The First Heir novel Chapter 1640

The First Heir – Chapter 1640

Several people were already standing in the ward.

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Charles and Martha looked anxious and distressed. Especially Martha, she kept pointing at Anne and Lydia while cursing.

Wynn sat on the hospital bed and kept persuading her mother, “Mom, it has nothing to do with them.”

Philip walked in, took a look around, and grabbed Martha’s hand that was about to land a slap on Lydia’s face. He said sternly, “If you dare to do it, I’ll have you end up lying on the hospital bed again!”

Martha turned to look at Philip and was startled as though she had seen a ghost. She shouted, “When did you arrive?”

After saying that, Philip shook off Martha’s hand, causing the latter’s face to grimace in pain.

Her hand had not fully recovered yet. With this aggressive shove from Philip, it was almost broken again!

Following that, Philip said coldly, “Go out. Don’t disturb Wynn’s rest.”

Martha still wanted to curse and swear but was held back by Charles.

Lydia Jensen and Anne Foster stood in front of Philip like children who had made a mistake and said, “Brother Philip, we’re sorry for not taking good care of Sister Wynn.”

Philip took a breath, smiled faintly, and patted Lydia on the shoulder. He said, “It’s okay, thank you.”

They then left the ward, leaving Philip and Wynn alone. Philip took Wynn’s small hand and asked anxiously, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Wynn smiled and shook her head, “I’m fine, don’t worry. They’re just too nervous.”

Philip rolled his eyes at her, took two pillows to put behind Wynn’s back, and said, “They’re just worried about you. ”

“By the way, how are things going in Beacon? What did Uncle Martin say? Does he still want me to hand over all the shares?” Wynn asked.

She had been worrying about the company for the past few days. Naturally, she was also worried about Philip’s safety.

Philip said indifferently, “Everything has been taken care of. We just need to tie up some loose ends.”

Wynn nodded and said, “Philip, they’re my uncles, after all. Can you not treat them too harshly? Just a warning will do.”

Philip seemed to have expected that Wynn would say that. He smiled and said, “I know what I’m doing, don’t worry.”

Back to Riverdale, Bernard walked into the ward with brisk steps and said, “Martin, we have news. Philip has left Riverdale and went to Uppercreek”

Sitting on the hospital bed, Martin’s face darkened when he heard this news and asked, “What happened? Why did he leave so suddenly?”

Bernard said, “I asked the person I arranged in Uppercreek to find out. Wynn had an accident and was sent to the hospital. She almost had a miscarriage.”

When Martin heard this, his expression was cold and he asked, “Is the person you arranged in Uppercreek reliable?”

“He’s absolutely reliable, Martin. This man is the underground kingpin in Uppercreek, known as Master Eight on the streets. His real name is Brad Weiss. He’s very powerful and he’s just one step short from the three lords of Uppercreek,” Bernard said excitedly.

Martin nodded. After a moment of contemplation, he said coldly, “Quickly contact Brad Weiss and tell him to bring his men to get rid of Philip and Wynn. This is our great opportunity and we can’t miss it! I want Philip to pay a painful price for bullying me!”



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