The First Heir novel Chapter 1636

The First Heir – Chapter 1636

What if they accidentally annoyed Philip and got beaten up as a result?

Therefore, all of them chose to protect themselves at the moment. They lowered their heads and were too afraid to speak up, but they still glanced around furtively.

With a grave face, Philip stared at Martin whose face was flushed. The man was panting aloud. Philip said coldly, “Martin, I’ve given you many chances but you didn’t know how to appreciate them. I’ve considered using money to make you understand the difference between you and me, but after thinking about it carefully, I think it’s meaningless. It’s better for me to personally let you experience the pain so that you may remember it for a lifetime!”

After that, Philip directly threw Martin on the coffee table and the entire glass coffee table shattered into pieces!

The broken glass stuck to Martin’s back, arms, and legs, causing him to grimace in pain!

“Aargh! Philip, how dare you do this to me?! I swear I won’t let you off!”

Martin shouted. His back was covered in blood as he crawled away from the broken glass shards with great difficulty. His arms and legs were also bright red.

The sight of him was dreadful.


Excruciatin g pain!

Martin dared not move at all. His back was full of broken glass shards. He carefully pulled out the glass shards from his arms. Every time he pulled a shard out, the pain was heart-wrenching.

In the end, he simply stopped removing them and turned around to flee instead.

He wanted to go to the hospital to treat his wounds.


Of course, Philip would not let him leave just like this. He walked over and kicked Martin’s back fiercely!

This kick caused some broken glass to penetrate deeper into Martin’s flesh, causing him to how! in pain.

At the same time, his entire body flew out and he instinctively used his hands to support himself on the ground.

Instantly, the broken glass on his palms penetrated deeper into his flesh again!


The entire suite echoed with Martin‘s miserable screams.

He crawled on the ground and kept shouting, “Philip, you’ll die a miserable death! When I return, I’ll kill you!”

However, a pair of sneakers appeared in front of Martin’s eyes. He looked up and saw Philip’s icy face.

“Martin Johnston, everything that’ s happening today is your own doing. You can’t blame others for it. I hope you can remember the lesson today. Don’t try to provoke Wynn and me. Otherwise, your fate will be worse the next time!”

After saying that, Philip stomped on Martin’s right hand heavily!


At once, the suite resounded with his miserable screams.

With this stamp, Philip had broken Martin’s right hand! The piercing pain from his hand made Martin tremble.

Bernard Johnston, who was lying on the floor, was conscious the entire time. However, he dared not stand up and could only lie on the ground while playing dead.

The rest were already panicking at this time, watching helplessly as Philip taught Martin a lesson.

Too horrifying!

This guy’s methods were too vicious!

Following that, Philip raised his eyebrows, looked at Theo, and said, “You can deal with the rest of these people.”

Hearing that, those people started panicking. They quickly knelt in front of Philip, bowing and begging for mercy. “Chairman Clarke, please have mercy on us. We were wrong. We won’ t work together with Martin anymore.”

“Mr. Clarke, we were deceived by the villain as well. We beg you to forgive us.”

“We’ll leave right away and never return to Riverdale. Chairman Clarke, please spare our lives!”

However, Philip just glanced at them coldly before he turned around and left.

Suddenly, everyone got desperate and roared, “Philip Clarke, you’ll receive your comeuppance for this!”

“Philip, we won’t let you off even if we die!”



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