The First Heir novel Chapter 1620

The First Heir – Chapter 1620

Philip shook his head helplessly and said with a smile, “Just kick him out.”

After saying that, the security guards quickly rushed over, grabbed Herb, and said, “Sorry, Mr. Lyon.”

Herb was dumbfounded. He struggled and hissed, “Damn it, are you crazy? I’m the vice president. Let go of me! He’s nothing but a piece of trash but you’re listening to him? It’s just Agnes Summer. What are you afraid of?”

Until now, Herb still thought that these people were doing this because of Agnes.

Agnes just flicked him a cold glance before leading Philip into the conference room.

Herb was in the lobby being pressed down by some security guards when he suddenly shouted, “Agnes Summer, just you wait! I’ll contact the board of directors immediately. Let’s see who gave you the guts to treat me like this!”

Agnes completely ignored Herb who was yelling and screaming behind her. Instead, she looked at Philip in front of her and said, “Mr. Clarke, don’t you want to reveal your identity?”

Philip smiled lightly and said, “It’s meaningless to do so. Aren’t you facing some troubles? Since I’m here, I’ll help you settle them.”

Agnes immediately understood and said with a smile, “Sure…”

After getting on the elevator, the two of them went straight to the general manager’s office.

Philip sat on the sofa and looked at the scenery outside the large French windows. He said, “Have you bought the entire building?”

Agnes was like a secretary at the moment, respectfully standing beside Philip. She said, “Yes, I just bought it not long ago. The company is quite profitable. It’s already the largest food delivery company in Riverdale and has expanded a lot.”

Philip nodded while looking at the financial statements and some project plans. He suddenly said, “By the way, I need you to help me do something. Start expanding Gopher Delivery Services out of Riverdale. It’s best to have branches all over the country. What I need is not only a food delivery company but also an intelligence network, understand?”

When Agnes heard this, she was taken aback for a moment and asked in confusion, “Intelligence network?”

Philip smiled and said, “Why? Are you afraid?”

Agnes shook her head and said, “No, since it’s what you want to do, I’ll do it.”

Philip nodded, handed a card to Agnes, and said, “Just take how much money you need. I want to establish branches all over the country as soon as possible. The main business is food delivery services and the side business is intelligence sales. It‘s best to find some local special talents. Money is not an issue.”

Agnes took the bank card and said, “Understood. Do I need to find some retired combatants?”

Philip pondered for a moment and said, “Yes. This will be the pillar of our strength. If you encounter any problems, contact me directly and I’ll help you solve them. After all, the intelligence network is not an easy thing to do. You’ll encounter a lot of extraordinary resistance. I’ll also arrange a few people to follow you.”

“Okay,” Agnes responded.

Although she did not understand why Philip wanted to form an intelligence network, she knew that it was what Philip needed so she had to do it.

At that very moment!

The office door was violently pushed open. Four to five middle aged men barged in. The person behind was none other than Herb Lyon, who was staring at Agnes and Philip with a grim expression.

“Miss Summer, I heard that you’re going to fire Vice President Lyon. Why didn’t you get the approval from the board of directors?” The man who took the lead was in his 50s. He had a pointed mouth and a goatee. His dark eyes looked somber.



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