The First Heir novel Chapter 1851-1880

The First Heir – Chapter 1851
However, the dozens of black-suited thugs on the opposite side remained
silent. They merely stared at the men in combat uniforms. A little while later, the group of black-suited thugs formed a path. From
behind them, a man with an imposing figure walked out. Victor Bell. At this moment, he walked out and frowned when he saw the jeeps and men in
green uniforms. When did Young Master Clarke mess with these people?
This was a big deal! “Everyone, I’m sorry. May I ask what your reason for taking Young Master
Clarke away is?” Victor was still polite. After all, he was just an underground
lord in the Uppercreek area. Compared to these people from a combat squad, he was still far behind. If this came to a fight, he would definitely lose. Thus, Victor restrained his
emotions and held a tight grip over his men. A man in uniform next to Junior Commander Weiss barked at Victor coldly at
this moment, “You have no right to ask. Quickly get out of the way!”
Hearing this, Victor’s eyes froze. He glanced at the jeep Philip was in and said
with a laugh, “That might be a little troublesome. You can’t just take the
person in the car away so willfully. Even if you want to take him away, you
have to give a reason.”
“A reason?”
Junior Commander Weiss, who had not said a word, sneered at this moment. Then, he walked toward Victor in his shiny leather boots. With blazing eyes, he stared at Victor fixedly and asked gravely, “Are you asking me for a
reason?” Victor dared not make a sound as he looked at the man in front of him. Although his body was thin and slender, he exuded a formidable aura and
gave off heavy pressure akin to a mountain. It caused Victor’s forehead to drip
with cold sweat. He chuckled and said, “Of course not. Your unit must be classified. I know I
have no right to question you. However, the one in the car is my young master. If you take away an innocent person for no reason, you’ll be crossing the
“Crossing the line?”
Junior Commander Weiss sneered and kicked out with his foot!
Instantly, Victor was kicked away by Junior Commander Weiss. Fortunately, the group of men behind Victor quickly supported him as he stabilized himself. However, Victor’s face looked very unpleasant. He might have broken some
ribs. “This is crossing the line!”
Junior Commander Weiss said coldly before he swept his gaze over the group
of black-suited thugs. He shouted angrily, “I, Hal Weiss, will give you a final
warning. Get out of the way immediately. Otherwise, I’ll take it as everyone
here is colluding with the enemy and you’ll be punished on the spot!”
This order carried Junior Commander Weiss’ battle hardened prestige!
Indeed, it shocked many people present!
Victor stood up with great difficulty. The pain in his stomach made his
complexion turn bad. He was just about to say something when the window of the jeep rolled down, revealing Philip’s smiling face. He said, “Victor, go back. You can’t intervene
in this.”
“Young Master Clarke, this…” Victor endured the pain and wanted to say
Philip just shook his head and said, “Protect Madam. You don’t have to worry
about the rest. Also, if a person named Fennel Leigh comes looking for me in
the hotel today, you may tell him that I’ve been taken away.” Hearing that, Victor could only nod in response. After that, he motioned to all his men to make way. Soon, the jeeps drove
away and left in front of Victor and the rest.
The First Heir – Chapter 1852
Looking at the jeeps that were driving away, Victor said worriedly, “Send me
back and immediately secure the hotel. Make sure to protect the madam’s
safety. Also, inform Theo Zander of Riverdale and the patriarch of the Jensen
family in Uppercreek that Young Master Clarke has been taken away by the
members of the combat squad.”
“Master Bell, you should go to the hospital first.” Seeing the cold sweat on
Victor’s forehead, an underling advised. Victor nodded and said, “You guys make the arrangements. I can go to the
hospital myself.” On this side, after the jeeps left Uppercreek, they drove for more than two
hours and left the border of South River District before entering the vast
mountains. This place was not far from the border of Charbury. Surrounded by
wide stretches of mountain ranges, the vehicles sped along the winding
mountain highway. These people did not blindfold Philip, as if to say that he had no chance of
leaving once he was taken away this time. About an hour later, the car entered the boundaries of Charbury and headed
straight toward the development area of Songfield in Charbury, where
countless factories could be found. Philip looked at his surroundings. He never expected that he would retum to
Charbury, the place he just left.
The land of Charbury fell under the central region. If he remembered correctly, it should be the fiefdom of that supreme. Was it not the former supreme who
wanted to take him away, then?
