The First Heir novel Chapter 1639

The First Heir – Chapter 1639

Jim looked at the information with a solemn expression on his face before he looked up at Philip and asked, “Mr. Clarke, are you sure you want to do this?”

Philip nodded and said, “Ten minutes, can you do it? If not, I’ll find someone else. If you can, it’ll offset your blunder.”

Jim gritted his teeth, immediately stood up, and said, “Yes, I can!”

After that, he said to his subordinates behind him, “Everyone, hurry up! Spread the information on this paper to the entire Riverdale in ten minutes!”

Philip did not bother to stay here for long. He simply turned around and left, leaving the rest for Theo to handle.

Ten minutes later in the hospital ward

Bernard rushed into the ward and shouted, “Martin, something went wrong! Jim betrayed us and was caught by Philip. Moreover, media all over Riverdale are broadcasting news about us embezzling Beacon’s funds. It’s also a trending search on Twitter right now. Even those things about us oppressing people have been dug up. What should we do?”

Martin was lying on the hospital bed, his whole body in pain. Hearing Bernard’s words at this moment, he immediately sat up and asked, “What did you say?”

After saying that, he quickly grabbed the tablet handed to him by Bernard and scrolled through the news as well as trending searches.

A few shocking headlines popped up.

[Explosive! Martin Johnston and Bernard Johnston misappropriated company funds and framed their niece!]

[Shocking! Martin Johnston’s overnight scandal, photo scandal, and hotel scandal!]

Martin watched as these trending searches continued to climb the ranks and he was on edge!

Especially when he saw the comments on each topic that cursed him to hell and back, Martin profoundly felt the power of public opinion!


“Danm that Philip Clarke! How dare he do this to me?!”

Martin was furious and smashed the tablet on the floor.

He glared at Bernard grimly and said, “Quick, get together a team of public relations. Be sure to reduce the trending searches and eliminate the negative impact!”

Bernard replied, “We’ve already begun but the opponent’s team is too strong. It’s Jim Wells. That kid actually defected to the other side.”

Hearing this, Martin felt his blood pressure rush to his brain and he got dizzy. He said, “No matter how much money you spend, you have to suppress it. You absolutely can’t let the influence spread anymore. Otherwise, you and I will be finished!”

Bernard nodded and immediately made a few calls to arrange for it.

After Philip left, he received a call from Charles. He sounded very anxious on the other end and shouted, “Philip, where are you? Come to the hospital in Uppercreek! There’s fetal movement and the situation is looking a little dangerous!”

“What? So sudden? Dad, don‘t worry, I’ll go back immediately!”

Philip immediately ended the call, quickly spoke to Theo, and personally drove to Uppercreek at top speed!

Theo remained in Riverdale to keep an eye on Martin and the others while Victor Bell also rushed back to Uppercreek.

After more than an hour, Philip arrived at the Uppercreek Municipal Hospital.

When he got out of the car, several of Master Bell’s men were already waiting for him at the entrance. Heath was naturally among them.

When he saw Philip, he immediately went forward and said respectfully, “Mr. Clarke, Madam is out of danger now. It’s nothing serious.”

Philip was anxious as he jogged along and asked, “What the hell happened?”

Heath quickly replied, “Madam accidentally had a fall in the room. Fortunately, Miss Lydia grabbed hold of her so there’s no…”

Heath dared not go on. Philip naturally understood the serious consequences and barged into Wynn’s ward.



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