The First Heir novel Chapter 1831-1840

The First Heir – Chapter 1831
Nonagon’s Central Combat Bureau was surrounded by densely packed war equipment, combat vehicles, and
various defense combatants. Inside the bureau were various buildings with many personnel going in and out, as well as vehicles driving back and forth. Looking down from high altitude, this central combat zone was like an impregnable city surrounded by tight
security with sentries, guards, and combatants patrolling everywhere. The surrounding steel concrete walls were tens of meters high. They were densely packed with combat
weapons such as anti-aircraft guns and high-speed machine guns. Over the sky, helicopters patrolled
constantly. In the surrounding training grounds, many men and women in green uniforms carried out daily training
courses. At this time, inside a tall dark gray building of about five or six floors. In District Three, Surveillance Office Number Six. “Report! A huge energy fluctuation has appeared over Hampton in Charbury!” A woman wearing a green
combat uniform held the analysis report in her hand and announced to her captain. The captain had a burly figure and was also wearing a green combat uniform. There was a badge on his chest
and a nameplate shaped like a turtle shell on his arm with the words ‘Turtle Combat Squad’ written below. The man, with a beard and a stern face, was observing a dozen electronic devices in front of him. He asked in
a cold voice, “What does the surveillance result show?”
The woman immediately replied, “Captain, according to the surveillance data, two energy fluctuations have
appeared over the city of Hampton in Charbury, which have exceeded the critical value and are still rising. The results show that it’s the energy fluctuation of the Swords of Kingship.” Hiss!
The entire office suddenly fell silent!
Everyone stared at the woman, utterly shocked!
The Swords of Kingship?
Was she referring to the Swords of Kingship that only appeared when the kings of disciples unleashed their
In that case, were there two kings of disciples fighting in Hampton?
The man in green uniform also gasped and asked, “Are you sure it’s the Swords of Kingship?”
“Yes!” the woman replied. The captain quickly ordered, “Mobilize the Satnav-3 satellite and see what‘s happening in Hampton!”
In an instant, several staff members immediately operated the electronic equipment and acquired the satellite
images. Soon, the satellite image of the scene over Hampton appeared in everyone’s eyes!
Two Swords of Kingship hung in the air!
A layer of cold sweat emerged on the captain’s forehead. He inhaled sharply and immediately said, “Continue
to monitor the energy value closely. I’ll report to the chief!” Simon Greene understood what it meant when two Swords of Kingship appeared in the sky. Once a rampage between two kings of disciples took place, the consequences would be unimaginable. It would
be a total disaster!
The plans laid out by Nonagon over the past decades would fail and they would be completely exposed to the
Thus, Simon could not care less about planning anything out in detail. He turned around, pushed open the
metal glass door, and went straight to the management office on the top floor. Pushing open the heavy door, Simon hurried in and saluted the middle-aged man behind the desk who was
buried in a book. He said, “Reporting to the chief, there’s a huge energy fluctuation over Hampton in
Charbury. According to the data test results and satellite images, two Swords of Kingship have appeared over
Hampton!” Smack!
The middle-aged man who was immersed in his book heard Simon’s report. The nib of the pen in his hand
snapped off!
Then, he stood up abruptly with a tense gaze as his hands pressed on the table. With a face full of shock, he
stared at Simon and asked, “Swords of Kingship? Are you sure?”
Simon handed over the data report with both hands and said, “Chief Montgomery, this is the energy
fluctuation data monitoring report. We are 100% sure that two kings of disciples are locked in a conflict right
now. Moreover, the energy of one of them fluctuates greatly from high to low. It has broken through the
highest critical value several times. There’s a possibility that the kingship power may run amok!”
The First Heir – Chapter 1832
Chief Montgomery quickly flipped through the test data report. The look of gloom on his face grew heavier. Then, he left his desk, took his long green trench coat from the hanger on the side, put on his hat, and went
straight for the door. Simon followed closely behind Chief Montgomery. The chief said, “Immediately notify the disciples in the Charbury area to do everything possible to prevent the
spread of the situation. Make sure that the commoners don’t get suspicious! Appease them from door to door!
Also, gather some disciples to keep watch in secret. Once the kingship power goes out of control, evacuate the
crowd as much as possible. We must never let Hampton become the next Tamworth!” Hearing the name of Tamworth, Simon was taken aback. He was orphaned when the kingship power ran amok
back then!
