The First Heir novel Chapter 1801-1830

The First Heir – Chapter 1801
“You… You’ve gone to the main Dunley family in Hampton?” Homer’s voice went up a pitch as he asked
while glancing at Milo next to him. Milo’s expression was also very unpleasant but he immediately mocked, “Boy, Hampton is the territory of the
main Dunley family! You’re bold enough to dare go there alone, but I’m afraid you won’t come back in one
“Hehehe…” Philip had already entered Hampton!
He was sitting in the helicopter, looking down at the most developed city in Charbury-Hampton!
This was where the main Dunley family was located. They were also the pillar of the entire Dunley family. The sound of the propellers whistled in his ears. At one glance, the tallest building in Hampton was like a
giant sword that plunged into the sky!
This landmark building in Hampton belonged to the main Dunley family, Dunley Group!
It was the tallest and most luxurious building in Hampton. it was more than 1,00 meters high! “Milo Dunley, the main Dunley family may be a sacred existence to you, but in my eyes, they’re just a
trapped beast. The view of Hampton is truly extraordinary. I hope that in 20 minutes, you’ll still be as
imposing as you are now.” After saying that, Philip ended the call. He pointed at the enormous Dunley Group and said, “Fly there.” The pilot of the helicopter swooped down from a high altitude!
Homer gripped the phone and said solemnly, “Milo, he hung up…” Of course, Milo knew that. With his hands behind his back, his expression was full of worry as he said, “How
dare he go to Hampton? What exactly is he up to?” Milo was taken aback, completely unable to figure out Philip’s purpose in doing this. Was he going to threaten
the main Dunley family to impose sanctions on the branch Dunley family in Flower City?
The branch family in Flower City were still part of the Dunley family, after all!
How could the main family punish the branch Dunley family in Flower City just because of an outsider like
Homer shook his head and said, “Milo, I think this kid is very unusual. Since he dares to go to Hampton, it
means he has some confidence. Should we contact Fifth Uncle? If that kid really has any compromising
material in his hand, it’ll be unfavorable to us.” Homer was very flustered. He did not expect the situation to develop so fast. Philip’s ability had far exceeded
their initial guesses and speculation. The strength displayed by this guy was terrifying!
Even Flower City could not contain a great figure like him!
After a moment of silence, the corners of Milo’s eyes twitched. With a cold expression, he said, “Contact
Fifth Uncle immediately. We absolutely cannot allow Philip to go look for the main Dunley family!”
Milo also felt a biting chill and sense of crisis. Philip actually escaped from his hands in Flower City and went
to Hampton!
If this guy really met someone from the main Dunley family, it would definitely not end well for the Dunley
family in Flower City!
Even if it was an interception, Philip must be intercepted and killed outside the gates of the Dunley family in
After hearing that Milo wanted to contact his fifth uncle, the surrounding subordinates secretly breathed a sigh
of relief.
The First Heir – Chapter 1802
This fifth uncle was none other than the fifth uncle of the patriarch of the main Dunley family, Winston
Dunley. He was the half-brother of the former patriarch of the main Dunley family. In terms of seniority, he was the fifth uncle of the current patriarch of the Dunley family, Sterling Dunley. He
was also the family head of the branch Dunley family in Flower City!
Milo and Homer were Winston’s nephews. Homer and Milo’s father died young. Winston’s status in the main
Dunley family was not low, and he was also quite reputable in Hampton. As soon as Milo said that, he took out his phone and dialed Winston’s number. The phone rang five or six times before it was picked up. A calm and aged voice came from the other end, asking, “Milo, is there anything wrong that you’re calling me at this hour?” Milo was full of compliments with a respectful smile on his face as he said, “Fifth Uncle, how have you
“As good as I can be.” The old man on the other end laughed and said, “That’s enough, I know you won’t call
me for nothing. Just spit it out.” Milo glanced at the nervous Homer beside him and quickly said, “Uncle Winston, I’m sorry to trouble you but
Homer and I are facing some problems. We want to ask for your help.”
“Problems? Is there something that you can’t solve?” The old man on the other end of the phone sounded a
little surprised and asked, “What on earth happened that you require my help?” Milo quickly replied, “Uncle Winston, Hector caused some trouble in Uppercreek and injured a nanny, but we
didn’t expect that the nanny’s employer would relentlessly come after Hector. We’ve offered compensation of
50 million dollars but the other party refused to budge and even brought some people to Flower City, turning
the place upside down. He also used some connections to seize all the properties and businesses belonging to
Homer and me. Even Fred Able has been captured by him.” Hiss!
On the other end of the line, Winston was dressed in a black suit and wearing sunglasses. He was sitting next
to a pond, fishing. Beside him were several slender and scantily dressed maids who served him. Behind him
were a few bodyguards in black suits. There were also a number of Maybach parked in the area. Upon hearing Milo’s words, Winston’s face darkened as he asked, “Have you looked into the other party? A
person who has the ability to seize the properties belonging to you and your brother can’t be unknown. I’m
quite familiar with Uppercreek. What’s the other party’s name?”
“His name is Philip Clarke,” Milo quickly replied, his attitude excited and earnest. Winston’s eyes narrowed slightly beneath his sunglasses. He stared at the fish in the pond and said, “I don’t
think I’ve heard of this person in Uppercreek. Are you sure he’s from Uppercreek?” Milo added, “I’m certain! Hector said that he had a conflict with this kid named Philip Clarke because of the
Nonagon’s talent selection. Moreover, Victor Bell, one of the three underground lords of Uppercreek, is his
follower. He’s the talent chosen by Sheryl Larson, the daughter of the Larson family.” Winston nodded, pondered for a while, and asked, “Is the Larson family related to him? Did you find out?”
“Yes, the Larson family is indeed related to him,” Milo replied. Winston pondered for a moment before saying, “Okay, I understand. I’ll go back to Flower City in a while and
meet this young man named Philip Clarke.”
Hearing that Winston would return to Flower City, Milo was excited but quickly said, “Uncle Winston, you
don’t have to come back. That kid called me a few minutes ago and said that he’s going to the main family. I’m hoping you’ll stop him!”
“The main family? Hehe, this young man is a little interesting. He actually came all the way to Hampton.” Winston chuckled and said, “Okay, don’t worry. Since he so arrogantly came to Hampton, I have plenty of
ways to deal with him.”
The First Heir – Chapter 1803
“Okay, we’ll leave this to you,” Milo said before he hung up the phone respectfully. At the same time, he breathed a sigh of relief. With a triumphant smile, he said to Homer, “Homer, it’s settled. With Uncle Winston taking action, this matter will come to an end at last.” Homer also let out a breath of relief and fell heavily on the sofa, covered in a cold sweat. It was finally resolved. With Uncle Winston around, no matter how capable Philip was, he should not think of making any waves in
Hampton. On the side, Hector also burst out in laughter and said, “Dad, I already told you that everything will be fine. With Fifth Grandpa around, who can do anything to the Dunley family of Flower City?” As he said that, he sat on the sofa swaggeringly, crossed his legs, and picked up an apple to munch on. Homer glared at him fiercely and shouted angrily, “From today onward, you’ll be grounded at home for three
months! After this matter is resolved, I’ll send you out of the country!” With a gloomy face, Hector looked at Milo and said, “Uncle Milo, I don’t want to go abroad. I…” Milo also glared at him and said, “No way, you have to listen to your dad this time. You’ve caused us a lot of
trouble. It’s time to send you abroad to gain some experience.” On the other side, Winston was still sitting by the pond. After he ended the call, he pulled up the fishing rod
abruptly and caught a big fish. The attendant next to him hurried forward to take the fish.
Winston got up, put his hands behind his back, and said with a smile, “Let’s go back. I want to meet this kid
from out of town to see if he really has some tricks up his sleeve.” Soon, Winston’s car returned to the Dunley Group building. Meanwhile, Philip’s helicopter had already landed at a landing pad near Dunley Group. He stepped down from
the helicopter with an upright posture, his clothes billowing from the helicopter’s propellers. The subordinate
behind him handed him a phone and said, “Young Master Clarke, a call from Mr. Thomas.” Philip took it and asked, “What’s the matter?” On the other end of the phone, George Thomas replied respectfully, “Young Master, are you in Hampton?” Philip hummed and replied, “I just arrived. What’s up?” George quickly said, “Young Master, the situation in the Dunley family of Hampton is very complicated. You
must be careful in everything you do. We’ve just confirmed the news that Milo Dunley has contacted Winston
Dunley of Hampton. I believe their conversation was about you. This person has some strength and means. I
suggest you lie low and wait until the person I sent arrives before you act.” George had received a report from his subordinates ten minutes ago. The young master actually brought a few
of his men to go looking for the Dunley family in Hampton. The Dunley family in Hampton was not comparable to the Dunley family in Flower City. It was the home base
of the main Dunley family. It was dangerous for the young master to rush over like this!
However, Philip merely smiled and said, “It’s just a little Dunley family, I’m not worried about them. I don’t
have much time and want to make it quick. Since they dared to contact the members of the main Dunley
family, they should be prepared to be destroyed. Okay, that’s enough. I’m heading to Dunley Group right
After saying that, Philip tossed the phone to the subordinate behind him and ordered, “I want you to personally
contact Moses Dunley of the Dunley family and tell him that I’m here uninvited.” The subordinate nodded in response and quickly left. Philip looked at the Dunley Group building not far away which stood tall in the city. The corner of his mouth
curled up as he said, “Hampton of Charbury. I didn’t think that I’d be here in such a fashion.” After that, Philip got into a black Cadillac SUV that was prepared for him.
The First Heir – Chapter 1804
The car quickly drove away and headed to the Dunley Group building. In the car, Philip dialed Jowin Benson’s number and asked, “Do you know Winston Dunley?”
Jowin was dealing with Fred’s affairs in Flower City at the moment. When he received the call from Philip, he
quickly replied, “Winston Dunley? Young Master Clarke, this person is an important figure in the main
Dunley family with quite a bit of influence in Hampton. He’s the fifth uncle of Sterling Dunley, the current
patriarch of the Dunley family. He’s also the current head of the Dunley family of Flower City, the backer
behind Homer and Milo Dunley, as well as their uncle.” Philip nodded and said, “Okay, I got it.” Then, he ended the call and said to the man next to him who was on the computer, “Can you contact Winston
Dunley?” The computer expert replied, “Yes, one minute.” A minute later, Philip got Winston’s number and made the call directly. The phone rang a few times before it was connected. An old voice from the other end asked, “Who is this?”
“Hello, Winston Dunley. My name is Philip Clarke,” Philip said calmly. “Philip Clarke? Hehe, I didn’t expect that you would have the means to find my phone number so quickly.” On the other end of the line, Winston had just gotten out of the Maybach. He walked straight into the Dunley
Group building with two rows of attendants and followers behind him.
Philip sneered and said indifferently, “Winston, you should be a sensible man. Flower City couldn’t do
anything to me, so I came to Hampton. I heard that this is the base of the main Dunley family. Since things
have progressed to this point, I just want to give you a piece of advice. Don’t interfere in the affairs of Flower
City or even think of rescuing Homer and his son, as well as Milo.” After pondering for a while, Winston said flatly, “Young man, I heard that you have some strength and means
so I thought of meeting you personally. But now, it seems that you don’t welcome me at all. Why won’t you
just forgive and forget? On my account, just forget about this matter. I’ll personally fork out 100 million
dollars as compensation to the nanny. You can also treat it as an apology on behalf of Hector. What do you
“Hehehe…” Philip sneered and said, “I’ve heard this sentence three times. When Homer Dunley said this, he offered five
million dollars to deal with this matter. Later, Milo Dunley proposed 50 million dollars. Now, you’re offering
100 million dollars. Do you think that I’m here to bargain with you?”
“Since all of you think that money can solve this matter, should I make an offer as well?” Philip added as the
corners of his mouth curled into a cold sneer. Winston smiled when he heard this and said, “Okay, what’s your
“287.5 billion dollars,” Philip replied. As soon as he said that, Winston fell silent and his entire face turned pale. 287.5 billion dollars was what the
assets of the entire Dunley family were worth!
