The First Heir novel Chapter 1638

The First Heir – Chapter 1638

Jim hurried to the nearest computer to take a look. With a twitch of his eye, he said, “F*ck! No internet at this time? What’s going on?”

“The neighborhood is being demolished. Could it be that the network cable has been cut?”

“Don’ t worry, just call and ask.”

One of them dialed the number of the telecommunication company. After questioning, he replied, “They said there’s no disconnection notice on our side and no one nearby has reported the same problem. It‘s not the signal.”

“How is that possible? Isn’t this obviously a case of disconnection?” Someone was anxious.

Jim was also anxious as he glanced at the sky outside. His sixth sense gave him a bad feeling as if something was about to happen.

“Everyone, check your phones to see if there’s a signal,” Jim quickly said as he took out his phone to check.

“Holy sh*t, there’s no signal on my phone either!”

“What the hell is going on here?”

Jim saw that there was also no signal on his phone, but he had just answered a call before this.

“Quick, pack the things up. Hurry!”

Suddenly, Jim thought of something and immediately urged everyone to pack up. Everyone panicked and quickly packed up their things.

Meanwhile, in the alley outside the gate, Philip followed Theo who led the way and came to the gate.

“Master Theo, Mr. Clarke, you’re here.”

The man on guard nearby popped out at this time, his face full of flattering smiles.

Theo asked, “Is everyone still inside?”

The man nodded and said, “Yes, they are. We’ve cut off the signal within a mile radius.”

Theo nodded, turned to Philip, and asked, “Mr. Clarke, shall we go in now?”

Philip nodded.

Theo ordered his men to kick open the iron gate.

Jim was standing in the garden with a few of his subordinates. They were carrying small and large packages in their arms and they saw Philip walking in with his men.

At that moment, Jim knew something was wrong and shouted, “Run!”

Everyone quickly dropped their things and scrambled to flee over the wall!

However, just as they tried to go over the wall, they cringed awkwardly before backing away.

“Why aren’t you running? Go on! Mr. Clarke is here but you’re still not running?”

At this moment, the guy from before berated as he pointed at Jim and his people.

Jim was extremely flustered. The whole place was full of people and the entire garden was surrounded!


Immediately, Jim knelt on the ground and kept bowing to Philip as he begged for mercy, “You must be Mr. Philip Clarke, right? I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have taken this job. I hope you can leave us a way out.”


The rest of the people also fell on their knees.

Seeing this scene, Philip could not help shaking his head.

This bunch of people was really decisive.

Philip walked over. His gaze fell on Jim as he asked, “Are you Jim Wells?”

“Yes, I am,” Jim replied.

Philip nodded, took a piece of paper, and threw it in front of Jim. He asked, “In ten minutes, can you spread the information here all over Riverdale?”

Jim quickly picked up the information and took a glance, his expression instantly freezing!



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