There were nearly 400,000 casualties in Tamworth then. Tamworth almost disappeared from the map
Although the kin gship power was suppressed later and certain explanations were cleverly used to conceal the
truth from the world, Simon had witnessed that incident with his own eyes. He did not want such a tragedy to
happen again! “Yes, I’ll make immediate arrangements!” Simon responded. A few minutes later, Simon got into a green armored jeep with Chief Montgomery and drove to the tallest, most magnificent, and most heavily guarded building in the center of the central combat zone!
The daunting building towered like a pillar in the sky!
After passing through eight security checkpoints and verifying his identity, Chief Montgomery took Simon to
the highest floor of the building. They arrived at the office belonging to the person with the most concentrated
power in the entire Central Combat Bureau!
The master of Turtle Pavilion!
Chief Montgomery adjusted his clothes and hat before knocking on the closed door. Unlike the other offices,
this office looked a little antiquated. Behind the door, an old voice said, “Enter.” Only then did Chief Montgomery open the door and go in with Simon. At a glance, the two walls on the side were piled full of books. Right in front of them, an elderly man with
reading glasses was attentively bent over a book, studying it. His desk was also full of books from various countries. The old man’s hair was white but he looked robust and friendly. He lowered his reading glasses slightly, raised his eyebrows, and looked at the two who walked in. He asked with a smile, “Montgomery, what brings
you here?” Chief Montgomery saluted before he gravely handed Simon’s report to the old man. He said, “Pavilion Master,
two kings of disciples have appeared in Hampton of Charbury and the Swords of Kingship have also appeared. The energy of one of them is already close to the highest critical value. There’s a possibility of the kingship
power going berserk” Hearing the words, the old man furrowed his pale brows. He took the report from Chief Montgomery and
looked at it before asking, “Which two kings of disciples?”
Chief Montgomery looked at Simon and the latter immediately responded, “Pavilion Master, we have
identified one of them as the one from the Dunley family. The other one has not been determined yet, but
according to the properties of the energy fluctuations and the images shown by the satellite, it’s the Red
The First Heir – Chapter 1833
“Red Dragon?” The old man put aside the aged book in his hand, stood up with his hands behind his back, and turned to look
at the world outside. He muttered under his breath, “So it’s that young fellow. After so many years, he still
can’t forget that incident.” Chief Montgomery and Captain Simon Greene looked at the back of the old man in front of them. They asked
with a frown, “Pavilion Master, do you know who the other king of disciples is?” The pavilion master turned around and said with a smile, “All things considered, he’s actually my favorite
student The rumor about Red Dragon breaking through the dragon gate and carrying the coffin on his back
while stepping on the griffin was not just a rumor.” Hearing this, Chief Montgomery and Simon looked shocked. They instantly knew who this King of the Red
Dragon was!
A few years ago, this king of disciples made a sensation in Nonagon and fought his way through the five zones. He finally broke through the dragon gate of the fifth zone with just one red dragon halberd in his hand and
trampled on the sacred hall of the Griffin Pavilion. Chief Montgomery and Simon recalled all the rumors about him as his magnificent figure flashed across their
eyes. Although they had not seen it with their own eyes, just by listening to those rumors, they already knew
that this king of disciples had a heroic spirit!
He broke through all barriers for the sake of his sister! “Fennel Leigh?” Chief Montgomery exclaimed in astonishment.
The pavilion master nodded and said, “Immediately dispatch the disciples and make sure to protect the safety
of the people in Hampton. Also, inform the Dunley family that once Spencer Dunley faces the possibility of
his kingship power going berserk, Sterling Dunley should send him on his way!” Without even thinking about it, the pavilion master had already guessed whose energy was about to collapse. Spencer Dunley, once the Sword King of the fourth zone, was now on the brink of destruction. With a thought in mind, Chief Montgomery asked, “Pavilion Master, is there no other way?” The pavilion master replied, “There’s no other way. For kings of disciples, only a relative or heir of the same
bloodline can kill them to prevent the kingship power from going on a rampage. Otherwise, one can only fight
to the end until the power is exhausted. When that happens, it’ll lead to the destruction of a city.” After saying this, the pavilion master’s eyes were full of helplessness. A former king could only end up in this
manner. Even though they had surpassed the limits of the human body and reached the peak that others could not reach
in a lifetime, the ultimate outcome was still destruction. That was why he had embarked on a lifelong journey of learning. He collected all kinds of books, trying to
find a way to break through this shackle. However, he had not found it yet. After hearing this, Chief Montgomery nodded and replied, “I’ll make the arrangements.” Then, Chief Montgomery and Simon left the office. Only the old pavilion master was left in the office. He stood in front of the window at this moment, looking at the sky outside. His turbulent eyes seemed to be
able to see through the fog and reach Hampton.
