The First Heir novel Chapter 1630

The First Heir – Chapter 1630

What was going on?

Did Old Master Tate just apologize to Philip?

How could that be?

Who was Old Master Tate? He was a figure who could shake the entire Riverdale with a single stomp of his foot!

Would he actually apologize to such a nobody like Philip Clarke?


Total panic!

Mike’s face and forehead dripped with cold sweat. His throat tightened, and he felt like he was about to suffocate!

Philip smiled lightly and said, “Fabian Tate, this wasn’t what you said earlier. What made you change your mind so quickly?”

Fabian was terrified and quickly said, “Chairman Clarke, I was wrong before. I was ignorant and blind to have looked down on others. I beg you to spare me. Whatever you need, I’ll agree to it.”

Hearing this, Philip thought for a moment. His eyes fell on Mike and the rest as he said, “Okay, there’s one condition. I want Mike Corby to kneel and apologize to me right now. How about that?”

“Of course…”

Fabian said, followed by a roar through the phone, “Mike Corby, get down on your knees and apologize to Chairman Clarke right now!”

This roar shook Mike’s heart, making his legs weak and body sweat!

With a thud… He knelt in front of Philip. He was that cowardly.

What bravado was he supposed to display at a moment like this?

How could he not clearly see that even a man like Fabian Tate was lowering his head and begging Philip for forgiveness?

Mike was just an insignificant nobody in front of Fabian. If he did not kneel now, when would he?

As soon as he knelt, several directors behind him also followed suit!

All of them shouted, “Chairman Clarke, please forgive us! We were really wrong!”

At this sudden scene, Herb panicked and felt his throat constricting!

What the hell was going on?

Who on earth was Philip Clarke? He actually had such power to make Old Master Tate apologize to him.

It had only been ten minutes. This was too exaggerated!

“Herb Lyon.” Philip turned his head, looked at Herb, and called out his name.


Herb bent his knees and knelt!

All of them were kneeling in the office in front of Philip. Philip smiled, shook his head, and said to Agnes, “Take care of it. I don’t want to see them anymore.”

Agnes nodded, understanding Philip completely. She directly dialed the relevant phone number.

Soon, a team of people came over and led the ashen-faced Mike and the rest away.

As for Fabian Tate, he was also taken away. The evidence was conclusive and there was no room for any dispute!

After that, Philip inspected the company and met with investors. After affirming Agnes’ work, he left the company.

Once outside, Theo and his men were already waiting at the door. A dozen black Mercedes-Benz cars were lined up.

Philip raised his eyebrows, glanced at the sky, and said, “Let’s go and meet Martin and Bernard Johnston.”

Theo respectfully invited Philip into the car and the convoy drove straight to the hotel where Martin Johnston was staying.



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