The First Heir novel Chapter 1624

The First Heir – Chapter 1624

“Yes, it’s a misunderstanding. Everything is just a misunderstanding.” Mike was extremely anxious at this moment. If Philip signed these documents, he would be done for!

He would not only be kicked out of Gopher Delivery Services, but even the evidence that Agnes had collected could not be overlooked so easily.

Philip smiled, turned his head to look at Agnes, and asked, “Have they been deliberately making things difficult for you recently?”

Agnes thought about it and nodded in response. “Yes, about the matter with the investors this time, they want to take the opportunity to compete for more personal gains. They’re completely disregarding the profits of the company.”

Upon hearing this, Philip nodded.

Mike was scared out of his mind and hurriedly said, “Miss Summer, don’t say that. We’ve worked together for a few months. Chairman Clarke, please don’t listen to her. She’s deliberately planting evidence to frame in me!”

Mike was anxious. He did not expect Agnes to speak up about this matter right now. This was totally an attempt to push him to the edge.

However, Philip tossed the materials in his hand to Mike and suddenly questioned, “Was this information also fabricated to frame you?”

This time, Mike dared not speak anymore.

However, he was also an old fox. With a dart of his eyes, he looked at Philip darkly and said, “Chairman Clarke, by the looks of it, you’re not planning to let this go, are you?”


“If I let you go, will this company still exist? In just three months, all of you have made personal profits of more than ten million from the company! Do you think I’m blind?”

Philip said angrily. These people were simply parasites! With them around, how could Gopher Delivery Services progress?

Moreover, Philip had his own plan next. He must clean up these black sheep for Agnes!

The corner of Mike’s mouth twitched. He could not be bothered to keep up the pretense any longer. He said to Philip coldly, “Chairman Clarke, even if you’re the founder of this company and have the right to veto, don’t forget, half of the company’s board of directors are my friends. If I ask all of them to divest, do you understand what the consequences will be?”

Philip was taken aback upon hearing this before he shook his head helplessly and sneered, “Are you threatening me?”

Mike adjusted his suit and said, “No. If you can turn a blind eye and stop digging deeper into this matter, I’ll also give you something in return. Miss Summer will take full charge of this investment project, and I’ll also make up for that shortfall of more than ten million dollars. What do you think?”

Mike had lowered his posture in order to protect himself.

As long as he was safe this time, he would have plenty of chances to get his money back again in the future.

Philip smiled with a faint coldness in the corner of his eyes as he said, “Director Corby, do you think I’ll be afraid of your threats?”

Hearing this, Mike frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Philip directly lifted his pen, signed his name, and said to Agnes, “Immediately notify the relevant personnel and thoroughly investigate the board of directors. Take down all those who have colluded with Mike Corby for personal gains!”

“You! You must be crazy! Doing this will offend the entire board of directors! Don‘t think you can do whatever you want just because you’re the founder!” Mike roared at once.

He did not expect Philip to be so tough!

However, Philip turned his head and said to Mike, “Oh, the board of directors? I don’t need it at all.”

Arrogant, domineering!

Mike was furious. He took out his phone and viciously said to Philip, “Philip Clarke, don’t be too cocky. I have someone supporting me from behind! If you dare to treat us like this, I’ll make this company go bankrupt!”



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