This kid actually wanted the entire Dunley family! “Outrageous! Are you determined to go against my Dunley family?”
Winston’s face darkened and he shouted. A moment later, he calmed down and said, “Young man, you’re too
much of a show off. I still stand by my words, you should forgive and forget. 100 million dollars is my
highest limit. If you don’t want it, I can only keep you in Hampton!” As soon as he finished speaking, Philip snorted coldly and said, “I’m afraid you’re not capable of that!”
The First Heir – Chapter 1805
Hearing that, Winston scowled. At this moment, he had entered the building of the Dunley Group. He took the
gilded private elevator and went straight to the upper floor of the building. Of course, it was not the topmost floor. The top floor was the office of Sterling Dunley, the patriarch of the entire Dunley family. His office was on
four floors below the top. In fact, the floor level of the Dunley Group building represented the hierarchical status and identity of the
owner of the floor in the main Dunley family. Winston Dunley, as the fifth uncle of the patriarch of the main Dunley family, had a lot of status and influence
in the Dunley family. Moreover, he was mainly in charge of the Dunley family’s foreign trade and export. At this moment, Winston walked out of the elevator and pushed open the gilded door of his office. He was
angry, and with a sneer on his face, he walked to the French windows where he took a cup of coffee from the
maid. He said solemnly, “Young man, since you said I have no capability, let’s see what kind of waves you
can create in Hampton.” At this moment, a row of men and women in black suits stood behind him, fully equipped with firearms and
weapons. They had hurried over after receiving Winston’s order. On the phone, Philip said coldly, “You should take a good look, then. Even if Hampton is the tiger’s den, I’ll
turn it upside down and create enough waves to drown you. Today, I shall stand by my word. If you dare to
intervene in the affairs of the Dunley family of Flower City, I don‘t mind pulling you down from your current
position! Whoever stands in my way shall die!”
After Philip said that, Winston laughed aloud and said, “Philip, you’re very cocky. I didn’t believe it when
Milo told me about it, but now, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I didn’t think the younger generation would act
so arrogantly now. Now that you’ve made such a harsh declaration, I’ll also give you a word of advice. Hampton of Charbury is a solid wall. No matter who you are, it’s impossible to touch the foundation of the
Dunley family of Charbury! If you insist on taking this path, you’ll die miserably!”
Just after Winston was done speaking, Philip said, “Very well. I’ll send you a big gift later, then. I hope you
won’t be too surprised when you see it.” Having said that, Philip ended the call and said to the man next to him, “Go and prepare a big gift for Winston
“Yes,” his subordinate said. At the same time, Philip’s car had arrived at the entrance of the Dunley Group building. He did not rush to get out of the car but looked around for a while before saying to the driver, “Go to the hotel
first.” Soon, the car left the Dunley Group building and drove straight to a nearby hotel. Winston smiled tauntingly. With one hand in his trouser pocket, he held a coffee cup in the other. He took a
sip and said, “Interesting. This little fellow named Philip Clarke has really sparked my interest.” With that said, he turned to the dozen men and women in black suits behind him, ordering, “Let’s begin. I
want to know everything about him, including his businesses, sphere of influence, whether he has a backer, and his family members. Within ten minutes, give me a report.”
“Yes, Mr. Dunley.”
The men and women in black suits quickly turned on their computers or immediately contacted the
underground forces. An invisible force quickly spread from the Dunley Group building to the outside world. At the same time far away in Penhart, in the conference room of a company building somewhere. At this moment, more than a dozen people in black suits were busily operating computers and other electronic
equipment. An elderly man with a walking cane stood with a worried face in front of the large French window. This
person was none other than George Thomas.
The First Heir – Chapter 1806
“Immediately send some people to Hampton by any means necessary. Whether by air or land, send the most
elite combatants and have them use the most advanced equipment. Make sure to protect the young master‘s
safety! If anything happens to him, I’ll hold all of you accountable!” George shouted coldly before hanging up
the phone. Just at this moment, one of his subordinates was staring at the computer before he got up and reported, “Mr. Thomas, the other party is trying to use their power to collect information about the young master.” George sneered and said, “Hehe, this bunch of small fries have no idea what real power is! Do people like
them have the right to dig out information about the young master? Wishful thinking! Spread out false
information about the young master!”
“Yes!” Very quickly, everyone started operating. Ten minutes later, Winston’s people found first hand information about Philip. “Mr. Winston, we got it!” an employee stood up excitedly and exclaimed. Winston hummed and took the information that was just printed out and handed to him by the subordinate. After looking through it, he nodded and said, “I thought he was an amazing person but he turns out to be from
the Clarke family of the Riversouth region. I’ve heard of this Clarke Group before. They have some influence
in the capital city but they’ve apparently gone bankrupt. I didn’t expect them to have some power left. This is
interesting.” Then, Winston tossed the information in his hand on the coffee table and said with a confident smile, “Since
we’ve found out about the other party’s background, let’s carry out the plan. We’ll let this Philip Clarke know
the strength of the Dunley family in Hampton, Charbury!”
“Yes, Mr. Dunley!” The subordinates received the order and quickly got busy. Meanwhile, Winston stood in front of the French windows with a smug smile on his face. He took out his
phone and dialed Milo’s number. Milo was anxiously waiting in the villa for his fifth uncle’s call. Suddenly, his phone rang. He quickly
answered it and respectfully said, “Uncle Winston, how is it going? Have things turned out well?” On the phone, Winston said confidently, “Milo, this kid is not as powerful as you said. I got someone to find
out all his information. Don’t worry, I’ll solve this problem for you.”
“Really? Thank you so much, Uncle Winston!” Milo quickly nodded in gratitude. Winston also smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll deal with this kid first and call you again later.” After saying that, Winston ended the call. At this moment, a panicked assistant rushed in from the door and said, “Mr. Dunley, you have a delivery
“Delivery?” Winston frowned and asked, “I didn’t order anything, did I? Who sent it?” That assistant replied, “It was sent by a person named Philip Clarke. They said that the name would ring a bell
with you.” Hearing that, Winston said with a smile, “Alright.”
After that, he stepped out of the office and quickly took the elevator to the first floor of the Dunley Group
building. A group of people had arrived at the main entrance. A van was parked there. The delivery person held a list and asked, “Who’s Winston Dunley?” Winston walked out and said, “That’s me.” After that, he looked at the van and said, “Open it. I want to see what big gift this kid has sent to me.” Upon hearing this, the delivery person called out to his colleagues and they opened the back door of the van. With a loud bang, the door of the van opened. The crowd gathered at the entrance of Dunley Group was all dumbfounded and full of shock after seeing what
was unloaded from the van!
As for Winston, his face flushed red and he clenched his fists. He roared in anger, “Damn you, Philip Clarke!”
In front of everyone’s eyes was a brand new casket painted in black. It was placed at the entrance of the
Dunley Group building.
The First Heir – Chapter 1807
At the entrance of the Dunley Group building, the people who followed Winston out were all dumbfounded as
they stared at the scene in front of them!
A casket!
A very good casket!
Was it for Winston Dunley?
Who had the audacity to do that?
How dare they send a casket to Winston, the fifth uncle of the Dunley family’s patriarch?
At the scene, everyone looked shocked and no one dared to make a sound. That was because at this moment, Winston’s expression was so cold and his hands were tightly clenched into
fists. With his eyes wide open, he stared a t the casket placed in front of him. After a while, he suddenly laughed and said, “Very well, this is interesting. A junior actually dares to send
such a generous gift to an old man like me. Very interesting, indeed! It has been many years since someone
dares to mess with me like this!” After saying that, Winston sneered menacingly. He turned around, waved his hand, and said to the attendants
behind him, “Immediately launch economic warfare against Clarke Group in the Riversouth region! I want
them to go bankrupt in the next half an hour! I don’t believe that Philip won’t go on his knees to beg for mercy
by then!”
Everyone intuitively felt that Winston was really furious this time. “Yes, Mr. Dunley!” Everyone nodded in response, quickly returned to the building, and began to launch an attack on Clarke Group
of the Riversouth region!
The first wave would be targeted at Clarke Group’s import and export trade. At this moment, Winston displayed his overwhelming tactics and the authority of his huge trade empire. Soon, nearly half of Clarke Group’s trading partners were monopolized. All this happened in just ten minutes. “Mr. Dunley, we’ve taken down half of Clarke Group’s trade partners in the Riversouth region. The Clarke
family in the Riversouth region is probably in a frenzy right now.” One of his assistants was holding a report and stood respectfully in front of Winston with a sneer on his face. Winston took the document and glanced at it. With a smug smile on his face, he scoffed. “Hehe, how dare this
small Clarke family of Riversouth challenge my Dunley family of Charbury? They’re in over their heads!
Contact Philip immediately. I want to know how he feels after learning about the current situation.” Winston jeered ferociously. He loved the game of hunter and prey. Whenever he saw the begging eyes of his
prey and heard their humble voices, he felt soothed and completely exhilarated!
Meanwhile, in the most expensive suite of the five-star Intercontinental Hotel near Dunley Group, Philip was
standing in front of the French windows and looking at the towering Dunley Group building across the street!
This building was extraordinarily imposing, soaring straight into the sky. Sure enough, the Dunley family of
Charbury was not a small potato. They had nearly 300 billion dollars in assets!
It was a business empire. At this moment, a female assistant with a good figure and wearing a red professional suit swayed her curvy
hips as she walked in after pushing the door open, her high heels clicking against the floor. “Hello, Young Master, I’m the person in charge of the Clarke family’s matters in Hampton, Maia Harp. I
received the message from Butler Thomas and came here to see you. May I know what your orders are?” Maia stood graciously behind Philip, bowed slightly, and folded her hands in front of her lower abdomen, exuding a matured poise. Her delicate face and the ponytail on her head could make any man fall for her. She had a perfect figure with
curves in all the right places. She had a tiny waist, as well as straight and slender legs. She was all dressed up,
looking clean and tidy.
The First Heir – Chapter 1808
Philip turned around, looked at the woman, and said with a smile, “Old George has told me about you. You’ve
been very capable.” Maia Harp was the Clarke family’s person in charge of Hampton and also the chief president in Charbury, as
arranged by the Clarke family. She was only 28 years old this year but she was already a successful career woman. She was in charge of all
the Clarke family’s businesses and staffing arrangements in Charbury. She may be a woman but she was more
capable than a man!
