this time.”

Only then did Agnes nod and say, “Since Mr. Clarke has spoken on your behalf, I’ll let you go. Next time, no matter who it is, as long as they’re a guest at our company, you must treat them with courtesy. I’ve said this many times to all of you. Hurry up and thank Mr. Clarke.”

The security guards immediately turned to Philip and said, “Thank you, Chairman Clarke. Thank you, Mr. Clarke.”

Philip waved his hand and did not take it to heart.

At this time, he turned to the stunned female receptionist and said to Agnes, “This young lady is not bad. If there’s an opportunity, you should give her a chance.”

Agnes glanced at the trembling female receptionist and said with a nod, “Sure.”

The female receptionist was taken aback before she returned to her senses. She quickly trotted to Philip and said, “Thank you, Chairman Clarke. Thank you, Miss Summer.”

Agnes smiled and said, “Don‘t be at the front desk anymore. You may go to the marketing department.”

Following that, Agnes was about to go inside with Philip.

Just then, a figure angrily came over. He pointed at Philip and the security guards while shouting, “What’s going on? I told you to kick him out. What’s taking so long?”

Herb Lyon had come back out to take a look. Unexpectedly, that loser was still here!

Moreover, Agnes was there too.

“Miss Summer, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in a meeting? I just went to the conference room to look for you but I didn‘t see you there. I didn’t expect you to be here,” Herb said with a smile, his expression as fawning as it could be.

Agnes put on a cold face. Upset with Herb’s attitude just now, she asked, “Mr. Lyon, who were you trying to kick out just now?”

Herb quickly said, “Miss Summer, you’ve misunderstood. Of course, I wasn’t talking about you. It’s this young man beside you. He’s here to cause trouble. Just now, he even arrogantly said that he wanted to fire me. Isn’t it ridiculous?”

Agnes snorted and said, “It’s not ridiculous at all. If he says he wants to fire you, so be it.”

Hearing this, the smile on Herb’s face froze. He looked at Agnes in confusion and said, “Miss Summer, don’t joke with me. There’ll be clients visiting today. We have to make advance preparations.”

While saying that, he pointed at the few apprehensive security guards and bellowed, “Why are you still standing around? Kick that piece of trash out!”


Agnes shouted angrily, raised her hand, and slapped Herb across the face. “Herb Lyon, from now on, you’re officially fired from Gopher Delivery Services. Pack your stuff and get out!”



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