The First Heir novel Chapter 1633

The First Heir – Chapter 1633

Looking at the casket Philip had brought over, Martin shook with anger as his face flushed red. He pointed at Philip and shouted, “You! How dare you act so arrogantly?! Are you disrespecting me? Philip Clarke, don’t forget that I’m Wynn’s second uncle! We’re related by blood! If I tell Wynn that you did this to me, do you think she’ll stand on your side or mine?”

Martin was fuming. How dare Philip send him a gift like this? Was this not cursing him to die soon?

Bernard also looked angry as he pointed at Philip and shouted, “Insolence! Philip, as a junior, what’s your intention in sending such a gift to your elders? If my eldest brother and sister-in-law find out about this, they’ll definitely punish you severely!”

Bernard’s eyes were cold, and his face was full of anger! This damned Philip was too audacious!

When the others saw Philip giving such a gift, they were also taken aback for a brief moment. Then, they pointed at Philip and berated angrily, “Chairman Clarke, this is too discourteous of you! ”

“Exactly. If this matter gets out, I’m afraid you won’t have a foothold in Riverdale. We have always placed importance on family virtues here. For a wretch like you to behave like this, it would be a great disgrace!”

“Philip, apologize to Mr. Johnston at once! I’m sure you must be here today to give in to him. In that case, are you trying to take advantage of the situation by resorting to such a despicable act? You must be delusional!”

Several people pointed at Philip and admonished him. To them, Philip was really bold to do this.

Gifting a casket?

If word got out that Philip gave such a gift, it was inconceivable what the people of Riverdale might think of Philip!

Moreover, he already had a bad reputation.

However, Philip just smiled lightly and said to them, “Excuse me, I don’t care at all. I’m determined to give this casket to him.”

Martin frowned in anger and pointed at Philip, roaring, “You’re simply too outrageous! I’ll make you regret it! If this secret is leaked out, there’ll be no place for Wynn in Riverdale or even in Orienta! By provoking me like this, are you telling me that you’ve made your choice?”

Martin was furious. He had never been given a gift like this before.

Martin refused to believe that a piece of trash that had been wasting away in the Johnson household for four years could become so strong now.

In the past few days, he had been getting people to look into Philip’s background and identity. After all, someone with a black card from Swiss Bank could not be an ordinary person!

However, after doing numerous checks, he could not find any information about Philip at all.

There seemed to be a huge force stopping Martin’s investigation. Furthermore, in front of this force, Martin was nothing but an ant.

Despite that, he refused to concede. Perhaps it was just a matter of time. After all, Philip had been a wastrel for four years. It was justifiable that he could not find out anything about him.

After Martin finished talking, everyone, including Bernard, Russell, Jacky, and several others stared at Philip with hostility. That was because Philip’s decision would determine their next move.

After a moment of silence, Philip raised his eyebrows. With a faint chill in the corners of his eyes, he stared at Martin and asked, “Are you afraid of death?”

These few simple words caused the temperature in the suite to plummet!

Martin could not react for a while as he looked at Philip with some trepidation, wondering why he would suddenly ask this question.



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