Otherwise, the Clarke family would not have appointed her as the chief president of the Charbury region. “Thank you for the compliment, Young Master.” Maia smiled, her eyebrows arching like half crescents. She
added, “Butler Thomas has already briefed me about the purpose of your visit to Hampton this time. I’ll
definitely carry out your arrangements. Please rest assured in giving me your orders.” Philip nodded and asked, “How much do you know about the Dunley family in Charbury?” Maia replied without hesitation, “The Dunley family is the king in the entire Charbury area. No one dares to
mess with them. The economic development of the entire Charbury area is driven by the Dunley family. No
one can rock the position of the Dunley family in Charbury.” Philip nodded as he stroked his chin, saying, “Continue.” Maia continued, “The current patriarch of the Dunley family is Sterling Dunley. He got the position of
patriarch after a coup d’état. He secretly joined forces with his third brother, Spencer Dunley, and snatched
the position of patriarch that should have belonged to the eldest son of the Dunley family. Therefore, any
gossip about Sterling and Spencer in the Charbury area is taboo. Moreover, the Dunley family employed iron
handed methods to handle this matter, exiling all the people who were involved back then. The eldest son of
the Dunley family, Godfrey Dunley, got both his legs broken. He has been put under house arrest for 20 years
“Sterling Dunley and Spencer Dunley? What do you know about these two people?” Philip frowned and
asked. Maia replied, “Sterling is a talented prodigy. Since taking over the position of patriarch, the Dunley family has
undergone a renewal. The development of the Dunley family’s power has also become very rapid. In just ten
years, they have become a great clan in the mainland and are on equal footing with the Wallis family in
Golden City. Moreover, according to the news from Butler Thomas, the former Dunley family was also a
behemoth. They were one of the six great clans back then, sitting at the same conference table with the Clarke
family to discuss and work together. They were also a frequent visitor to the round table. Only later did the
Dunley family go through several changes and fall into decline. However, the foundation of the Dunley family
is still here. Sterling Dunley still has grand ambitions. The lord once evaluated Sterling as having the potential
of a monarch.” Upon hearing this, Philip frowned. It turned out that the Dunley family had such origins. They were even once on par with the Clarke family. No wonder Moses Dunley knew some things he did not
back then. It seemed that he had underestimated the Dunley family of Charbury. This was no different from the ancient feudal lords. “What about Spencer? What is this person like?” Philip asked. Maia frowned and said with a tense breath, “Young Master, there’s not much information about Spencer
Dunley in Charbury, only a few words here and there. Based on the news received so far, Spencer was the
mastermind and implementer of that coup d’état. He’s a refined person but employs harsh means. He was the
one who broke the legs of Godfrey Dunley, the eldest son of the Dunley family. It’s rumored that Spencer is
a literary general and also the secret pawn kept by the Dunley family. Some people also say that Sterling is just
the figure in the forefront while Spencer is the figure behind the scenes. All in all, Spencer is not an easy
person to mess with.”

The First Heir – Chapter 1809
Spencer Dunley. Philip frowned and fell silent. He turned around and looked at the Dunley Group building that seemed to shoot
up into the sky. It seemed that he could almost see a figure standing behind a window somewhere on the highest floor, looking
back at him too. “If I make a move against the Dunley family, what are my chances of winning?” Philip asked. Maia frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “Based on the assets and personnel you can currently
use, only 40%. After all, this is the Dunley family of Charbury, not the Clarke family of Arcadia Island. The
strength and power of the Clarke family are weakened by half here. Besides, the Clarke family has a
cooperative relationship with the Dunley family. I’m afraid the elders in the family won’t agree if you want to
take action against the Dunley family.”
“Only 40%?” Philip’s eyes were cold, and there was slight displeasure in his tone. “What if I bypass the Clarke family and strike out against the Dunley family myself?” Philip asked as he
turned around and stared at Maia with a searing gaze. Maia was a little baffled by Philip’s question. What did it mean to bypass the Clarke family?
Did the young master have his own power and forces?
“Young Master, I don’t understand your meaning. Do you want to deal with the Dunley family on your own
without using the power of the Clarke family? That’s a big no-no! The Dunley family is not as easy to deal
with as you think. You must not take any risks.”
Maia was shocked. If the young master took the risk of going up against the Dunley family alone, she would
not be able to bear the consequences if anything happened to him. Philip smiled lightly and said, “Don’t be nervous. I’m just asking.” Maia breathed a sigh of relief, but she was still a little flustered when she looked into Philip’s clear eyes. What exactly did the young master plan on doing?
“How much do you know about Winston Dunley?” Philip asked again. Maia quickly replied, “Winston is Sterling’s fifth uncle and has some prestige in the main Dunley family. Winston was one of Sterling’s allies during his rise to power, so he has been doing very well in the Dunley
family over the years. The Dunley family in Flower City is also Winston’s fiefdom. He’s the head of Flower
City and represents the face of Flower City. If you make a
move against him, the Dunley family will definitely intervene. Therefore, it’s better to think twice about
dealing with the Dunley family.” After saying this, Maia stood aside obediently, waiting for Philip’s next question. However, Philip snorted and said, “Are you saying that I can’t make a move against the Dunley family yet?” With a complicated expression, Maia said, “Considerng your safety, I don’t recommend that you take action
against the Dunley family now. At the very least, you should wait for the people arranged by Butler Thomas
to enter Hampton before you make a move.”
“How long will it take for the old man’s people to get here?” Philip asked. Maia replied, “It’ll take three hours at the latest.”
“Three hours?” Philip scowled. He glanced at the time and said, “No, I don’t have that much time to wait. I
have to rush back to Uppercreek. I’ll give you one hour. If no one arrives after one hour, I’ll personally charge
into the Dunley family.”
“Young Master, please don’t…” Maia was anxious and quickly tried to dissuade him. However, Philip just glared at her and said, “Don’t try to stop me.” Maia was startled by the look in Philip’s eyes. She quickly stepped back and said, “Yes, everything we’ll go
according to your plans, Young Master.”
The First Heir – Chapter 1810
At that very moment, Philip’s phone rang. It was a call from George. His respectful voice sounded from the
other end of the phone. “Young Master, Winston has made a move against the Clarke family in Riversouth and
already monopolized half of their partners. Should we continue with the next plan?”
“Go ahead,” Philip said coldly. George quickly responded and said, “Young Master, do listen to my advice. For the time being, don’t target
the Dunley family. Wait for the people I’ve arranged to arrive in Hampton before you…” However, before George could finish his words, Philip interrupted him and said, “I don’t have much time. Hurry up.”
“Yes.” George was helpless. He ended the call and said to the subordinates around him, “Let’s begin.” Not long after Philip ended the call, he received a call from Winston. As soon as the call was connected, Winston’s hearty laughter sounded from the other end. He said, “Young
man, I’ve received your generous gift. I like it very much. For this, I have also prepared a gift for you in
return.” Philip chuckled and said, “Oh? I wonder what kind of gift it is?” Winston laughed and said, “The Clarke family of Riversouth, is that your backing? But unfortunately, the
Clarke family has fallen and Clarke Group in the capital city has also gone bankrupt. Your Clarke family is
now an empty shell. Ten minutes ago, I already took down half of your trade partners. How about that? Are
you starting to feel the fear now? Haha, young man, you’re still too young and don’t understand many things. I’ll give you a chance to admit your mistake. As long as you kneel down and apologize in front of the Dunley
Group building now, as well as give me ten billion dollars in compensation, I’ll leave your Clarke family a
way out. What do you think?”
Winston was overjoyed. He sat on the sofa and laughed heartily. He had set his eyes on the Clarke family of Riversouth and the tens of billions of assets. This small Clarke family dared to challenge the Dunley family. They really did not know their own strength!
Unexpectedly, Philip only snorted and said, “Winston Dunley, isn’t it a little too soon for you to be happy?
Who told you that my Clarke family is only this strong? Moreover, regarding those trade partners you’ve
monopolized, aren’t you worried that something will go wrong?” Hearing this, the smile on Winston’s face disappeared abruptly and he asked gravely, “What do you mean by
that?” Winston suddenly realized that he might have fallen into a trap. After all, he managed to take down half of the other party’s partners in less than ten minutes, which was really
a bit too fast. At first, Winston simply thought that his forces were too overwhelming, but after listening to Philip, he could
not help smelling a hint of conspiracy. Philip chuckled and said, “Winston, you shouldn’t have taken too much on your plate. If you eat too much at
once, it’s easy to get indigestion. When the time is right, you’ll receive the news.” As soon as Philip said that, several assistants rushed into Winston’s office and shouted, “Mr. Dunley, it’s not
good! Something has happened!” Winston frowned, and his face was gloomy. He asked in a cold voice, “What’s the matter?”
The assistants glanced at each other and replied, “Mr. Dunley, we’re facing problems with the trading partners
we snatched from the Clarke family. They’re blacklisted by the country and abroad. Now, all related agencies
are tracking them and they’ll soon be on to us.”
“What?!” Winston panicked and stood up abruptly. He glared at the assistants and roared, “Why are you still standing
here? Hurry up and terminate all cooperation with them!”
“It’s too late. We’ve acquired and merged with all of them. Now, it’s conservatively estimated that we’ll lose
more than ten billion dollars.” One of the assistant’s faces was full of anxiety and panic.
The First Heir – Chapter 1811
“What? A loss of ten billion dollars?!” Winston yelled as he felt the world spinning around him. He slumped back on the sofa. The several assistants were trembling all over. The female assistant in the office hurriedly took out quick
acting heart reliever pills for Winston. After catching his breath with much difficulty, Winston’s face grew tense. While exuding a biting chill, he
roared, “Cut them off! Cut off all the merged partners! We can’t let the loss grow bigger!” After saying this, Winston held his forehead, his face looking exceedingly pale. At the same time, he also remembered the phone that was on the coffee table. He quickly picked it up and said
angrily into the phone, “Philip, did you plan all of this?” On the other end of the phone, Philip’s faint mocking laugh could be heard. He said, “Winston, as I just said, be careful of getting indigestion. This loss of ten billion dollars should be enough of a lesson to you, right?” After hearing these words, Winston exploded with anger. He got up angrily and roared, “Young man, you’re
too arrogant! Do you think a loss of ten billion dollars would affect the Dunley family? Hehe, it’s only ten
billion. Consider it a lesson I paid for! After this, I’ll let you and your Clarke family of Riversouth realize the
true strength of the Dunley family! I hope that when the time comes, you won‘t go on your knees to beg me!” Winston was livid!
Would he not feel the pain of losing ten billion dollars? Of course, he would. However, this was an
irreversible situation.
After this, he would employ iron handed methods against the Clarke family of Riversouth. He must swallow
all their assets to make up for his loss just now!
However, Philip smiled leisurely and said, “Winston, I have to remind you not to be delusional. Again, I’ll
give you one last piece of advice. Don’t try to help Homer and his son. Don’t even think about dealing with
me. Otherwise, you’ll pay the most painful price!” Winston snorted and said, “Very well. No one has dared to say such things to me in more than ten years. You’re the first and destined to be the last!”
“Oh, STFU. The coffin is ready for you and you can get inside at any time.” After Philip said this, he ended the call, tossed the phone to Maia, and said, “Come with me to Dunley
Group.” Maia’s exquisite face was full of shock. She wanted to discourage him, but he directly walked past her. She
did not have time to say anything and could only catch up to Philip while in her high heels. Winston’s face was turning all shades of colors at this moment. He turned his head and asked the assistant in
a cold voice, “What does STFU mean?” When the assistant heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched. He hemmed and hawed for a long time
before he stammered, “Uh, Mr. Dunley, this is internet slang. It’s quite rude.” Crash!
Winston angrily smashed the phone in his hand to the floor and roared, “Well done! A young man who doesn’t
know any better! Immediately launch an attack on the Clarke family of Riversouth! I want them to go bankrupt
immediately! Now!”
Winston was hysterical. His subordinates quickly sprang into action. This floor of the entire Dunley Group building seemed
particularly busy. They had only one purpose today to target the Clarke family of Riversouth and drive them into bankruptcy!
However, as time went by, many people began to notice problems. It was because no matter how they launched a capital war against the Clarke family’s trade or business, the
other party could always counter accurately and even retaliate, catching them by surprise!
The First Heir – Chapter 1812
“Mr. Dunley, things are not looking good. The information we found out about Philip seems to be wrong. This
Clarke family of Riversouth is not as simple as we thought. No matter what we do to them, they can retaliate
accurately and also block our trade and business.” An assistant panicked at this moment and quickly reported to Winston. Winston became solemn when he heard that. He rushed into the work area and glanced at their computer
screens and the analysis report. Ten billion dollars had been used to tackle the Clarke family. However, not only were they unable to recover
the ten billion dollars but the money was firmly trapped in the market by the other party! “What the hell is going on? Aren’t you guys known as the best market regulators? Why is this happening?” Winston was angry and asked the question with a roar. One of the managers quickly stepped forward and explained, “Mr. Dunley, the situation has changed. We
have to reinvestigate everything about the Clarke family. I suspect that the information we found earlier is all
false. Judging from the current situation, it seems that all the industrial and trading companies of the Clarke
family that we’ve been targeting are empty shells. It’s as if the other party dug a pit and waited for us to fill
it up with money before they ensnared everything.” Hearing this, Winston looked grave. He turned his head to the assistant next to him and barked, “Investigate!
