The First Heir novel Chapter 1622

The First Heir – Chapter 1622

Not only Mike Corby, but Herb Lyon also laughed disdainfully and said, “Miss Summer, you don’t seem to be an ignorant person. Can’t you see what the situation is now? I advise you not to put up any unnecessary struggles and apologize to me properly. By the way, adopt my investment plan proposal. In that case, this matter will be over. What do you think?”

Herb looked at Mike and they exchanged a glance, forming a tacit understanding. They came this time to put pressure on Agnes.

It was the right time to grab this opportunity to adopt the investment plan so that the interests of their faction would be maximized.

At the same time, if they could drag Agnes into the mud, then the entire Gopher Delivery Services would be a cat in the sack


To their surprise, Agnes turned around, took out a thick stack of documents from the drawer of the desk, and tossed it in front of them. She said, “No need. Regarding the board’s decision to dismiss Mike Corby and the other four people, I’ve already sorted it out. You can take a look.”

Mike was startled and exchanged a glance with the other people beside him. He picked up the documents in front of him and took a few brief glances.

“Haha, Miss Summer, is this your plan to fire me? The evidence here on my corruption, bribery, and abuse of power is completely slanderous. You fabricated this!”

Mike was furious. He threw the documents in his hand to the floor while shouting angrily, “You did a good job investigating me, but do you think this is enough? If I don’t admit it, what can you do? Besides, do you think you can bring me down with this kind of information? Half of the board members are friends of mine. Do you think they’ll sign this?”

Agnes Summer was simply delusional!

The rest also angrily slammed the information in their hands to the floor.

It contained some evidence of their private transactions, but they would never admit it! Even if they did, so what?

What could Agnes Summer do about it?

After all, for those of them who were in such positions, how many of them were clean?


Agnes said indifferently, “I don’t need to get the approval of the board of directors. Only one person’s signature is needed.”

One person’s signature?

All of them were momentarily startled before they realized it and laughed mockingly. “Oh, Agnes, I have to say that you’re really naive. Are you telling me that you want the founder of Gopher Delivery Services to sign this? Chairman Clarke is not in Riverdale right now. How can he manage things if he’s not even around? Besides, even if he were here, would he agree to this?”

Mike was full of sneers. Agnes Summer was rumored to be a strong career woman, but now, she seemed pretty ordinary.

She only had her status today because Chairman Clarke groomed her. It was also because of their fear of Chairman Clarke that they had never dared to touch Agnes. Now, she wanted to take them out instead?

That was just courting death.


Suddenly, a cold voice rang in everyone’s ears.

“Bring it here. I’ll sign it.” Philip stood up calmly at this time as his frosty gaze swept over everyone.



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