“Fennel boy, when can you let it go?” Chandler Curtis, master of the Turtle Pavilion, helplessly shook his
head and said with a hint of vicissitude. Chief Montgomery and Simon Greene immediately returned to their units after leaving the Turtle Pavilion. At
the same time, a series of commands were sent out from various units in the Central Combat Bureau!
Instantly, a drastic change came over the whole of Charbury!
Throughout the streets and alleys of Charbury, the seemingly ordinary people hidden in the crowd, the
managers of certain listed companies, and the charming women of a few entertainment venues received the
instruction at the same time. Rush to the central district of Hampton!
Prevent the power of kingship from running rampant!
In a flash, all the special forces wandering among the civilians of Charbury began to rush toward the central
downtown district of Hampton. At the same time, orders from the Dunley family were also disseminated one
after another!
The First Heir – Chapter 1834
One of the orders was to immediately evacuate the people within a ten-mile radius of the city’s central district. In short, a bunch of special forces began to operate in Hampton. One after another, specialized personnel from all corners of Hampton rushed to the periphery of the special
energy field formed by the Swords of Kingship. This force field covered a radius of ten miles. Moreover, the
force field formed by the Swords of Kingship was still expanding!
These people were either dressed in suits, coarse linen, or casual outfits. Some looked at the two Swords of
Kingship hanging in the sky with their arms over their chests and a fiery look of worship in their eyes. Others
put their hands in their trouser pockets, looking indifferent with disgust in their eyes. In short, these special people who arrived in a steady stream soon gathered at the periphery of this force field. One of them was shrouded under a black robe with a silver triangular pattern on their chest and the back of the
black robe. “Order from the Turtle Pavilion: prevent the power of kingship from running amok! This first order is to
evacuate the crowd. The second order is to assist the Dunley family in killing the king of disciples whose
kingsbip power is at risk of going berserk!” The figure in the black robe mumbled these words softly, but all the disciples scattered in a ten mile radius
heard the orders from the Turtle Pavilion in their minds. They looked up at the sky, and everyone knew that the king of disciples whose kingship power was about to
run rampant was the owner of the steel colored Sword of Kingship. That was because that sword of kingship was about to disintegrate!
The raging energy fluctuations around it were about to break through the critical limit!
At this moment, in the center of the special field formed by the swords of kingship was none other than the
Dunley Manor. Fennel and Spencer stood facing each other. Fennel held the red dragon halberd and pointed it at Spencer, who
was holding a rusty iron sword on the opposite. He looked up at the sword of kingsbip in the sky that was about to shatter and sneered. “Spencer, your body
has degenerated and you’re about to lose control of that. power. In your current state, how are you going to
fight me?” Spencer held the rusty iron sword in his band with a sneer at the comer of his mouth. He looked at the sword
of kingship in the sky that belonged to him and said, “Age grows with the years, but as a king, why should I
be afraid of a battle? This is the dignity of a king. Fennel, you and I are the same type of people. You should
understand this. Let me say one last thing withdraw from the Dunley Manor. Regarding your sister’s death, I’ll
definitely give you an explanation on behalf of the Dunley family.” Fennel twitched his eyebrows and snorted. “Hehe, I was still feeling sorry for you at first, but it turns out that
you’re nothing but a coward. Are you worried that your kingship power will go out of control and render you
into ashes?” The corners of Spencer’s eyes froze. He closed his eyes slightly before abruptly opening them. His expression
and demeanor also became extremely cold blooded. He shouted, “Fennel Leigh, I’ve repeatedly backed down. Why are you so relentless? Don’t forget that I was once a king!” Zing!
As soon as he said that, the rusty iron sword in Spencer’s hand emitted a shrill cry. The layer of rust on the surface of the sword gradually peeled off, revealing its original true appearance!