Check all the information about Philip Clarke!”
If he lost another ten billion dollars, he would have to resign and return to Flower City!
As soon as he finished his words, another employee shouted, “Oh no, Mr. Dunley! The other party has
launched a counterattack. They’re targeting our trading ports and partners! Look, our stock index is
Hearing that, a group of people rushed to the computer and glanced at the stock index. It had already dropped
by two points!
Based on the total trading assets under Winston’s control, this was an indirect drop of several hundred million
dollars! “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and stimulate the stock market!” Winston roared. However, as soon as he finished speaking, a dozen phone calls suddenly rang out in the office!
After more than a dozen employees picked up the calls and gained an understanding of the situation, they
quickly reported, “Mr. Dunley, our trading partners are requesting to cancel their orders and terminate all
“What?” Winston panicked and gasped. How could this be?
“Why do they want to cancel all orders? Why do they want to terminate all cooperation with us? We’re
Dunley Group! Don’t they want to live anymore? Are they not afraid of our retaliation?” Winston said
angrily. The manager quickly replied, “Mr. Dunley, we don’t know the exact situation now. I’ll check it out
immediately. There must be someone behind this.” Winston was flustered when he heard this. With such intensive counterattacks and offensives, could it be Philip Clarke behind this?
Five minutes later. “I found it! The Clarke family are the ones manipulating this behind the scenes!” The manager returned and
asked, “Mr. Dunley, what should we do now? We’ve already lost 20 billion dollars. If we continue to fight, we will have to invest at least another 50 billion dollars. If we stop here, although we can stabilize the
situation after this, we won’t be able to recover the loss of 20 billion dollars.” Winston’s face was already gloomy at this moment. Full of anger, he shouted, “Invest! I refuse to believe that
this little Clarke family in Riversouth has the ability to go up against the Dunley family! Notify the finance
department to immediately allocate 50 billion dollars! I’ll take down this Clarke family today!” Right at this moment, an assistant rushed in and shouted, “Mr. Dunley, a person named Philip Clarke requests
to see you downstairs.”
The First Heir – Chapter 1813
Hearing Philip’s name, Winston nearly blew his top. He turned around and shouted, “How dare he come here?
He’s a brat who doesn’t know his limits! I want to see how amazing he is to dare challenge the Dunley
family!” After saying that, Winston quickly led a dozen people to the conference hall on the first floor of the building!
At this moment, Philip was sitting leisurely on the sofa, sipping the coffee brewed by the receptionist. Maia Harp, the woman with a glamorous figure, stood respectfully beside him. This woman was the focus
wherever she went. Her straight and slender legs, coupled with her curvy waist and hips, made many male
employees drool. Winston brought a large group of people with him and soon came to the front. His gaze was instantly locked on Philip who was sitting on the sofa while sipping coffee. Then, his eyes
shifted to Maia who was next to him. Maia Harp?
Why was this woman here too?
Winston knew Maia. She was a strong career woman in Hampton, Charbury!
She had a lot of tricks up her sleeve and a scheming mind. Plus, the capital and power behind her were also
very terrifying.
With the influence of the Dunley family in Charbury, they should be able to easily recruit a woman like Maia. Indeed, the Dunley family had tried recruiting her before but was rejected. Later, the Dunley family wanted to
target Maia and make things difficult for her. However, this order was very quickly dismissed by the patriarch. He said that Maia could not be touched. As
for the reason, no one knew. Since then, Maia’s strength and status in Hampton rose to an unprecedented high. At this moment, such a woman was standing respectfully beside this young man. This made Winston a little apprehensive, and his face grew tense. He angrily walked over, stared at Philip coldly, and asked solemnly, “Are you Philip Clarke?” Philip raised his eyebrows and looked at the group of people who had just arrived. The person taking the lead
was an old man in his 60s. He was high-spirited, looking majestic and imposing. This must be Winston Dunley. “Yes,” Philip said flatly. Winston sneered when he heard that and said, “Hehe, I thought you were an amazing person with supernatural
abilities. Now it seems that you’re just an ordinary person. Young man, I’m giving you a formal warning. Stop
what you’ re doing immediately and return the 20 billion dollars that the Dunley family lost! Otherwise, I’ll
definitely let you know the consequences of offending the Dunley family!” Winston was full of anger and showed a ferocious sneer. This young man dared to trespass into the tiger’s den without permission. He was simply in over his head!
Where did he think this was?
This was the tallest building in Hampton, the landmark of Dunley Group!
Since he had come here, it would not be that easy for him to get out. However, Philip just looked at Winston calmly. Then, he slowly put down the coffee cup, got up, and put his
hands in his trouser pockets. He looked at Winston indifferently before saying with a smile, “Winston Dunley,
these words of yours are just enough to scare a three year old kid. I’m not afraid of you. You should take the
20 billion dollars as a warning. Now, it’s my turn to give you a piece of advice. Forget about standing up for
Homer Dunley and Milo Dunley. Otherwise, I’ll be the first to pull you down from your current position!
Don’t doubt my strength. Even if this huge Dunley family offends me today, I can make all of you collapse
and turn into ashes within one day!” Hiss!
The crowd gasped. What an arrogant tone!
How dare he say such disrespectful words?!
Not only did he want to deal with Winston but he also wanted to destroy the Dunley family within one day. This was simply wishful thinking!
The First Heir – Chapter 1814
The Dunley family was the most elite family in Charbury. They were even ranked at the top in the country!
Even the strength of some hidden affluent families might not be able to compare to the Dunley family. To be
exact, the Dunley family was ranked among the eight major families in the country!
Moreover, the strength of the Dunley family was already on a par with the Wallis family of Golden City. A
year ago, the Wallis family of Golden City was recognized as the number one family in the country. Of course, these so-called rankings did not include the Clarke family of Arcadia Island. After all, the Clarke family of Arcadia Island was an existence not generally known by ordinary people. Naturally, the power of the Clarke family was also not known to others. The public knew about the Wallis and Denver families of Golden City, the Dunley family of Charbury, the
Harrison family of Glenford, the Joo, Williams, and Jackman families of the capital city, and the Larson
family of Fernvale. However, no one knew about the Clarke family of Arcadia Island. These were the eight largest families in the country and were currently recognized as the top eight families!
No one dared to mess with them. No one dared to steal the limelight from them!
Even some hidden families would treat these families with courtesy and awe. Of course, such hidden families
had their own power and background. They were well capable of turning the tide. For example, the Garcia family of the capital city was not in the ranking but they had impressive strength and
status. They were one of the four hidden families in the capital city.
Now, this small Clarke family of Riversouth actually dared to say such big words. They were simply looking
for death! “Outrageous! Is this how you should be talking to Mr. Dunley? I order you to apologize to Mr. Dunley
immediately! Otherwise, be prepared for the consequences!” An assistant next to Winston quickly stepped forward and pointed at Philip’s nose as he chastised angrily. This was a good opportunity to stand out. If he could capture Winston’s attention, he would have more
chances to rise to the top in the future. However, Philip tilted his head blandly. His eyes stared coldly and resolutely at the assistant who scolded him. The next second, a meaningful smile appeared on his mouth as he said, “I’m talking to Mr. Dunley. Is it your
turn to interrupt?” The assistant was annoyed by Philip’s arrogant attitude and immediately yelled angrily, “Who the hell do you
think you are? How dare you talk to Mr. Dunley? You’re in the Dunley Group building…” However, before he finished his words, there was a loud sound. Philip had swung his hand and slapped the
assistant violently across the face. The other party staggered from that slap. Several posterior molars in his
mouth were knocked out!
With a scream, the assistant covered his bloodied mouth. He stared at Philip with disbelief and anger while
roaring, “How dare you hit me? Mr. Dunley, this kid is simply too arrogant I’ll immediately get the security
guards to throw him out!” After saying that, he was about to call for the security guards.
However, Winston glared at him angrily and shouted, “Enough! Get out!” Hearing that, the assistant shuddered. He dared not say anything else and silently retreated to the side. After that, Winston looked at Philip intently. With an indifferent smile at the corner of his mouth, he said, “Young man, aren’t you being too disrespectful by hitting my people in the Dunley Group building? Or do
you see the Dunley family as small fries?” This sentence revealed Winston’s anger!
This young man’s cockiness was simply too audacious!
Philip chuckled and said, “Your subordinate was too impolite, so I merely taught him a lesson. It’s not too
much, right?” Winston’s face darkened, and he could not find a reason to refute. However, as a strong headed person, he
immediately said angrily, “Even if he wasn’t polite, he’s still one of my people. I should be the one to punish
him, not an outsider like you!”
“Oh? Since I’ve already done it, what are you going to do about it?” Philip shrugged and looked at Winston calmly.
The First Heir – Chapter 1815
Winston snorted and said, “Apologize to my man and pay 20 billion dollars in medical compensation. If you
do that, we’ll move on from this matter. Otherwise, don’t dream of walking out of Dunley Group today!” After saying that, Winston’s face was full of sneers. Hearing this, the assistant behind Winston was immediately moved to tears and exclaimed, “Mr. Dunley…”
It turned out that Mr. Dunley valued him that much. Winston looked back at the assistant and said, “Don’t
worry, I’ll handle this matter for you.” Then, he looked at Philip and asked, “Isn’t this a reasonable request?” Philip chuckled and said, “Winston, you really know how to do business. You’re demanding 20 billion dollars
for one slap. Do you really think that I’m a pushover and you have the upper hand against me?” This old man came up with a good plan. Winston laughed and said, “From the moment you stepped into Dunley Group, your outcome was already
decided. Young man, you’re too arrogant and can’t see the mess you’ve gotten yourself into. In Hampton and
in Charbury, the Dunley family is king! No matter what earth shattering powers you have, everything is in
vain here! Only the orders of the Dunley family can be carried out here! Don’t blame me for not reminding
you. Right now, using money to buy your way out is your only choice. Of course, if you choose to kneel down
and offer 20 billion dollars, I might spare the Clarke family of Riversouth. However, your Clarke family will
have to submit to my Dunley family in the future. Is that clear?” Winston’s face was full of taunting smiles. He had this in the bag. ‘Sooner or later, this kid would have to kneel down and beg for mercy.’
However, Philip shrugged when he heard the words. He turned to look at Maia and asked, “What do you
think?” Only then did Winston and the others turn their attention to Maia Harp once more. This woman was
unbelievably beautiful. She carried the charm of a mature woman. Everyone had already noticed her when they came over just now, but because of Philip, they did not manage
to take a closer look. Only now did they notice that this woman was actually goddess Maia Harp of Hampton! “Holy sh*t! Isn’t she Maia Harp? Why is she standing behind that kid?”
“I can’t figure it out either. Isn’t it rumored that Maia belongs to an affluent family? The power and
background behind her is not something that ordinary people can mess with.”
“What? Is it possible that the force behind her is this kid?” For a while, many employees of Dunley Group who were watching from afar were discussing this topic in low
voices. It was mainly because Maia’s fame in Hampton was too great. At this moment, the strong career woman bowed to Philip respectfully and said, “Young Master, I think
they’re dreaming.”
“Haha!” Philip laughed, looked at Winston, and said, “Mr. Dunley, did you hear that? My assistant says you’re
Winston raised his brows as his eyes fell on Maia. He said with a small smile, “Miss Harp, what are you doing?
Is it possible that you know this kid?” Maia smiled and straightened up, revealing the perfect curves of her body. Her every action and smile could
make all the men present go crazy. “Mr. Dunley, I’m sorry. Mr. Philip Clarke is my young master. I’m his assistant during his trip here to
Hampton,” Maia said seriously. Hiss!
Everyone gasped aloud when they heard that. What?!
Maia actually called that kid her young master? Goodness gracious!
What kind of background did that kid have?
Winston was also taken aback, and his face looked unpleasant. That was because he knew some things about
Maia’s identity. She belonged to an affluent family!