As he thought about it, the car had already entered a chemical plant. Construction was going on all around the chemical plant, and the air was filled
with a pungent smell. Philip could not help but inhale two mouthfuls and almost choked to death. He looked at the signboard at the entrance of the plant, Songfield Wentworth
Chemical Ltd. It was a listed company too. Interestingly enough, the base of the Internal Combat Division Investigation
Bureau was actually inside a chemical plant. In other words, this factory was
the identity they put on for the outside world to see. As the jeeps entered the vicinity of the plant, Junior Commander Weiss, who
sat on the front passenger seat, revealed a relieved look on his cold face. Needless to say, Philip detected the change in the other party’s expression. In
that case, this place was their stronghold. Soon, the vehicles passed the front of the factory and headed straight to an
office building. Philip glanced around the office building and saw a dozen
people on patrol. Although they were dressed in casual outfits, the way they
looked at the vehicles could not be mistaken. Only former combat personnel
could produce that piercing look.
Moreover, as the car continued to drive farther in, several gates at the back
were guarded by personnel wearing green combat uniforms and armed with
guns. Once here, there was basically no need to hide. When Philip looked up to a certain high platform, he even saw a blinding glare. It must be a hidden sniper. Things were getting more and more interesting. As
the car drove in and passed through several closely guarded gates, the car
slowly went underground and the line of sight began to darken. At this time, Philip’s gaze also gradually became cold because Junior
Commander Weiss had taken out a walkie talkie, not a mobile phone. This
meant that there was no signal in the surroundings. It seemed that this group of people was determined to trap him here at all
costs. “Is this the stronghold of your Internal Combat Division Investigation Bureau?
It’s quite interesting. The defense facilities and personnel around here are
pretty good. In the past, one of our squads specialized in infiltrating and
executing the leaders of such strongholds,” Philip said coldly. When Hal Weiss, who was at the front, heard this, he turned his head and
looked at Philip. He asked, “Were you a soldier too?”
Philip shrugged, crossed his arms over his chest, and said flatly, “Oh? You
brought me here without checking my information?”
Hal scowled. After thinking about it, he sneered and said, “I didn’t expect that
you were a soldier too. It’s a pity. But I’m warning you, don’t think about
escaping. This place is not as simple as you think. I advise you to give up that
unrealistic idea because it’ll cost you your life!”
The First Heir – Chapter 1853
A flash of contempt crossed Hal‘s eyes when he finished speaking. This was his turf. No matter how strong the other party was, how could he
escape from this heavily guarded place?
That was simply wishful thinking. Once here, Philip need not dream of getting
out. This place was the tomb of all villains!
One bullet from each person and anyone who harbored the intention of
escaping would be riddled with bullets. Soon, the car came to the end of the road and stopped on open ground. They
were already underground. The surrounding dim
wall lights made one feel as if they had arrived in an underground cage. Although underground, the air circulation here was good, indicating that the
ventilation facilities here were very admirable. Moreover, to build such a large
underground office, it was enough to display the strength and means of the
people behind. Philip got off the jeep and looked around. Several men with guns came for the
handover. He smiled and said to Hal, “Junior Commander Weiss, I’m getting more
curious now. I really wonder which supreme you belong to that he’s greeting
me with such pompadour. Also, by bringing me to such a heavily guarded
place, have you made up your mind not to release me?”
Hal turned his face sideways, looked at Philip indifferently, and said, “You
don’t need to know so much. The more you know, the worse it will be for
you.” After that, Hal said a few words to the people who came for the handover
before waving his hand as a signal for them to take Philip away. The two men armed with guns approached and wanted to grab Philip’s
shoulders, but the latter narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Try touching me
if you dare.”
Seeing the coldness reflected in Philip’s eyes, the two men armed with guns
suddenly froze and glanced at Hal. Hal frowned and said, “Just let him be.”
Even Hal was startled by the intensity displayed by Philip just now. One would not possess that kind of killing intent without experiencing life and
death on the battlefield. In other words, this guy had experienced the cruelest
and most desperate conditions!
In tandem with what Philip had said earlier about him being engaged in such
executions before, Hal had pretty much guessed Philip’s identity and strength. He had always respected such warriors, but times were different, and he was
now acting under orders.
After thinking about it, Hal turned his head and said with a cold glint in his
eyes, “No matter what special missions you used to take part, since you’re
now here, I hope you can follow orders obediently and don’t make things
difficult for me. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time!”