The body of the sword, a dazzling silver, was engraved with a long string of ancient runes. The hilt
transformed into a silver snake like it was alive. It tightly wrapped itself around Spencer’s arm. Then, it
traveled across his body and finally gathered at the center of his eyebrows, forming a silver snake brand!
Spencer raised the sword in his hand, pointed it at Fennel from afar, and roared, “Fight!”
The First Heir – Chapter 1835
Spencer shouted angrily with the long sword in his hand. Like a sharp arrow, he shot toward Fennel, who
stood on the spot with the red halberd in his hand. Fennel’s eyes were intent as a majestic fighting spirit
exuded from his body. He abruptly swung the red halberd in his hand!
The halberd clashed with the silver snake sword and sparks erupted!
Both were repelled with one blow!
Spencer jumped high into the air and slashed a dozen sword strikes at Fennel on the ground!
One after another, the silver sword beams visible to the naked eye slashed toward Fennel like a huge net!
Fennel looked up at the sword beams that descended upon him. With the red halberd in hand, he quickly ran
and evaded the attack!
The entire Dunley Manor was now raging with frenzied energy fluctuations!
The people hiding in the surroundings were all dumbfounded. They stared at the fourth master of the Dunley
family and Fennel who were fighting each other. They looked as if they had never seen the world before!
This was absolutely inconceivable!
This had surpassed their scope of comprehension. Seeing that the fight between Fennel and Spencer had
reached boiling point, everyone gasped!
Fennel’s eyes had turned bloodshot as he stared at Spencer and shouted angrily, “Dragon destroys a thousand
troops!” Abruptly, the red dragon halberd in Fennel’s hand turned dazzling. The red dragon on the body of the halberd
seemed to come alive as the halberd transformed into a living red dragon that launched straight at Spencer. In
the field, only a long red dragon could be seen. Its jaws were wide open in a roar as it flew toward Spencer. Spencer’s heart thumped rapidly. His hair was all disheveled by now. The red dragon that was fast
approaching him was reflected in his pupils. He was trying to withstand the great impact of the attack. The tiles on the ground under his feet had crumbled and were now being swept up by the red dragon’s
momentum. The terrifying energy in the surroundings was also absorbed by the red dragon. Where the red dragon passed, its enormous energy that contained a suffocating and terrifying power seemed to
shatter the space!
Spencer’s face looked extremely ugly. The silver snake sword in his hand buzzed and bummed as if delighted
to have met a strong enemy. Fennel’s attack was too powerful!
Spencer had no confidence that he could counter it in one move. Suddenly, the silver snake brand in the middle of Spencer’s eyebrows became more radiant
With a roar, the silver snake sword in his hand burst with silver sparks. Then, Spencer slashed angrily at the
red dragon that carried a terrifying power!
The energy fluctuations caused by Spencer suddenly solidified into a huge silver lightsaber. It was several
dozen meters in size and slashed toward the red dragon that was nearly 100 meters in length!
The red dragon collided with the huge silver lightsaber!
The earth shook violently at this time. That collision could no longer be described as just terrifying. The
raging power directly overturned this place. At this moment, everyone felt like a speck of dust caught in the center of the storm. The clash of two energies
formed a terrifying pressure that made Spencer’s heart palpitate. He inhaled sharply, and the silver snake sword in his hand trembled slightly. Suddenly, his eyes tensed as he
felt an unprecedented killing intent!
In his sight, the red dragon halberd, with a dazzling red light at its sharp tip, burst through the raging storm of
energy. It aimed directly at Spencer’s chest!
Spencer kicked the ground and quickly backed away. Fennel’s eyes were red at this moment. He looked as if he had transformed into the Grim Reaper. With the red
halberd in his hand, he stabbed Spencer!
At this critical juncture, Spencer countered the attack with the silver snake sword in his hand with all his might
and deflected the red dragon halberd. However, Fennel’s attack continued. After he missed the blow, he steadied himself before he rotated his body
and arms. He swung the red halberd horizontally and slammed the body of the halberd on Spencer’s stomach.
Like a cannonball, Spencer was sent flying with his back hunched. In a flash, he crashed into the wall of
Dunley Manor!
A big hole in the shape of a human appeared in the wall of Dunley Manor!
Moreover, it was a series of several large holes as he had crashed through several walls inside Dunley Manor. In the field, the death warriors of the Dunley family who were stationed on the periphery gasped aloud. Fourth Master had lost?