It was that family that placed her in Hampton for training, and she was also put in charge of the family’s
businesses in the entire Charbury area. Even the patriarch dared not mess with this family. Now, Maia had just referred to Philip as her young master. Could it be that Philip Clarke was the young master of that family?
The First Heir – Chapter 1816
However, how could that be?
Was he not a member of the Clarke family in Riversouth?
For a moment, Winston was flustered!
If Philip was really the young master of an affluent family, Winston was essentially digging his own grave! Of
course, it would also explain why every move he made against Philip had ended in failure. Was there a mistake in the information they found?
However, now that he was caught between a rock and a hard place, Winston could not give up so easily. He
could only fight to the end!
Thus, Winston snorted and said to Philip coldly, “It’s interesting that you could get Maia Harp to assist you. Even so, I still stand by my word. The Dunley family of Charbury is not an existence you can easily mess with. Now, immediately pay up 20 billion dollars and apologize on your knees. I’ll let you go after you do that!” Philip shrugged helplessly and shook his head as he said, “It seems that there’s nothing else to discuss between
us. In that case, be prepared for your own funeral.” After saying that, Philip turned around and left. However, Winston waved his hand and shouted, “Are you planning to leave? It won’t be that easy! Men, take
him down! Break his legs on the spot!” Clatter!
In an instant, dozens of bodyguards in black suits rushed in through the eight glass doors of the Dunley Group
All of them looked cold and fierce. They were full of killing intent and held anti riot batons in their hands!
This sudden scene frightened many employees, who all quickly hid far away. Philip scowled when he saw this group of bodyguards barging in. With cold eyes, he turned his head, looked
at Winston, and asked, “Are you trying to detain me?” Winston stood outside the encirclement with his hands behind his back. A fierce smile appeared on his old
face as he said, “No, you’ve misunderstood. I want to keep you in Hampton forever! Even if your background
is really unusual, I can still make a person quietly disappear in Hampton. By then, even if your family
searches for you, there’ll only be a pile of bones left.” While saying that, Winston smiled menacingly. His eyes looked sinister. Philip frowned and asked, “You even dare to kill?”
“What’s there to be afraid of? In Hampton, there’s nothing thatl dare not do!” Winston shouted before he waved his hand and said, “Break his legs and take him to the warehouse! After I
take down the Clarke family, find a place to bury him!”
“Who dares to touch my young master?!” A delicate shout was heard at this time. Maia stood in front of Philip, her eyes glaring at the group of
bodyguards in black suits. At the same time, there was a chill in her eyes as she stared at Winston. She
shouted, “Winston Dunley, if you dare make a move against him, not to mention you but even your Dunley
family will be destroyed in an instant!”
“Hehehe…” Winston sneered and said, “Maia, are you trying to scare me? I’ve been in Hampton for decades. What storms
have I not weathered? Did he give you any benefits that you’re stooping so low to assist him? Or are you the
one trying to take action against my Dunley family?” A thought crossed Winton’s mind just now. If it was Maia Harp behind all this, it would make sense. Maia’s eyes were cold as she said, “You think too much. I’ll give you one last warning. Tell your people to
pull back! Otherwise, the entire Dunley family will embark on the road to hell because of your stupid
decision.” Winston snorted and shouted angrily, “Very well, then. Let’s see who dares to make my Dunley family walk
on the road to hell! Men, do it now!”
The First Heir – Chapter 1817
At Winston’s command, a dozen bodyguards in black suits immediately surrounded Philip and Maia. They
held anti riot batons in their hands!
Winston stood outside the encirclement with a sneer on his face. He could already imagine the next scene of
Philip begging for mercy. Anyone who dared to make a move against the Dunley family was simply looking
for death!
Maia was also full of chills. She immediately shielded Philip behind her, assumed a fighting stance, and said, “Young Master, let me take it from here. You find the opportunity to run. Don’t turn back!” Philip was startled and looked at Maia’s graceful back. At this moment, she had assumed a fighting stance and
it displayed her attractive figure especially her curves that would make any man take a second look. “It’s okay, I can handle this myself. It’s just a dozen bodyguards. I haven’t done this for a long time anyway.” Philip suddenly reached out and gently patted Maia on the shoulder before pulling her behind him. He stood in
front of her. Maia glanced at him with a face full of anxiety and trepidation, saying, “Young Master, you mustn’t. It’s my
duty to protect you. I’ll hold them back. You should go quickly!” Winston noticed this. He immediately burst into a rage and shouted, “Damn it, how dare you act out such a
tragic scene in front of me? What are you guys waiting for? Go after them! Destroy that kid for me! As for
Miss Harp, hehe, bring her to my office. It just so happens that I have a project worth hundreds of millions. I
need to have an in depth discussion with Miss Harp.” Maia frowned at his words and glared at Winston Dunley, the old pervert. After hearing Winston’s order, a dozen bodyguards quickly attacked!
One of them hit Philip’s head with an anti riot baton!
However, Philip did not even dodge. “Watch out!” Maia shouted when she saw that and abruptly rushed to stand in front of Philip. In the next second, Philip raised his hand and grabbed the baton above his head. Then, with a chill in his eyes, he kicked violently out!
Before the bodyguard knew what was going on, he flew out like a cannonball and crashed into several others
who were rushing over!
Those people could not regain their footing and fell down with him. That simple move stunned everyone
Winston was furious. He did not expect this kid to have some skills. He roared, “Charge! Send in more people!
I must take them down today!” After Winston was done yelling, a dozen more bodyguards in black suits swarmed in at the door of the Dunley
Group building. A steady stream of people continued to rush in!
A battle was going on in the conference hall!
However, what made everyone tremble was the adept skills Philip displayed and his domineering strength!
He jumped into the air and kicked two people away. After he landed, he quickly rushed forward again, punching out with his fists. In just one minute, seven or eight bodyguards were taken down and left wailing!
All of them had their arms and legs broken!
As for Philip, he stood in the middle of the room like a bloodthirsty warrior. He held two anti riot batons
tightly in his hands. His bloodshot eyes stared coldly at Winston who was hiding behind many bodyguards not
far away. “Winston Dunley, you’ve made me angry. Damn you!” Philip shouted angrily. His entire body surged with a
harsh killing aura as he walked toward Winston one step at a time. Winston’s face was full of coldness as he stood steadily while shouting, “Charge at him! Go on!” He did not believe that one person could beat dozens of his bodyguards. Thus, Philip fell into the encirclement again and fought with this new group of bodyguards. Maia was not idle either as she exchanged blows with a handful of bodyguards. The more she fought, the more anxious she became. She shouted, “Winston Dunley, hurry up and tell your
men to stop. If you touch even one hair on my young master’s head, you’ll apologize with your death!” Hearing Maia’s words, Winston burst into laughter and said, “How dare two trapped beasts try to threaten me?
Miss Harp, you’re done for this time.” However, just as Winston said this, several bodyguards howled and knelt on the floor right before his eyes!

The First Heir – Chapter 1818
The next second Winston saw that at some point, Philip had already broken through the encirclement of
dozens of bodyguards. I-Ie knocked the two bodyguards in front of him unconscious with the deformed anti
riot baton in his hand!
The baton in Philip’s hand smashed over Winston’s head!
At this moment, Philip’s cold intent raged with a monstrous killing aura!
Behind him were all defeated bodyguards who had fallen to the floor. None of them could get up again. Winston was flustered. With cold sweat on his forehead, he stared at the anti-riot baton in Philip’s hand. He
was afraid that Philip would punch a hole in his head the next second. Gulp!
Winston swallowed nervously as sweat poured from his forehead. Suppressing the fear in his heart, he said
solemnly, “Young man, you really have some skills, but do you dare make a move against me right here?
Look behind you.” Philip did not turn. He knew that a group of bodyguards in black suits had gathered behind him. Despite having taken down so many, the entire conference hall was still surrounded by dozens of bodyguards
in black suits! They were fighters trained by Dunley Group. They had received the notice and hurried over. However, Philip was not worried as he had a hostage now.
“Hehe, Winston, do you know what I hate most?” Philip suddenly grinned with chills in his eyes. That biting intent made Winston tremble all over as he asked, “What?”
“Threats. What I hate most is when people threaten me!” Philip said with a smile before the anti-riot baton in his hand smashed right into Winston’s knees. Biff, bang!
Winston screamed and slumped to the floor immediately, clutching his knees while howling loudly. His entire
face turned red! “Argh! Damn you! How dare you do this to me? I’m going to tear you apart!” Winston screamed and yelled at the bodyguards behind Philip, “Why are you still standing there? Kill him!
Charge over and kill him right now!” Philip turned around and calmly faced the dozens of bodyguards who had rushed over. He said, “Whoever
dares to take another step will face instant death!” Hiss!
Instantly, the group of bodyguards looked at each other and dared not make another move. Winston fell to the floor limply, clutched at his broken knees, and roared coldly, “Kid, you have guts! But
after making such a big commotion today, don’t even think of leaving Dunley Group. Even if you take me as
a hostage now, when our patriarch arrives, you won’t be able to escape death! I advise you to give up, then
perhaps I’ll leave you a whole body.”

The First Heir – Chapter 1819
Philip turned his head and looked at Winston from above. His face was contorted in pain. Philip said, “You
really don’t know what’s good for you. Even at this point, you’re still thinking of using power to suppress
others. Do you reckon I’d think of leaving after doing all this?” After saying that, Philip went over and stomped fiercely on Winston’s arm!
The sound of bones shattering resounded throughout the entire conference hall!
Winston’s whole body jerked in pain and he fell to the floor while howling miserably. The employees around as well as the group of bodyguards trembled with fear and trepidation. This was the fifth master of the previous generation of the Dunley family. He had a high status in the Dunley
At this moment, he was actually being treated like this by a young man. It was like messing with a hornet’s
nest! “Philip, you’re dead! Damn you!” Winston roared angrily due to the pain in his body. “My Dunley family will
definitely not let you go!” The gut wrenching pain made Winston extremely brash at this moment!
His legs had already been ruined, and now his right arm had been crushed. This was a humiliation to the
Dunley family. Philip was challenging their authority!
“You can’t be certain of that.” Philip said calmly. He dragged Winston to the lounge seat on the side before tossing him on the floor while he
sat on the seat. He waved to Maia who was full of shock and said with a smile, “Come here. Now, we wait.” Maia’s scalp was tingling. She did not expect the young master to be so domineering!
He was simply too manly!
With careful steps, she walked past the numerous fallen bodyguards on the floor, broke through the
encirclement, and stood next to Philip silently. At this moment, Philip’s kingly aura was overwhelming. At the sight of this, everyone was dumbfounded and
dared not step forward!
Even the fifth master of the previous generation of the Dunley family had been taken out. He was sprawled on
the floor next to Philip. Winston’s hair was disheveled, and he was drenched in a cold sweat. He was wailing his lungs out. He kept spewing curses at Philip. “Philip, you won’t be able to leave Dunley Group today. How dare you do
this to me? I must tear your body apart to vent the anger in my heart!” However, Philip just glanced at Winston indifferently and said, “You’re already in this state but you still have
a sharp tongue. In that case, for the sake of having some peace, you have to suffer for it.” With that said, Philip flung out the anti riot baton in his hand!
The baton instantly struck Winston on the mouth. The teeth in his mouth were immediately knocked out, causing blood to come gushing. He howled! “Argh!” Winston was about to pass out from the pain. He had weathered many storms since he was born but had never
been at the mercy of others!
This scene also made all the surrounding bodyguards of the Dunley family glance at each other. They did not
dare to speak up!
They had beads of cold sweat on their foreheads. They wanted to rush up, but they were worried that the other
party would kill Winston!
This formed an interesting standoff. As for Philip, he sat on the seat leisurely as his body leaned forward slightly. His eyes swept over the
bodyguards surroruiding him and he said, “That’s enough. All of you are just working for your employer. Now that he’s under my feet, do you still dare to step forward?”
