The First Heir novel Chapter 1627

The First Heir – Chapter 1627


Everyone gasped. Philip was simply too cocky!

In ten minutes, he wanted Fabian Tate, who was worth more than 60 billion dollars to be penniless?

Who did he think he was? Could a multi-billionaire go bankrupt with just a sentence?

Ridiculous! Was he crazy?

Mike was also shocked by Philip’s tone. However, he quickly reacted and said with a wicked sneer, “Philip, you’re really arrogant to say such things. I really wonder where your confidence comes from.”


By the looks of it, this Philip Clarke was nothing but a moron.

Herb also scowled, saying, “Chairman Clarke, it seems that you still don’t know much about Mr. Fabian Tate’s strength. Barring anything else, let’s just talk about your company. As long as Mr. Tate is willing, he can instantly purchase it in full. If you know what’s good for you, you should quickly sell it while Mr. Tate is still in a good mood. Otherwise, if he gets angry, he has all the means to make your company go bankrupt!”

Philip smiled coldly, looked at the mocking expressions of the crowd, and said, “Oh? It seems that all of you have decided that I’ll have no choice but to submit to Mr. Tate.”

“Hehe, that‘s for sure! Old Master Tate’s reputation and fame in the country is many times greater than you can even imagine!”

“That’s right, just a casual word from Old Master Tate can make Riverdale shake in its boots!”

“Chairman Clarke, don’t make the wrong decision. You’re still young. Don’t be impulsive.”

Everyone was persuading him, but the expressions on their faces were full of derision.

When Agnes saw this scene from the sidelines, her face was exceptionally calm.

She had witnessed Philip’s strength. Even if ten Old Master Tate were to appear, it would not pose a problem to Philip!

Meanwhile, Fabian’s expression became colder on the other end. He said blandly, “Mr. Clarke, I’ll take your words just now as a joke. Just say a number. How much will it take for you to sell your company?”

Philip laughed and said, “You can treat it as a joke but I still don’t agree with it. Let the countdown begin. Fabian Tate, everything you have will turn into nothing.”


Fabian had never encountered such a junior who did not know what was good for him. He immediately shouted, “Mr. Clarke, are you really planning to fight me on this?”

Philip said calmly, “Sorry, you don’t have that qualification yet. If you’re capable enough to get through this difficulty, we can talk then.”


After that, Philip ended the call.

This scene fell into the eyes of Mike Corby and the rest. It was a complete provocation! This guy actually dared to show such an attitude to Old Master Tate!

“Insolence! Philip, are you prepared to die by talking to Mr. Tate like that?” Mike roared fiercely.

Herb followed suit, “Director Corby, I don’t think there’s a need to talk nonsense with him. This guy is determined to go against us. In that case, it’s better to let him understand the gap between us!”

Everyone nodded.

After Philip hung up on him, Fabian’s face darkened as he sneered, “This young man is a little interesting.”

After saying that, he said to the assistant behind him, “Help me check the details of Gopher Delivery Services in Riverdale and enquire about a person named Philip Clarke. I want to know everything about him.”


The assistant behind him responded and quickly made a few phone calls.

However, only a few minutes after he made the first call, he received a call. After hearing a few words, he was shocked and quickly ran to Fabian’s side, saying, “Master, something has happened!”



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