The First Heir novel Chapter 1626

The First Heir – Chapter 1626

Mike immediately took out his phone and said viciously, “You don’t agree? If you dare to refuse, I’ll make a call right away. Then, you’ll understand what the power of capital is!”

Philip nodded and said, “Okay, make the call. Let’s see what kind of strength and means the person behind you has.”

Hearing these words, Mike’s face darkened as he shouted, “Fine, let’s see how arrogant you can be after this!”

After saying that, he directly dialed a number. When the call was answered, an aged voice sounded from the other end of the line, asking, “Mike? What can I do for you?”

Mike’s attitude was extremely respectful at this moment as he said, “Old Master, I’ve encountered some trouble and I hope you can do me a favor.”

“What is it? For you to call me directly, is it a very tricky problem?” the old man asked on the phone.

“Old Master, the founder of Gopher Delivery Services, which you asked me to invest in, wants to fire us. He even has some evidence against us in his hands,” Mike said.

“What? Fire you? Hehe, he’s just a kid who hasn’t grown up yet. How dare he say such pompous words? Okay, pass him the phone and I’ll talk to him.”

Mike immediately handed the phone to Philip with an arrogant frown and said, “My old master wants to speak to you. Philip, I have to remind you not to annoy the old master. Otherwise, you’ll end up badly!”

Philip ignored Mike’s words. He reached out for the phone, put it to his ear, and asked, “Do you want to interfere in this matter?”

On the lawn of a magnificent manor, an old man in golf attire was sitting in the gazebo. His head was full of thick hair.

Eight bodyguards in black suits surrounded him, and two maids in the gazebo were making tea for him and massaging his shoulders.

He smiled and asked, “Are you Philip Clarke? Hehe, I’ve heard of you. You founded Gopher Delivery Services. I’ve been wanting to meet you. How about this, just name a price for the company and I’ll buy it.”


This was the old man’s method, simple and brutal.

He saw the potential in the market and prospects of Gopher Delivery Services.

Philip’s face darkened as he asked, “Are you very rich?”

“Haha, I’m not doing too bad. How about it? Name a price,” the old man said lightly.

However, Philip’s next sentence made the old man scowl very unhappily.

“I’m afraid you can’t afford it,” Philip said.

These words made the old man’s expression crumble. He sneered and said, “Young man, do you know what you just said? Do you think that I, Fabian Tate, can’t afford a small food delivery company?”

Not only did the old man laugh but the several people in the office, including Mike Corby, also laughed coldly. Philip Clarke was really arrogant and ignorant!

Old Master Tate was one of the top 20 richest people in this country! His assets were worth more than 60 billion dollars!

A small food delivery company could be acquired with a snap of his fingers!

Philip said with a smile, “Is your name Fabian Tate? In that case, are you up for a bet? In a few minutes, you’re going to be penniless.”



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