The First Heir novel Chapter 1645

The First Heir – Chapter 1645

Master Eight was startled. Why did this voice sound so familiar?

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He turned his head and saw a middle-aged man with his hair combed back jogging over while glaring at him coldly.

It was one of the three lords of Uppercreek, Victor Bell!

Master Eight immediately began sweating and lost all his arrogance from before!

Although he was known as one of the four underground kings of Uppercreek, he knew full well that he and Victor were not on the same level at all.

Master Eight was simply a boss on the streets and made a living through gang activities without much of a background. He just relied on his seniority and a large number of underlings.

As for Victor Bell, he had a huge background and owned countless businesses in Uppercreek. His wealth and power made him reign at the top of Uppercreek’s underground forces.

In front of Victor, Master Eight was no more than a minion.

“M-Master Bell, what brings you here?”

Master Eight was a little flustered, wondering if the boss behind scenes had not only engaged him but also found Master Bell to thwart Philip.

Master Eight knew Master Bell’s temper. Anyone who dared to snatch the prey he had set his eyes on would be treated as the enemy and torn to pieces!

At that moment, he panicked.

Master Bell looked at Master Eight coldly without speaking.

Master Eight quickly said, “Oh, were you also instructed by Mr. Johnston to stop Philip Clarke? Since you’ve shown up in person, I’ll step aside and let you take this job!”

Then, he waved his hand and instructed his underlings, “Master Bell has taken over now. Let’s go and leave Master Bell some space.”

With that said, he led his people away.

Victor waved his hand and the hundreds of people behind him blocked Master Eight’s path.

Master Eight frowned and said, “Victor, what do you mean by this?”

With his arms crossed, Victor looked at Master Eight and said coldly, “Eighth Master Weiss, are you leaving just like that?”

“Victor, all of us are working on the streets. I’m showing you ample respect today by giving this job up to you and leaving you the turf. What else do you want?”

Master Eight got a little angry as he spoke. Even if Victor was formidable, he had already given way according to the rules on the streets. Why was he still so relentless? He had not snatched his business!

Victor just grunted coldly and ignored Master Eight. He passed by him and walked up to Philip who was surrounded by them.

The following scene shocked Master Eight and his underlings!

Victor respectfully bowed to the young man whom they thought was a loser and said, “Young Master Clarke, I deserve to die. I came here a step late and caused distress to you and Madam. I was in a different location just now and rushed over as soon as I received the call from Madam. I didn’t delay in the slightest!”

Holy sh*t!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

The underlings of Master Eight had never met many big shots and were usually ruffians who caused trouble in the marketplace. In their minds, the most powerful figure they knew of was Victor Bell, one of the three underground lords of Uppercreek!

He had countless minions under him, huge businesses, and a solid background.

Now, this big shot was actually bowing to a young man while looking very flustered and scared!

Who the hell could that person be?

Philip smiled lightly and said, “It’s alright. Even if you hadn’t turned up, I’d be able to take care of these people. But Wynn is here today and I don’t want any accidents to happen to her. I don’t want her to be worried about me.”

“Yes, you’re right!” Victor said with his head lowered.

Master Eight was completely dumbstruck.

This was totally different from what he had imagined! He thought Victor was here to ‘steal the job’ from him. Instead, he was here to play ‘protector’.

Did Mr. Johnston not mention that this person was just a live-in son-in-law and a loser?

How could a loser make one of the three underground lords of Uppercreek, Master Bell, bow to him and talk so politely to him?

“M-Master Bell, what’s going on here? Why are you lowering your head to a young man? He…”

Master Eight started stammering when he realized that things had taken a bad turn.

Victor scoffed and said to Master Eight, “Your eyes must be blind. Do you know who this Young Master Clarke is? He’s the Clarke family…”



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