The First Heir novel Chapter 1628

The First Heir – Chapter 1628

Fabian Tate was playing golf and in a very happy mood. He turned his head to look at his assistant, asking, “What’s the matter? Why the panic?”

The assistant hurriedly said, “I just received a call from the company saying that all of the shipments we shipped abroad are facing problems. They’ve been temporarily detained!”

Hearing this, Fabian’s face twitched as he asked suspiciously, “How could that be? Didn’t you contact them in advance?”

The assistant said, “We did as usual. There shouldn’t be a problem. This time, the other party personally checked our goods, not the person we usually liaise with.”

Fabian scowled and said, “Don’t panic. Pacify the other party first and find out about the situation. It could be just a last-minute random inspection. In addition, notify the company‘s public relations department to deal with the impact of public opinion regarding this matter.”

While saying that, Fabian took out his phone and said, “I’ll give Mr. Cash a call to ask ab out the situation. Why didn’t he notify us in advance if there was going to be a last-minute inspection?”

Soon, the call was connected and Fabian said in a somewhat displeased tone, “Mr. Cash, what’s going on? Why are several of my company’s outbound shipments having problems now? Is it a last-minute random inspection? Why didn’t you inform me in advance?”

On the other end of the phone, a cold snort sounded. “Fabian Tate, you should start praying. This isn’t a random inspection but one that’s specially targeted at your company. We received a report from someone that you’re suspected of smuggling. The inspection is done by someone from the top. I just received the notice.”

At that, Fabian panicked and asked doubtfully, “How is this possible? Did you make a mistake? Mr. Cash, you must help me enquire about the situation this time. My wealth and life are relying on these several shipments! The goods are worth tens of billions!”

Fabian was anxious!

How could he not be anxious?

These batches of goods were due to be shipped abroad and he had signed an agreement. If they were not delivered in time, or if anything went wrong, Fabian would have to compensate tens of billions!

If this continued, Fabian would be instantly bankrupt!

“Hmph! Fabian, it‘s useless for you to beg me. As far as I know, you’ve offended a big shot. You should think about it.”


After saying that, the other party ended the call!

Fabian frowned and was extremely worried. He had offended a big shot?

Mr. Cash had conveyed the meaning of his words very clearly.

Just after he made a few more phone calls to ask about the situation, another person hurried over and shouted, “Mr. Tate, it’s bad! Our company has been seized! There are people here too!”

Just as he said that, a group of more than a dozen people appeared. They were all dressed in black professional suits with golden badges on their chests.

They barged right in. The woman in the lead had a ponytail and was holding a document in her hand. She showed it to Fabian and said, “Fabian Tate, we’ve received a report that you’re suspected of smuggling. Please come back with us and cooperate with our investigation.”


Completely dumbfounded!

Fabian was stunned as he looked at the group of people. A thought flashed in his head. Just now, Philip Clarke had said that he would be penniless in the next ten minutes!



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