“Presumptuous! Let go of Mr. Dunley immediately! Otherwise, you’ll suffer a miserable death when we take
you down later!” The leader of the bodyguards pointed at Philip and shouted angrily. Philip glanced sideways at the other party as a sly smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He lifted his foot
and stomped on Winston’s leg. Instantly, a miserable wail resounded throughout the entire first floor of Dunley Group!
“Oh, really? What if I kill Mr. Dunley right now?” Philip said flatly. Suddenly, the leader of the bodyguards panicked. After some hesitation, he shouted, “Stop and let’s discuss
this. Let go of Mr. Dunley first.”
“Hehe, didn’t you just say that you want me to die a miserable death? Why should we have a discussion
now?” Philip looked at Winston, who seemed to be in pain on the floor. The other party was speechless. The leader of the bodyguards clenched his fists bitterly. He thought for a while and said, “Then what do you
The First Heir – Chapter 1820
“It’s simple.” Philip folded his arms across his chest and said with a smile, “Contact your patriarch and tell him that Philip
Clarke wants to see him.” Hiss!
Instantly, everyone gasped!
What did he say? He wanted to see the patriarch of the Dunley family?
That was simply wishful thinking!
Did he not realize what an unfathomable existence the patriarch of the Dunley family was?
Was he worthy to meet the patriarch of the Dunley family?
The leader of the bodyguards immediately rebuked, “Dream on! Is the patriarch of the Dunley family someone
you can meet so easily? Who do you think you are? How dare you demand to see him?” Philip shrugged and said, “In that case, there’s nothing else to discuss, right?” Having said that, he lowered his eyes to look at Winston, who lay on the floor. “Winston Dunley, this isn’t my
fault. It seems that you don’t carry enough weight in this matter. You can only blame the Dunley family for
not taking your life seriously enough.”
After saying that, a burst of killing intent filled Philip’s eyes. The other anti riot baton in his hand was placed
against Winston’s head!
He lifted the baton and was about to smash it down violently!
Everyone was stunned!
Was this guy about to kill Winston Dunley in the Dunley Group building?
If the baton landed, it would kill Winston on the spot!
Maia also frowned. She was a little flustered. However, since the young master had chosen to do this, she
would handle the aftermath for him. “N-No, don’t… Spare me…” When Winston saw that Philip was about to take action, he panicked as the fear welled from the depths of his
soul. He whimpered, “Quickly, notify the patriarch at once. Do you want to see me die?”
“Stop! Stop immediately! I’ll contact our patriarch at once!” The leader of the bodyguards was shocked by Philip’s actions. He was a lunatic!
The anti riot baton in Philip’s hand was just an inch away from Winston’s head when he stopped!
At this moment, a pungent smell wafted.
Many people’s faces tensed. When they looked at Winston, there was a trace of disgust in their eyes. Winston
had gotten so scared that he lost control of his bladder. Philip frowned and kicked Winston farther away from him. The leader of the bodyguards immediately took out his phone and dialed the patriarch’s internal line. However, no one answered for a long time. This made the leader panic. Just when he was getting anxious, a black Rolls-Royce suddenly stopped at the entrance of the Dunley Group
building. An elegant middle-aged man with a faint smile on his face got down from the car. Dressed in a dark gray suit, he walked with a steady gait and exuded a subtle domineering spirit. “Fourth Master is here!” Someone saw him and shouted with surprise and astonishment on his face!
It was Spencer Dunley, the fourth master of the Dunley family!
The brother of the patriarch!
The initiator and executor of the Dunley family’s coup d’état back then!
Spencer’s position in Hampton was on par as Sterling Dunley if not higher!
The First Heir – Chapter 1821
At Spencer’s appearance, everyone in Dunley Group breathed a sigh of relief. He was like a tranquilizer. Anywhere he appeared, there was nothing that he could not deal with! “Fourth Master!”
“Master Spencer!” At once, the crowd gave way and bowed respectfully to the middle- aged man who entered the building. With a calm face and his hands behind his back, Spencer walked through the crowd before stopping two
meters in front of Philip. He first glanced at Winston who was already in a sorry state before scrutinizing
Philip. Silence!
Everyone was as quiet as a dormouse!
They were all looking at Spencer. Philip frowned and raised his eyebrows slightly, looking at the middle-aged man in front of him. Sure enough, as Maia said, Spencer Dunley had the air of a literati. He looked very elegant. Could such a
person be the initiator of the Dunley family’s reform?
Maia was nervous as well. Although she had met Spencer once before, it was only in passing. Now that she
was meeting Spencer like this, she realized that he was indeed not an ordinary person.
The rumors surrounding the two lords of the Dunley family carried some truth. She bent down slightly and whispered to Philip, “Young Master, he’s Spencer Dunley, the second person in
power of the Dunley family, next to Sterling Dunley, the patriarch of the Dunley family. However, in many
ways, he also has earth defying means. Spencer is not a simple person. You shouldn’t be impulsive. Let’s wait
until the people arranged by Butler Thomas arrive before making any further moves.” Philip did not speak but looked at the other party calmly. Spencer also withdrew his scrutinizing gaze. With a smile, he said, “Young Master Clarke, I’m sorry. This
matter is the fault of our Dunley family and my lack of discipline. I hope Young Master Clarke can bear with
me. I’ve brought along Homer Dunley and his son, as well as Milo Dunley.” Hiss!
Instantly, everyone standing on the first floor of Dunley Group was dumbfounded!
This was Spencer Dunley, the second person in power of the Dunley family. At this moment, he was lowering
himself in front of Philip!
This was explosive news!
If word of this got out, what kind of uproar would it cause?
Many people were puzzled and looked at Philip with bewilderment. Did this young man have an unusual
Even Spencer Dunley had to humble himself!
At the same time, a group of fully armed bodyguards walked in through the door. They brought a few people
along with them. Thud!
Three people knelt on the floor directly. They were none other than Homer and his son, as well as Milo. Spencer stood at the side with a smile, saying, “Young Master Clarke, please feel free. I have brought them to
you and you can do as you please. My Dunley family will not intervene.” At this moment, Homer, his son, and Milo were kneeling on the floor while trembling all over. They never
imagined that Spencer’s personal guards would go to Flower City and escort them here!
Moreover, it was none other than Philip Clarke sitting in front of them. The person who was sprawled on the floor and in a miserable state was none other than their backer, Winston
Dunley, the family head of Flower City. In a flash, the three of them understood that they had provoked an
invincible and terrifying existence!
Even Spencer dared not easily mess with this existence. “Young Master Clarke, please spare our lives. We were wrong and ignorant. Please give us a way out.” Homer
immediately bowed his head and begged. Hector also panicked as he trembled all over and shouted, “Young Master Clarke, I was wrong. I shouldn’t
have done that, please let me go. I’m willing to pay for all the losses!”
The First Heir – Chapter 1822
Hector was truly frightened. Who would have thought that a person he had casually messed with would turn
out to have such a formidable background?
Milo was kneeling as well. He kept bowing and shouting, “I beg for Young Master Clarke’s forgiveness!” Seeing the three people kneeling in front of him, Philip chuckled and raised his eyebrow. He looked at
Spencer and asked, “Do you already know who I am?” Spencer smiled and replied, “From the moment you stepped foot in Flower City, I already knew, Young
Master Clarke.” Hearing that, Philip frowned. Spencer Dunley was very terrifying, indeed. He already knew his identity from the moment he stepped foot in
Flower City. However, he just left Homer and Milo, as well as Winston, to their own devices. He had to say
that it was a good scheme and a good tactical play. Was he trying to test Philip’s strength and limits so he could use that to gauge the limits of the Clarke family?
Perhaps he was trying to borrow the hands of others to get rid of some thorns in his side?
Philip frowned and looked at the three people kneeling on the floor, as well as Winston who had passed out. He suddenly got up. With a stiff gaze, he stared at Spencer seriously and asked, “Are you using me?” With a face full of smiles, Spencer said unapologetically, “You can say so.” Hiss!
The temperature plummeted sharply. The atmosphere became extremely tense!
Philip’s eyes were full of chills as he stared at the other party intently. Spencer Dunley was indeed very unfathomable. However, the children of the Clarke family had never known
the meaning of fear. “Spencer Dunley, do you know the consequences of using me?” Philip asked coldly. Spencer nodded and said, “I do.”
“How dare you, then?” Philip asked. Spencer replied, “For the sake of the Dunley family, sacrificing an individual is nothing. At least, I know the
strength and limits of the Clarke family now.”
“Haha!” Philip laughed aloud and said, “How great of you, Spencer Dunley! How great of the Dunley family! If I were
to make a move against you right now, will you resist?” Wham!
There was dead silence. Everyone stared at Philip, shocked silly by his words. He actually wanted to make a move on Spencer?
Would that not signify a deadly feud with the Dunley family?
However, Spencer smiled lightly and said, “Young Master Clarke, although I’m in awe of the Clarke family, you’re not my opponent yet. Charbury will always belong to the Dunley family. The Clarke family will still
have to show some restraints here. I believe your father will tell you the reasoning behind this later.” Hearing this, Philip’s brows furrowed deeper. “Are you using my father to suppress me?” Philip’s tone was cold, and the chills on his face grew stronger. Spencer shook his head and said, “I dare not. Your father is an existence we can never reach, but there are
some things in this that you may not be aware of. I advise you to bring this matter to an end. I’ve brought you
the culprits, and you can do whatever you want to them. This is the most the Dunley family can relent. I hope
you can reconsider.” The silence was deafening!
Philip suddenly said coldly, “What if I insist on making a move against the Dunley family?” Ring, ring!
Abruptly, the sound of a ringing phone broke the silence. Philip took out his phone from his trouser pocket,
looked at the display, and frowned. He answered it and asked, “What is it?” On the other end of the phone, an old voice said with a cough, “That’ s enough, it‘s almost time to stop. This
is the end of this matter. You can’t handle the Dunley family of Charbury yet. Go home.” The person on the other end of the line was none other than Roger Clarke!
The First Heir – Chapter 1823
Philip frowned. Never would he have expected his father, who had always stood behind the scenes, to
personally call him for this case involving the Dunley family. Philip looked at Spencer who was cahn with a smile on his face and asked into the phone, “Why?” On the other end of the phone, the old voice said, “The Dunley family of Charbury is a pawn to maintain
balance. If you make a move against the Dunley family, the balance will be broken and the following
situations will be difficult to control. Listen to me and go home. I’ll take care of the rest.” Philip’s face was slightly cold. After a long silence, he said, “I got it.” After saying that, Philip ended the call. He looked at Spencer very seriously before he lifted his foot and left
Dunley Group with Maia. However, Philip said as he walked, “The Dunley family of Flower City will be taken over by the Clarke
family. This is the price.” Spencer frowned and was silent for a moment but did not say anything in the end. It was after Philip had left that the smile on Spencer’s face solidified and became sinisterly cold. He looked sideways, staring at the three people kneeling on the floor while trembling all over, as well as
Winston who was still unconscious. With a sigh, he said, “Take them away and punish them according to the
family rules.” Homer, his son, and Milo were dumbfounded when they heard that they would be dealt with according to
family rules!
The three men turned around on their knees and kept bowing to Spencer as they cried out, “Master Spencer, we were wrong, we were really wrong. Please don’t impose the family rules on us!” Milo shouted in a shrill voice. He was still slightly indignant before, but hearing that the family rules would be
imposed on them, he was completely terrified!
The family rules of the Dunley family would take lives!