The big holes in the walls seemed to tell them the result no one wanted to see. Fennel stared at the big holes intently with red eyes. Suddenly, silver longswords flew out from the holes!
In an instant, silver swords clanged within a ten mile radius. Countless silver longswords raged across the sky
over Dunley Manor. Fennel abruptly backed away with the halberd in his hand, his eyes fixed on the big holes in the walls. There, a figure with disheveled hair walked out from the darkness.

The First Heir – Chapter 1836
The clothes on Spencer’s body had been ripped to shreds, revealing his bronze skin and
impressive torso. He was covered in wounds and bleeding from the corners of his mouth, but
he was surrounded by countless silver swords!
He had transformed into the source of the swords!
One person to unite all swords!
Thud, thud!
Spencer walked out of the huge hole. With every step, the ground under his feet would be
marked by the countless silver swords. Then, he raised his eyebrows, his face full of grim
coldness and fighting intent. His entire being was on the brink of rampage!
He lowered his body slightly and stretched his arm forward. All the silver longswords flying
around gathered above Spencer, the tips of the swords humming and shaking as they pointed
at Fennel on the ground! “Slay!” Spencer roared and swung his arm down in anger. Instantly, thousands of silver swords above
Dunley Manor converged into a hundred meter huge longsword like a torrent and slashed
toward Fennel!
The terrifying energy contained in this blow surpassed anything before it. The world had lost
all color!
All the energy in the surroundings was absorbed by the huge longsword formed by Spencer. Moreover, the huge sword that was made up of thousands of silver longswords continued to
expand and wreak havoc!
On the periphery ten miles away from Dunley Manor, dozens of disciples on guard looked up
at the huge longsword in the sky. Their faces went pale with fright. At that very moment, the
silver Sword of Kingship began to crumble and disintegrate!
The Sword of Kingship had gone berserk!
In an instant, a shadow fell over the hearts of the dozens of disciples present. The kingship
power had gone out of control!
A disaster was about to happen. Hampton was bound to turn into a dead city!
The man in the black robe also looked up at the sky. With a brilliant glow in his silver eyes, he commanded, “Order from the Turtle Pavilion, escort the people of Hampton to evacuate!
Also, all personnel from Turtle Pavilion Combat Squad District 3 are required to rush into
Charbury immediately and place Charbury under martial law!”
In an instant, dozens of disciples heard the order and everyone sprang into action!
That was because there was no longer a need to guard this place. The rampage of the kingship
power would definitely cause irreparable destruction. The demise of Hampton was already
certain. What they had to do now was evacuate the millions of civilians of Hampton!
After receiving the order, all members of the Turtle Pavilion Combat Squad around Charbury
quickly entered the area and guarded this place closely!
At the same time the order from the black robed man was executed, the entire Charbury had
lost contact with the outside world. All communication devices were shut down!
In the Central Combat Bureau, the master of Turtle Pavilion was stunned when he received
the news! “What? It has gone berserk?” Chandler Curtis straightened up abruptly, shock visible in his
The kingship power had gone out of control!
This completely exceeded his expectations!
He did not expect Spencer Dunley to lose control so quickly. What the hell did Fennel do?
Chandler quickly issued an order and said to Chief Montgomery, “Pass my order immediately. Everyone get ready for level one battle preparations!”
Just when everyone’s scalps were tingling over the rampage of the kingship power and they
were urgently making preparations, a pure black Sword of Kingship suddenly appeared above
This sword of kingship was completely shrouded in a black mist, concealing its true
appearance. It emitted a terrible pressure that made people too terrified to get close. Moreover, the pressure far exceeded that of the other two Swords of Kingship!
Three kings of disciples!
Its appearance immediately aroused the high alert of all disciples in Hampton and the Central
Combat Bureau of Nonagon!
A middle-aged man with a sturdy figure and the demeanor of an overlord with cold eyes like
a blade walked calmly and steadily into the Dunley Manor. Fulton Hash, he was the number one battle god of the Clarke family on Arcadia Island!
He was the king of the seventh zone behind the door of Nonagon!
The First Heir – Chapter 1837
Fulton paid no heed to the kingship energy field formed by Fennel and Spencer. He stepped
forward steadily and walked directly into Dunley Manor. When his impressive figure
appeared, everyone was shocked. It seemed as though there was a breathtaking invisible barrier all over his body. The raging
energy in the surroundings could not get closer than a few meters around him. Hiss!
