The First Heir novel Chapter 1619

The First Heir – Chapter 1619

Hearing Agnes’ words, Herb was dumbfounded. With a face full of confusion, he asked angrily, “Miss Summer, what are you doing? You actually hit me? I’m the vice president of this company! Can you fire me just like that? Besides, what did I do wrong?”

Herb was very annoyed. It had not just been a day or two since he coveted Agnes’ position as general manager.

By doing this, was Agnes trying to get rid of competition?

Of course, he would be angry!

Agnes smiled coldly and said, “Your wrongdoings? Your biggest mistake is being disrespectful to Philip Clarke!”

Philip Clarke?

Herb turned his head, looked at the man standing next to Agnes, and suddenly understood. Was this guy a relative of Agnes? Agnes wanted to fire him because of a relative?


Who did she think she was? Did she think Gopher Delivery Services was hers?

“Agnes Summer, did you get the approval of the board of directors to do this? Fire me? Do you even know who I am? No matter what, I’m the vice president elected by the board of directors!”

Herb glared at Agnes angrily and shouted, “Is this shady-looking guy a relative of yours? Otherwise, why would you fire me for his sake? Are you trying to grab the opportunity to bring him into the company and take my place as the vice president? Agnes Summer, you’re playing favoritism here. I can complain about you in front of the board of directors!”

Herb understood the situation. Agnes was doing this just to kick him out!

After all, the two of them recently had a disagreement and a conflict over an issue regarding investors.

Agnes had found a group of investors while Herb found another group to raise funds. This involved business interests.

It turned out that Agnes had deliberately set a trap for him today!

On the side, when the security guards saw Herb talking like this in front of Philip, they were almost scared to death!

The usually arrogant and domineering Herb Lyon was going to be unlucky today!

However, Agnes only smiled coldly and muttered, “Idiot.” Then, she said to Herb, “You still don’t know what you’ve done wrong?”

Herb scowled and asked, “What did I do wrong? Agnes, don’t think I don’t know your little schemes. You just want to have all the power to yourself, don’t you? You want to drive everyone out of the company so that you can rise to the top! You’re really ambitious.”

Philip listened silently on the side. While he had not paid attention to this company for a long time, it seemed that a lot of things had happened.

“Agnes, what’s the company’s situation now?” Philip asked at this moment.

Just as Agnes was about to explain, Herb pointed at Philip’s nose and asked, “Who the hell are you? Do you have the right to speak here? Hurry up and get out!”

He was full of anger now. He was a vice president and an egotistical man, but he was slapped by Agnes, that little b*tch. He had nowhere to vent his frustration now.

“Why are you standing around like dummies? Hurry up and kick this guy out! Are you waiting for me to fire you?” Herb was annoyed and glared at the few security guards who were still standing.

This damned bunch of trash. How dare they not listen to his orders?

The security guards looked at each other but did not move. “Mr. Lyon, we dare not.”

“Dare not? What’s there to be afraid of? Isn’t she just the general manager? Can she really rule the company? Kick him out for me!”

Herb roared angrily. He thought that these security guards were afraid of Agnes’ identity.

The security guards wiped the sweat from their foreheads as their eyes fell on Philip.



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