The First Heir novel Chapter 1631

The First Heir – Chapter 1631

Meanwhile, in the hotel.

The two Johnston brothers, Martin and Bernard, were having private talks with several key members of the company.

“What? The person you found has failed?” Martin looked furious at this moment, pacing back and forth in the suite in anger.

Bernard stood to the side with his head lowered. His face was full of anxiety and regret. He said, “Martin, don’t worry about it. Even though it failed, Philip won’t dare to do anything about it.”


Martin snorted and said, “What should I say about you? How many times has this been? Can’t you find someone more reliable? Why do you fail again and again?”

Martin almost died of anger. His third brother had gone behind his back to find some hooligans to teach Philip a lesson, but in the end, they were the ones badly beaten up instead!

This fool only knew how to bungle things up!

Bernard could not bear the shame and said, “Martin, it’s all my fault. I’ll go find some more people and will definitely teach that Philip Clarke a lesson this time!”

After saying that, Bernard turned to leave.

“That’s enough, don’t go. What’s the time now? Do you think Philip is that brainless? Can’t you see that Theo Zander is his follower now?” Martin waved his hand impatiently. Then, with a twitch of his eyebrows, he looked at the several people present and asked, “Everyone, due to the unexpected circumstances, we have no choice but to bring the plan forward. Are you ready?”

There were nine people in total inside the suit. Excluding the two Johnston brothers, seven people had sworn allegiance to Martin. Of course, Russell Carl and Jacky Cullen were among them.

At this moment, Jacky haughtily walked over with a glass of red wine in his hand and said, “Mr. Johnston, this matter is actually not difficult to handle. Since you have a trump card against Philip in your hand, you should’ve taken it out earlier. If you had done that, it wouldn’t have caused the situation today.”

“That’s right, Mr. Johnston. What exactly is the trump card in your hand? Don’t you trust the few of us?”

“Yes, the more we delay, the more unfavorable it’ll be for us. According to the news we received, Beacon has already started to contact the business partners to give them a heads up.”

At that, Martin’s face darkened as he said, “I won’t use that trump card unless it’s the last resort. That’s something that can save lives. If I take it out so early, it’ll lose its value.”

Hearing that, everyone nodded silently.

Russell said, “Mr. Johnston, I don’t think we need to be so nervous. We can make plans and move later. Let’s see what Philip will do before we retaliate. Now that you have this trump card in your hand, I don’t think Philip will make a move against you so easily. We might as well drag things on and wait for Philip to get anxious so that he’ll take the initiative to come to us.”

As soon as he heard this, the tense expression on Martin’s face suddenly relaxed.

Russell was right.

Since he had this trump card in his hand, why was he in a hurry to make a move? Philip was the one who should be anxious.

After all, if that secret got out, Wynn would not survive in Riverdale.

Even the entire country would not accommodate Wynn anymore. Philip would also end up being a person scorned by everyone.

After all, the Lovelace family incident was a huge taboo!

“You’re right. Since I have this trump card, I should wait for Philip to come and beg me. Haha, why did I only realize it now? Well done, as expected of my wise strategist!”

Martin laughed and personally poured a glass of red wine for Russell as he said, “Russell, the future development of the company will have to rely on your contributions!”

Russell quickly got up and respectfully said, “This is what I should do, Mr. Johnston. It’s my honor to help you.”



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