Homer also quickly tugged on Spencer’s trouser leg and shouted, “Master Spencer, I know my mistake. Please
let Hector go. He’s still young. He can still help the Dunley family in the future. I’ll bear the burden alone this
time. Please let Hector go.” Hector trembled all over as he knelt behind Homer. His eyes went red when he saw his father bowing and
begging. His heart was aching. “Dad, I was wrong. I was really wrong.” Hector howled and kept bowing to Spencer as he said, “Master Spencer, please don’t make things difficult for
my father and Uncle Milo. I’ll be responsible for my actions. I’m willing to accept the family rules. I’m
begging you, Master Spencer!” No one around dared to speak up at this moment. Spencer lowered his eyes and glanced at the three people
who were still kneeling on the floor. After a long time, he said, “Remove them from the Dunley family’s
registry and banish them to the Northern Wilderness. They are never to return to Charbury!” With that said, Spencer waved his hand and left Dunley Group. Philip was sullen after he left Dunley Group and got in the car. For the first time after so long, he encountered
an obstacle. This made him upset and also gave him some pressure.
Maia sat quietly next to Philip. After a while, she received a call and said to Philip, “Young Master, Butler
Thomas’ people have arrived. They’ll escort you back.” Philip nodded and looked at the towering Dunley Group building outside the car window. ‘Dunley family of Charbury, I, Philip Clarke, will be back!’ ‘When I set foot in Charbury again, your Dunley family will eventually prostrate under my feet!’ Soon, the car left this place and returned to the hotel. Philip met the people arranged by George Thomas. They
were all combatants wearing black berets, standing in line downstairs of the hotel. Ten streets in the surrounding area were under martial law!
The leading combat captain snapped to attention in his combat leather boots, made a standard salute, and
bellowed, “Reporting to the young master, all members of the Black Wolf combat team have arrived. Please
give us your instructions!” At this announcement, a dozen combatants behind him faced Philip while holding guns in their arms, all
looking serious. Philip glanced at the burly man and said, “Bring your people to Flower City and take over the entire Dunley
family. From now on, you’ll act as guards of Flower City and closely monitor the actions of the Dunley family
in Charbury.”
“Yes! We’ll obey the young master’s orders!” The combat captain yelled and immediately executed the orders.
Philip returned to the suite while deep in thought. Next to him, Maia made a cup of tea and said, “Young
Master, have a cup of tea.” Philip took a sip before he took out his phone and dialed Fennel’s number.
The First Heir – Chapter 1824
On the other end of the line, Fennel asked, “Did you go to Charbury?”
“Yeah, to deal with some things.” Philip responded before asking, “How much do you know about Spencer Dunley?”
“Have you met Spencer Dunley?” On the other end of the line, Fennel sounded surprised. Philip frowned. Listening to Fennel’s tone, he seemed to know Spencer. “It was a draw. My father stepped in. For the time being, I can’t touch the Dunley family. Besides, the other
party didn’t step out of line,” Philip said with a light smile. Fennel was silent for a moment and said, “Philip, you really can’t touch Spencer at the moment. Do you know
who he is?” Philip raised his eyebrow and said with a frown, “The second person in charge of the Dunley family. Is that
wrong?” Fennel replied, “You’re wrong. Spencer’s identity is not just as simple as the second person in charge of the
Dunley family.”
“He has other identities?” Philip asked in surprise. “He’s a disciple of the door.” Fennel dropped the bombshell.
Philip was astounded. His expression tensed as he asked, “What did you say? Spencer Dunley is a disciple of
the door? In which zone?” Hiss!
No wonder!
Philip could not see through Spencer just now. “That’s not the question you should be asking. He’s the king, once the king of disciples in the fourth zone,” Fennel said with a sigh. King of disciples?!
For a moment, Philip’s heart jolted. He would never have thought that Spencer Dunley, with his literary looks, was actually the king of disciples!
The Dunley family was really extraordinary, indeed!
No wonder his father had personally called him to stop him. “How powerful is he?” Philip immediately asked. Fennel replied, “I don’t know. The kings of disciples of the previous generation are formidable people. They’re the honorary people who opened up the world behind the door. I don’t know how strong they are. After all, I’ve never fought with them. However, according to my estimation, Spencer isn’t weak. You’re
simply not his opponent at all. If not for his apprehension toward the Clarke family, Spencer could have kept
you in Hampton.”
Hearing this, Philip felt enormous pressure. He had actually faced a king of disciples?!
After pondering for a moment, Philip said with a chill in the corners of his eyes, “What about the patriarch of
the Dunley family?” Fennel sighed and said, “Sterling Dunley is one of the elders of Turtle Pavilion among the Five Pavilions. His
strength and status are not low. You simply can’t go up against the Dunley family of Charbury now, unless
your father is willing to help you. But he probably won’t. He has his plans.” Sterling Dunley was actually one of the elders of the five pavilions?
To say that they were the two lords of the Dunley family was truly not an exaggeration. Philip’s face was grave as he added, “I’ll return to Uppercreek immediately. I need your help to unlock my
body’s potential.”
“No need, I’m already here. I can take a look at Spencer for you first,” Fennel said flatly. Hearing that, Philip was taken aback and asked, “Why are you in Hampton? Are you going to deal with
Spencer?” At this moment, Fennel was standing at the main entrance of the Dunley family’s manor in Hampton. He
carried a halberd wrapped in black cloth, which was branded with many obscure ancient characters, on his
back. He raised his head and looked at the white marble gate with the words ‘Dunley Manor’. With a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, he said into the phone, “You need to remember one phrase and
this is also my first lesson to you, a king does not meet another king. If the kings meet, blood will shed for a
hundred miles!”
The First Heir – Chapter 1825
Fennel ended the call, and his eyes revealed the intent of an invincible king!
He calmly looked at the gate of Dunley Manor in front of him. A wicked smile appeared at the corner of his
mouth and a strong aura began to surge throughout his body. It was time to end his sister’s affairs from back then. Fennel bowed his head, lit a cigarette, and took a few
puffs. He allowed the cold wind to blow on his face. Images of past events flashed in Fennel’s mind. He still
remembered his sister’s tragic death. The Nonagon, the Five Pavilions, and the Dunley family. Blood must be repaid by blood!
After a while, Fennel threw the cigarette butt on the ground. He raised his foot and stomped it out, emitting a
rustling sound from the sole of his foot. Then, he raised his right hand and untied the halberd wrapped in black cloth from his back. The black cloth
was branded with complicated and obscure runes and patterns. Fennel stroked it a few times before he untied
the black cloth and tugged at it. The wind blew and the black cloth flapped in the gust!
Dots of crimson adorned the obscure silver runes of the halberd as it was exposed under the sun!
An invincible and domineering aura that was born from death suddenly spread!
Normal people would not dare to get near!
At this moment, it buzzed and hummed as if it was happy to see the light of day again. The halberd was red
like hot lava, raging with a manic and belligerent aura!
The three prongs at the head of the halberd were extremely sharp and dazzling as they reflected a radiant red
under the sunlight. The body of the halberd was a red scaled dragon with the jaws wide open, pointing toward the end of the
halberd. Its two red eyes made people tremble from the depths of their souls just looking at it. Fennel held the red dragon halberd and swung it around, creating a red streak of light in mid-air. The head of
the halberd carried murderous battle intent! Then, Fennel held the halberd by the mid-section and lunged,
leaning his body sideways before pulling back like a bow. The red halberd in his hand carried Fennel’s raging
killing intent. The red radiance on the head of the halberd blazed more fiercely. Suddenly, the halberd was
thrown out!
The red dragon halberd turned into a dazzling red streak. Like fire, it burst out and penetrated the white marble
tower gate!
The tower gate of Dunley Manor suddenly collapsed into rubble!
The speed of the halberd did not reduce. Like a raging red dragon, it shot straight toward the white manor
hundreds of meters away behind the gate!
The collapse of the tower gate had already attracted the attention of many guards in the manor. They swarmed
out and saw the collapsed tower gate. Then, in their sight, they saw a streak of red in the air shooting toward
the manor hundreds of meters away like a cannonball! “Holy sht! What the hell is that?” All the guards were stunned at this moment, looking at the red dragon halberd that was flying toward the manor. Those who did not know better would think it was a cannonball! The next second… Boom! The red dragon halberd broke through the golden gate of the manor. The head of the halberd sank heavily into the ground and the ground around it cracked! The red halberd buzzed and hunnned! That golden gate burst into pieces in an instant! An alarm sounded loudly in the entire Dunley Manor at this moment! A steady stream of heavily armed guards with guns appeared from all sides of the manor! The entire manor was closely guarded! From behind the shattered golden gate, several members of the Dunley family also appeared at this moment. All of them were reputable figures! When they saw the red halberd on the ground in front of the entrance, they were filled with shock! They thought it was a cannon. Unexpectedly, it was a red halberd! This image was too big of a shock! However, everyone could feel the raging battle and killing intent on the red dragon halberd. No one dared to come within ten meters of the red halberd! The First Heir – Chapter 1826 The leading elders of the Dunley family were full of anger at this moment. With just one glance at the red halberd, they understood the crisis and importance of the matter! “Quickly, inform the patriarch and Fourth Master!” Sterling’s second uncle, Shaw Dunley, anxiously ordered the subordinates around him at this moment. “Yes!” Soon, the subordinate retreated and ran out through the back door! The patriarch had been in seclusion in the memorial hall for a week. The fourth master was not in the manor either. For someone to pick a fight at their home at this moment with such unusual means, it certainly stunned many people in Dunley Manor! Shaw watched the subordinate leave before he focused on the collapsed tower gate hundreds of meters away. There, a figure that looked like he was donned in red gold armor slowly approached. With every step the person took, the heavily armed guards with guns in front of him would take a step back! Everyone could feel the monstrous killing intent raging from that magnificent figure! “Who are you? Why did you destroy the tower gate of Dunley Manor?” Shaw stood behind hundreds of guards, his face full of sinister gloom as he roared. Fennel stood still and raised his eyebrow. He was a hundred meters away from Shaw. mm a wicked sneer on his mature and handsome face, he stared at Shaw with eyes full of biting chills. He replied, “Fennel Leigh.” His voice was not loud, but it was like a bombshell that exploded in everyone’s ears! ‘Fennel Leigh?’ Shaw frowned as his face grew tense. He said, “I don’t know you. My Dunley family didn’t provoke you. Why are you acting like this? Don’t you know that Hampton is the territory of the Dunley family?” Fennel chuckled and said, “The Dunley family owes me a life.” ‘A life?’ Shaw’s face darkened as he added, “Young man, although I don ‘t know when my Dunley family formed this grudge with you, I think we can just sit down and have a talk about this. I believe someone like you is not an ordinary person. My Dunley family lacks a talent like you as well. Why don’t you submit to my Dunley family and work for us so that we can share this world in the future?” “Hehe…” Fennel sneered as he shook his head and said, “The Dunley family is still so pretentious and shameless.” Having said that, his cold eyes swept across the group of people as he shouted, “Today, I‘m resolving the grudge I have against the Dunley family. Those who don‘t want to die, get out of the way!” These words were like a thunderbolt that fell heavily and exploded in the ears of many guards! However, no one retreated. Shaw sneered and said, “Young man, this is the Dunley family and they’re our death warriors. They won’t back down with just a few words from you.” Then, Shaw glanced at the red halberd with some trepidation in his eyes mixed with disdain. He smiled lightly and said, “Besides, do you think you’re worthy of challenging the Dunley family with this inferior halberd of yours? “Look carefully. In front of you stand the Dunley family’s elite death warriors. They’re all armed with guns. If you don’t wish to be riddled with bullets later, you should kneel down immediately and compensate us for destroying the tower and gate. I’ll be generous and just break your arms before letting you go. What do you think?” The First Heir – Chapter 1827 Shaw Dunley chuckled as he stood with his hands behind his back. He had hundreds of the Dunley family’s combatants standing in front of them, holding guns in their hands. How could they not take down a young man with only a halberd in his hand? Also, why was someone carrying such a thing in this era? Was this a martial arts tournament? Absolutely ridiculous! However, the next second, Fennel smiled lightly and raised his band. The red halberd that had sunk into the ground buzzed and bummed. The body of the halberd was quivering! Then… Whoosh! The red halberd rose from the ground, spun in mid-air with red streaks of light, and returned to Fennel’s band! Swish! Fennel flung the red halberd in his hand around and created red streaks of light. He pointed the head of the halberd at Shaw who stood behind the crowd a hundred meters away and said coldly, “Then all of you can go to hell!” Shaw was stunned. Seeing the head of the halberd pointing at him with a dazzling red light, he was furious. He pointed into the distance and shouted, “Take him down!” Instantly, dozens of heavily armed guards suddenly rushed toward Fennel! The corners of Fennel’s eyes went cold. He bent his legs and lowered his body, building momentum. Then, he abruptly stomped on the ground! Boom! The ground cracked and Fennel shot out like a meteor. He violently swept the red halberd in his hand around and lights of red sparked. The dozens of guards who were rushing at him were swept away like the autumn wind that swept all the fallen leaves away! Shaw’s heart jolted as he witnessed the scene before him. His understanding of the world had been turned upside down! He roared, “Shoot to kill!” Instantly, more than a dozen guards raised their guns, pulled the triggers, and fired at Fennel who was rushing over with his body lowered! Rat-tat-tat! Muzzles sparked as bullets rained upon Fennel! If the target were an ordinary person, he would be riddled with bullets by now! However, in everyone’s line of sight, Fennel’s figure transformed into a shadow and disappeared into thin air! “Look up!” By the time they reacted, they found that Fennel had already jumped into the air. His arm swung high with the red halberd in his band, looking like a curved bow. He slashed down on the dozens of guards armed with guns! “Die!” A roar from a wild wolf descended from the sky with invincible killing intent. Red streaks of light carried the ear-piercing roar of a dragon! Bang! The halberd smashed on the ground and a dozen guards armed with guns flew into the air due to the impact of the explosion. They crashed to the ground unconscious. A huge crack half a meter wide appeared on the ground that extended to Shaw’s feet. Shaw was so frightened that he took a few steps back before stabilizing his body. At this moment, he was already stunned silly. Looking at Fennel who was fighting with the death warriors of the Dunley family, he felt that his worldview had gone askew. Was he an ordinary human? With just a long halberd, he was fighting alone against dozens of gun-wielding death warriors! Could he be faster than a bullet? This was simply unbelievable! No, there was another explanation. He came from that place, just like the fourth master! The Nonagon, the door! In an instant, Shaw understood that this young man was definitely not an ordinary person. Only the fourth master could contend with such a person! “Charge at him! We must delay him until the fourth master arrives!” Shaw roared. Hundreds of guards heard the command and rushed toward Fennel! Within the entire Dunley Manor, gunshots blared! Fennel leaped into the air like he was unaffected by gravity and swept the red halberd in his hand around! The First Heir – Chapter 1828 Swoosh! A whole cluster of guards fell to the ground, all penetrated by the domineering aura of the halberd. They died on the spot! Then, Fennel landed on the ground and stomped hard with his feet With the halberd in his hand, he shot like a sharp arrow toward the dozens of guards surrounding him! Everything happened in a flash! Nearly a hundred guards had fallen to the ground. Nearly half of the Dunley Manor was destroyed by the domineering aura of the red halberd in Fennel’s hand! The next second, everyone saw Fennel standing upright. He held the red halberd, which was dripping with blood. He was brimming with a murderous aura. His body emitted a faint red glow at this moment like solid armor. No one dared to confront him! No one dared to take a step closer! Fennel was like the Grim Reaper! His raging killing intent surged over them! With the halberd, he was like a bloodthirsty god of war as be walked toward Shaw! The head of the halberd drew a red streak on the ground, accompanied by the ear- piercing roar of a dragon! Behind him, half the sky had turned turbulent. Large dark clouds began to surge as they hovered above Dunley Manor. He alone had triggered an unworldly phenomenon. If word of this got out, or if commoners saw this, their worldview would collapse! Zing! The long halberd swept across horizontally, its sharp red head pointing directly at Shaw who stood more than ten meters away. The corners of Fennel’s mouth twitched as he sneered wickedly. “How do you think you’ll die?” Fennel was densely surrounded by heavily armed death warriors of the Dunley family. In such a predicament, he was still smiling calmly at Shaw. Shaw was in an utter panic now. He clenched his fist tightly and looked at Fennel who was only a dozen meters away from him. He roared, “How arrogant! Even if you have the ability, this is the Dunley family! Take this man down at all costs! Dead or alive!” As soon as he said that, the death warriors surrounding Fennel raised their guns and aimed at Fennel. Even if this guy was Superman, he could not escape death! Just then, a loud shout resounded throughout the Dunley Manor. “Stop! Back down!” Everyone followed the voice and saw Spencer who appeared with a grim face. His hands were behind his back as he walked forward. “Master Spencer!” Shaw ran over in a hurry with a flattering smile on his face. The death warriors of the Dunley family also quickly made way to welcome Spencer’s arrival. Spencer walked up to Fennel with a chill in his eyes and said, “I didn’t expect that you would chase after me here.” Fennel looked at Spencer, the corners of his mouth twitching as he said with a smile, “Blood must be repaid by blood, that’s all.” Spencer frowned and asked solemnly, “Are you sure you want to fight?” “What do you think?” Fennel asked. Spencer nodded and said, “All of you, back away. This is none of your business and you can’t intervene either.” Hearing this, Shaw got anxious and exclaimed, “Master Spencer, you mustn’t… ” “Stand down!” Spencer shouted angrily without looking at Shaw at all. His sharp gaze was only focused on Fennel. Shaw trembled as he quickly backed away and shouted, “All retreat!” Pitter-patter! The hundreds of guards immediately retreated, leaving the small square in front of Dunley Manor to Spencer and Fennel. Spencer looked at Fennel and said, “The situation back then… My Dunley family was forced to do it. Why can’t you let it go?” “Let it go?” Fennel sneered and said, “Could it be that in your eyes, my sister’s life is not worth mentioning?” The First Heir – Chapter 1829 Hearing that, Spencer frowned and said, “I can give you any compensation. If we fight, it’ll definitely cause great repercussions, which is the worst situation for both of us. When that happens, all the forces will intervene. Must you break the balance that has been maintained with great difficulty over the past few decades?” Fennel chuckled and said, “Spencer Dunley, I’m here today to take your life! Seeing as you’re so reluctant to fight, could it be that you’ve lost your kingly aura?” Spencer frowned and shook his head. He said with a sigh, “Let’s fight, then.” With that said, Spencer’s aura underwent tremendous changes. An invincible aura exploded like a sharp sword that had been sealed for many years. It suddenly broke free from its sheath and soared to the sky. A bout of buzzing suddenly filled the land! In a flash, within a ten-mile radius that enveloped half of the central city of Hampton, all metal objects began to hum. The leaves in the yard suddenly became extremely sharp like swords waiting to be un sheathed. All objects could be turned into swords! Spencer’s aura was surprisingly similar to Fennel’s! Two different bouts of energy raged in the small square of Dunley Manor! The gravel on the ground could not withstand the intensity and floated shakily in the air! Fennel frowned and looked at Spencer with his steadily increasing aura. He smiled and said, “So you were the Sword King in the fourth zone back then.” Spencer’s face was indifferent as he remained standing with his hands behind his back His demeanor was unfathomable. He stared at Fennel stoically and said, “Fennel, what happened back then has long been concluded. Why can’t you let it go? Must someone die to clear up the hatred back then?” “Hahaha…” Fennel sneered and said, “What I hate most is your hypocrisy. If the Dunley family hadn’t deliberately concealed it, my sister wouldn’t have died there so tragically! How can I let it be? My fight against you today is just the first step in my revenge against those people.” Spencer was silent with the chill of a silver sword in his eyes. After a while, he slightly raised his right hand, shook his head, and said, “It seems this battle between us can’t be avoided.” After saying that, Spencer raised his eyebrows and his aura suddenly soared to the peak. His entire body surged as he shouted angrily, “Sword, come to me!” Buzz! Within a hundred meters around Spencer, all metal objects quivered at this moment, clanking and clattering. At the same time, inside the Dunley family’s memorial hall. There was an ancient box on top of the high altar carved with obscure runes. At this moment, the long box suddenly opened. A rusty longsword inside emitted a shrill cry and flew out with a whoosh! In the memorial hall, a middle-aged man was kneeling on a cushion with folded bands. At this moment, he opened his eyes slightly and glanced at the opened box. He sighed helplessly and said to the memorial plaques of the Dunley family’s ancestors, “What will be, will be.” Behind him, the subordinate from earlier rushed in breathlessly at this moment and shouted, “Patriarch, something has happened. Someone is challenging the Dunley family!” Sterling Dunley got up and hummed in response. He turned around and walked to the door of the memorial hall. He raised his head and looked at the vast sky above. At this moment, the sky over Hampton was filled with dark clouds and rumbling thunderbolts. What surprised the people of Hampton was that two huge swords had suddenly appeared in the sky at some point! The streets and alleys of Hampton were filled with people looking up at the sky, pointing at the two huge swords hanging there. They were of different colors and shapes. All sorts of loud discussions could be heard. “Holy sht! What the hell is that? A mirage?”
“Is it a 3D projection? It seems to be from the Dunley family’s manor.”
The First Heir – Chapter 1830
Many people looked up at the sky with phones in their hands, frantically taking pictures to post them on the
internet. “Wow, look! The two swords hanging in the sky look so grand and imposing!” Sterling naturally saw the two swords in the air. His brows furrowed as he said to the butler next to him, “Put
a stop to the news, out off all internet communication, and prevent any information from leaking out. At the
same time, dispatch personnel to inform the media and TV stations that this is a 3D projection that’s prepared
for a movie.”
“Yes, Patriarch.” The butler next to Sterling received the order and immediately went to execute it. Sterling looked at the two swords suspended in mid-air. They were both more than ten meters in size. One of
it shone with red luster and had red dragons adorning it. There was also a screeching three-headed griffin at
the hilt. The sword was brimming with raging frenzy. Although there were some cracks on the body of the sword, it
did not reduce its formidable air. The other sword was the color of steel with four small swords lingering around the blade. The hilt was
surrounded by sharp claws that were splayed open. This sword, however, looked somewhat old and battered. With several chinks on the body, it looked like it
would shatter into pieces at any time. The two swords were suspended high in mid-air and formed two special force fields as they confronted each
other. Sterling’s eyes were solemn as he murmured, “The Sword of Damocles, the Sword of Kingship.”
It was the symbol of the kings of disciples!
Everyone who was appointed as the king had obtained their source of power from behind the door. Once they
unleashed their ability to transcend worldly boundaries, they would summon their respective Sword of
Damocles, also called the Sword of Kingship. Kings of Disciples were no ordinary people. They certainly
could not be defined by normal means. Their strength and connection with the door would be proportional to the complexity of brainwaves. Once they become a disciple, their physical strength and intelligence would be developed to the maximum. They would be much stronger than ordinary people in all aspects. As for the king of disciples, they were an
existence that surpassed the disciples. This was why Nonagon existed to prevent such people from appearing in the real world and creating
unnecessary panic. The Sword of Damocles was the indicator of the power of the king of disciples. The sword of each king of
disciple would be different due to the strength of their character and power. The sword‘s appearance was inversely proportional to the strength of the king’s power, the stronger the power,
the more battered the sword. The more battered the sword, the more lacking that king of disciples was in
regards to his control of power because all aspects of his physical fitness had begun to deteriorate. Moreover, when the power exceeded the limit allowed by the rules, the king of disciples would go berserk and
the sword would fall, destroying the king of disciples as well as everything around him. The fall of any king
of disciples would bring about the destruction of a city. That was why a king must not meet another king. Once they met, blood would shed for a hundred miles!
Sterling looked at the two Swords of Damocles in mid-air. His emotions were complicated. It seemed that he
could only contact Nonagon to deal with the aftermath.
Of course, when the two Swords of Kingship appeared over the city of Hampton in Charbury, somewhere far
away in the territory covering tens of thousands of hectares, there was a heavily guarded and impregnable
institutional building. ***
Nonagon, Central Combat Bureau.



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