What a strong sense of oppression from this man?
Even if they were not physically present, just the aura exuded from Fulton would be an
effective deterrent to many people. When the black sword of kingship appeared in the sky, Nonagon’s Central Combat Bureau
was already in pandemonium. All the energy monitoring equipment and satellites were now
mobilized and aimed at the sky over Hampton. Inside the energy data monitoring offices, countless people were walking back and forth
anxiously. All the monitoring instruments constantly flashed with a red light, signaling that
the energy data had gone over the critical limit once again. “Captain, a third kingship power energy fluctuation has appeared over Hampton. It’s far
beyond our monitoring range!”
Simon Greene looked at the data monitoring report in front of him before looking at the
results displayed on the live satellite screen. He almost collapsed!
A small Hampton had attracted three kings of disciples. Moreover, the third king of disciples
who suddenly made an appearance caused such a huge energy fluctuation with his Sword of
Kingship that it exceeded the maximum value that the monitoring equipment in their
division could detect. Simon did not have time to think about it and quickly informed Chief
Montgomery through the satellite phone. At this moment, Chief Montgomery was in the office of Chandler Curtis, the master of Turtle
Pavilion. He suddenly received a call from Simon and asked, “What’s the matter?” On the other end of the line, Simon was unusually anxious as he said, “Chief Montgomery, a
third king of disciples has appeared in Hampton. Moreover, the energy fluctuation of this
third person has exceeded the maximum data value that our division can monitor!”
“What?!” Chief Montgomery scowled. He was extremely flustered and shocked!
lt exceeded the maximum value that the equipment of the Central Combat Division could
monitor. What was the background of this third king of disciple?
Chief Montgomery quickly reported to Chandler, “Pavilion Master, a third king of disciples
has appeared in Hampton.” Chandler seemed to have guessed something. He looked through the glass windows in the
direction of Hampton and said, “I see. What‘s the data monitoring results?”
Cold sweat seeped from Chief Montgomery’s forehead a she said, “Pavilion Master, we don’t
have the results. It has exceeded the maximum value we can monitor.” Hearing this, Chandler frowned as he turned to Chief Montgomery and asked, “Surpassed the
limits?” Chief Montgomery nodded heavily and said, “Who do you think this third king of disciples
could be?” Chandler’s eyes shone brightly. With his hands behind his back, he narrowed his eyes slightly
and muttered, “I only know a few kings of disciples who are capable of exceeding the
maximum energy value that can be monitored by the division.” With that said, Chandler said, “Display the satellite image.” Chief Montgomery responded and quickly issued the order. A wall in Chandler’s office suddenly sunk back. Then, a whole wall of electronic screens
appeared. In the middle of the office, a square high-tech metal console rose from under the
floor tiles. This console emitted a faint blue fluorescent glow and displayed the 3D map of
Hampton in Charbury. Chandler looked at the 3D satellite map of Hampton. With a pinch of his hands, the map
quickly zoomed in on the Dunley Manor. It could be clearly seen on the 3D map screen that
three floating Swords of Kingship were forming a triangular standoff. However, the Sword of Kingship shrouded in black mist was firmly suppressing the other two
Swords of Kingship.
When Chandler saw this Sword of Kingship, his face tensed as a look of astonishment
appeared in his eyes! “How could it be him?” Chandler’s eyes widened as he carefully looked at that image of the
middle-aged man who had stepped into Dunley Manor.
The First Heir – Chapter 1838
At this moment in Dunley Manor, Fulton Hash seemed to sense something. He raised an
eyebrow and looked up at the vast sky. A cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He
raised his hand and pointed at the sky. An invisible wave of energy that wielded control over
all matter launched toward the Satnav-3 satellite system that was targeted over Hampton in
the blink of an eye!
At the same time, all the equipment inside the Central Combat Bureau suddenly failed and all
the staff nearly went crazy. “Ahh! The satellite image is not working!”
“Quickly, mobilize Satnav- 6!”
In Chandler’s office, the 3D map of Hampton also turned into a white screen and
disappeared. Seeing this scene, Chief Montgomery shuddered. He had never seen anything like this before. Just by pointing at the sky, the satellite image was shut down?!
With a face that was solemn and full of doubts, he stared at Chandler who also looked grave. He asked, “Pavilion Master, what is this?” Chandler retracted his gaze and frowned as he sighed, saying, “This is the kingship barrier
that can isolate all prying eyes. He’s the king of the seventh zone.”
