The First Heir novel Chapter 1644

The First Heir – Chapter 1644

F*ck, how could this kid be so aggressive? His skills were too awesome!

All of them were thugs who made a living by fighting, but nearly 20 of them could not handle one Philip Clarke.

At this time, a punk quietly snuck behind Philip and raised the steel pipe high to smash into the back of Philip’s head.

To his surprise, Philip seemed to have eyes on his back. He unhurriedly dodged his head to the side and lifted his leg, kicking the punk’s crotch. Instantly, the punk almost fainted from unbearable pain!


Everyone present had a sympathetic expression on their face.

All of them knew this was the sound of shattered balls. The punk who was kicked fell to the ground with a face full of pain while covering his crotch with his hands. His body was hunched like a shrimp, and he could not help rolling back and forth.

After all, no man could bear this kind of pain.

In the car, Wynn closed her eyes very obediently and also covered her ears with her hands.

However, she could still hear the sounds of weapons clashing and screams from outside the car. She was very worried about Philip and would secretly take a peek at Philip. After making sure that he was fine, she would continue to close her eyes.

Not long after, a gray Audi arrived with seven or eight SUVs. From the Audi, a middle-aged man in his 50s stepped down with an angry and murderous face.

Master Eight had arrived!

He had been gambling at a nearby casino and thought that Chad and his men could easily handle a loser like Philip. As a result, Chad was taken down instead! This was a disgrace to him! Thus, he quickly gathered his men and arrived here in

When everyone saw that Master Eight had arrived, they quickly made way for him. Chad also hurried to welcome him.

“Master Eight, this kid is too powerful. We can’t handle him. You must avenge our brothers!”


Master Eight slapped Chad fiercely across the face!

Chad was already weakened by Philip’s punch just now and this slap directly stunned him.

“Worthless fool! You can’t even handle this trivial matter!” Master Eight berated.

Then, he approached Philip with his hands behind his back.

He sized Philip up before saying coldly, “Kid, do you know that he’s one of mine, Eighth Master Weiss?”

Philip smiled coldly without saying anything, his expression full of contempt!

The people behind Master Eight immediately got angry!

Did this piece of trash know who was standing in front of him?

Master Eight was one of the four kings of Uppercreek. How dare he look at Master Eight with such contempt?

Immediately, they clamored to make a move but were stopped by Master Eight.

Master Eight smiled lightly and said, “Very well, young man. You still dare to act tough when surrounded by so many people. You have a lot of guts! People on the streets like us admire bold people like you the most. If someone hadn’t paid to kill you, I might’ve considered taking you in. However, who told you to mess with the wrong people? Impulsive young people have to pay the price. Let’s do this. Hand over Miss Wynn Johnston without a fuss and I’ll make it quick for you. You can suffer less pain and I’ll also make sure to send you to the hospital.”

Before he finished speaking, a commotion could be heard outside the alley. It did not take long for nearly a hundred people to swarm in!

Immediately after, several Mercedes-Benzes sped in and surrounded the intersection on both sides of the road. They blocked the entire street!

From the crowd, a sturdy middle-aged man with his hair combed back walked over with brisk steps.

“Brad Weiss, who are you sending to the hospital?”

A roar like a rabid wolf resounded throughout the alley!



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