Chief Montgomery shuddered from the depths of his soul.
‘The king of the seventh zone?’
‘This person really existed?’ Chief Montgomery had never felt so agitated before. He could hardly believe that he had seen
with his own eyes the king of disciples of the seventh zone!
In other words, that person was the forbidden existence!
Chandler scowled and said to Chief Montgomery, “This matter has exceeded the jurisdiction
of our division. I need to contact the other four pavilion masters immediately and ask for
their opinions.” Chief Montgomery nodded and responded, “I understand.” Chandler turned around and quickly walked out of this office with Chief Montgomery
following closely behind. The two took one of the elevators dedicated to this building and
headed down. ***
In Dunley Manor.
Fulton withdrew his gaze and looked at the crumbling silver Sword of Kingship in the sky. There was a look of regret in his eyes as he stared at Spencer who was in a state of rampage. He said, “If you’re willing to give up your kingship, I can save your life. However, I will
reclaim the source of your kingship.” Spencer was in a state of berserk at this moment. His black hair was disheveled, his eyes were
like two silver lamps, and the silver snake brand between his eyebrows was extremely bright. He raged with manic sword energy. His person was surrounded by small silver swords
floating in the air. High above the sky, the huge lightsaber that was made up of thousands of silver longswords
slashed at Fennel and Fulton following an angry roar from Spencer! “Slay!” Fennel frowned and gripped the red dragon halberd in his hand tightly. Like a cheetah that
was about to dash away, he stomped his feet on the ground and prepared to launch out!
However, next to him, Fulton’s eyes froze. He said, “For the people of Hampton, I can only
do this to you.” After saying that, Fulton’s eyes flashed, leaving a black afterimage on the spot where he was!
In a split second, Fulton was already standing in front of Spencer. With an explosive punch
that carried the power of thunderbolt, he smashed into the shield of sword energy that had
formed around Spencer’s body.
The First Heir – Chapter 1839
When Fulton’s fist collided with Spencer’s sword energy shield, the shield instantly cracked
and shattered. The raging energy tore through the void and the terrifying pressure exploded
in all directions. Bang!
Fulton’s powerful force from the punch did not dissipate. Instantly, Spencer’s entire body was knocked down by Fulton’s powerful punch. He fell back
and crashed into the ground like a ball of silver light!
A huge pit more than ten meters wide appeared in the ground. For more than ten meters, the
land turned into scorched earth where all the grass was singed!
Fulton’s punch directly broke through Spencer’s kingship energy field. This was their
difference in strength. The huge lightsaber that was high in the sky also instantly disintegrated and crumbled!
The sword of kingship dissipated in a flash, fading into nothing.
Fennel stood on the spot and frowned. Seeing this scene, a flash of helplessness appeared on
his face before he retracted the red dragon halberd. At the same time, Spencer was covered in cuts and bruises. They were wounds caused by
Fulton‘s punch and the backlash from his sword energy. The clothes on Spencer’s body had ripped apart and turned to ashes. With his eyes wide open, he looked at the blue sky and the white clouds. He saw a few fallen leaves that danced before
his eyes. He lost!
Was this the strength of the king of the disciple of the seventh zone?
Was this the power of the punch from an undefeated legend?
Spencer chuckled. He was upset about the loss but also very satisfied. If he fought with the
power gained from the rampage, perhaps he could have killed Fennel today. However, the
price would be the destruction of Hampton. Spencer saw the resolute face that was reflected in his eyes, always so serious and cold. “Spencer Dunley, per the lord’s order, the source of your kingship power will be retracted,” Fulton said coldly. Spencer laughed, violently coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood, and said, “Fulton Hash, if
I’m not mistaken, the source of my kingship is for him, right?”
Fulton’s cold eyes that were like knives twitched slightly. He said, “There are some things
that you aren’t authorized to know. Although you’ve lost the source of kingship, you won‘t
die. The lord’s compensation to you is the essence of life, which can sustain your vitality for
ten years.” After that, Fulton tossed a test tube filled with red liquid. It fell from the air and landed
quietly next to Spencer’s head. Spencer glanced at the test tube with red liquid and laughed miserably as he said, “On the
lonely path of kingship, I have finally reached this step.” Fulton did not answer but looked at Spencer quietly, waiting for him to finish speaking. Spencer asked with a miserable smile, “When did you make me a target?” Fulton replied, “No one can figure out the lord’s plans. You’re just a pawn. Although there’s
been a slight deviation, this is ultimately your destiny and also what awaits us.” Spencer was silent as he looked at the blue sky and white clouds. After a long while, he asked, “Is he the chosen one?” Fulton nodded and answered, “Yes.” Spencer understood. Suddenly, he seemed to have figured many things out. He said, “Time is
running out. I hope he can grow up soon.”
“He’s growing,” Fulton replied. Then, he reached out with one hand, made a grabbing
motion between Spencer’s eyebrows, and said, “It’ll be painful, but you should be able to
bear it.” Spencer did not speak but closed his eyes and smiled.
The First Heir – Chapter 1840
The next second, a miserable howl resounded throughout Dunley Manor!
That figure roared indignantly like a desperate man. In the huge scorched pit of more than
ten meters, a blinding silvery mass of light glowed for a full minute before disappearing. Then, Fulton held a round glass crystal ball with his fingers. Inside the ball was a 3D
geometrical crystal cage that trapped a silver snake that was constantly moving back and
forth. “Thanks,” Fulton said. As he left the scorched pit, he glanced at Sterling Dunley who suddenly appeared not far
away. Sterling looked at Spencer who was passed out in the pit and a flicker of helplessness flashed
in his eyes. He said to Fulton, “Has the plan begun?” Fulton nodded and replied, “It has already started, earlier than the lord predicted.” Sterling was silent as he motioned for someone to take Spencer back. Fulton turned around and prepared to leave the Dunley Manor. When he passed by Fennel, he glanced at him and said, “The lord only told you to teach the Dunley family a little lesson. He didn’t ask you to make such a big commotion.”
Fennel’s red halberd was behind his back. He shrugged and said, “My sister’s death can’t go
unavenged.” Fulton did not comment but left with his impressive back facing Fennel. Fennel glanced at Sterling, who was looking at him with a face full of anger and hatred. He
said nonchalantly with his hands behind his neck, “Sterling Dunley, don’t look at me that
way. My grudge against the Dunley family is considered resolved as of today.” With that said, Fennel turned around and left as well. Sterling looked at the two people who had departed, then at the dilapidated Dunley Manor. Deep hatred welled in his heart. Just as he turned around and was about to look at Spencer, three figures draped in black robes with triangular patterns branded on their chests suddenly
appeared behind him. “Sterling Dunley, order from the left deputy commander of Nonagon!” Sterling was shocked when he heard the words and quickly said with a how, “I shall receive
the order.” The man in the middle of the group took out a black iron token branded with the pattern of
the big dipper from his robe and said, “The left deputy commander has a message for
Patriarch Dunley.” Sterling quickly responded, “Please go on.”
“If the Dunley family wants to survive, it’s better to break all cooperation with the Clarke
family and submit to Nonagon. Nonagon will do its best to protect the Dunley family. I
wonder what Patriarch Dunley thinks about it?” the black robed man asked. Sterling was taken aback. After a long silence, he smiled and replied, “Lord Enforcer, my
Dunley family has just suffered a disaster. As you can see, the Dunley family still needs me to
deal with the aftermath. Why don’t you wait until I’m done organizing everything before I
give my reply to the left deputy commander?” The black- robed man smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. The left deputy commander has
said that you can take your time to consider this. As long as you agree to submit to Nonagon
and the left deputy commander, Charbury will always belong to the Dunley family. In six
months, once the restriction in the fifth zone is lifted, the Dunley family will receive a spot to
enter. At that time, it won’t be impossible for the Dunley family to produce another king of
disciples. ” Hearing this, Sterling’s heart stirred as he asked nervously, “Did the left deputy commander
agree to this?” The black robed man smiled and said, “Patriarch Dunley, this opportunity is too good to miss. I hope you will think about it carefully.” With that said, the three black- robed men disappeared in a flash and left the Dunley Manor. Sterling stood in place with a strange glow in his eyes. If the Dunley family produced another
king of disciples…

When Philip was in the hotel suite, he felt the rampant energy fluctuations!
When he finally recovered his senses, Fennel had already pushed the door open and entered. He sat on the sofa, crossed his legs, and said with a laugh, “Brother, aren’t you going to
congratulate me?”



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