Philip narrowed his eyes and sneered, “I look forward to it.” Hal looked at Philip coldly and said a little indifferently, “Are you provoking
“Provoking?” Philip smiled mockingly and said, “To deal with people like
you, I don’t need to do that yet. The reason I came with you is to see who
stands behind you and who’s the one giving you orders. Otherwise, there’s no
way you could’ve brought me here.” Hal frowned upon hearing that. He did not bother talking to Philip anymore
and said to his subordinates, “Take him over and lock him up for a few days. Remember to take good care of him!” Hal emphasized the words ‘good care’. Now that he was here, he was already as good as half-dead!
Soon, Philip was brought by two combatants to a certain room where vicious
criminals were held. This room was similar to a cage, with walls on three sides
made of concrete that could not be breached without special tools.
The fourth side was a reinforced steel door. It could be said that this was a
cage no one could escape from. Philip took a few glances. There were five or six people locked up in the room, all of them ferocious looking. Most of them were foreigners. Those who were
locked up here were most likely not decent people probably agents or spies
from other countries.
The First Heir – Chapter 1854
After a few brief glances, Philip understood the strength of the people in the
room. These people, with ruthless glints and killing intent in their eyes, were villains
who had experienced life and death. Such ferocity was not an emotion but a
kind of savagery imprinted in the bones. If Philip was never with the Dragon
Warriors, he would not be able to deal with these people. Seeing Philip being brought in, the few guys in the room flicked him a cold
glance before minding their own business or closing their eyes to rest. It seemed that no one took Philip seriously. The only difference was that Philip’s clothes were different from their prison
uniforms. Philip chose a corner and sat down, his mind racing with thoughts. He was
wondering who wanted him dead this time or if they wanted to keep him
locked up in here forever. The biggest possibility was that former supreme. However, the territory of
Charbury was not affiliated with that guy. This was a little tricky.
As Philip thought about it, he simply lay on the bed, closed his eyes, and got
ready to rest. This scene was clearly recorded by the camera in the corner. At the same time in an office, Hal respectfully said to the back of a valiant
looking person in front of him, “Miss Una, that person has been brought in
and is now locked in Warehouse 8. As per your instructions, some bloodthirsty
killers are also being held inside.”
That figure in front was not at all simple. It was someone from the Nonagon. The instructions Hal Weiss received were to act upon her orders. “Very good.”
That beautiful figure stood with her hands behind her back as she said coldly. At first glance, one could tell that this figure belonged to a woman. She wore a
lavender tight-fitting outfit, had a hot figure, and had a pair of long legs. She
was a delicate beauty. Just her side profile alone was gorgeous enough, like a flower that was about
to bloom. It caused men to be unable to move their eyes away from her.
Suddenly, she turned around. Her face was so beautiful that Hal Weiss, who
had never experienced any stir of emotions, could not help being stunned and
It was the first time he saw such a beautiful woman. Especially her lavender
eyes that were like deep pools of temptation. They seemed to exude attractive
magic that made people unconsciously want to open their hearts to her. “Oh, am I beautiful?” The corners of the woman’s lips curled up. Her giggle
made the man gasp. Hal was startled and snapped back to his senses. He quickly lowered his head
and explained, “I’m sorry. I have no intention of offending you. Please forgive
me.” Miss Una smiled and said, “It’s okay. You’re not the first man to show me that
look, but you’re unlike others.” Hal’s cheeks could not help but heat up at those words. His subordinates
would be shocked if they saw that. Hal had always been a cold and aloof
person, with only his home country in his mind. A hardened man who once
led dozens of men in battle and annihilated thousands of enemy troops was
actually blushing at this moment. “Did he ask who brought him here?” Miss Una asked, a playful smile flashing
from the corner of her eyes. Hal replied, “He did, but we have a confidentiality agreement. He doesn’t
know Miss Una’s identity yet.”
“Well done. Bring me there. I want to see what this Philip Clarke is capable of
to make my mother treat him with such caution.” A cold smile of curiosity
and eagerness appeared at the corner of the woman’s mouth.
The First Heir – Chapter 1855
Hal’s expression changed as he quickly said, “Miss Una, I don’t recommend
that you go there now as your identity is too special. If Philip notices anything, it might get a little troublesome.” Mandy Una’s shapely eyebrows furrowed before she chuckled. She sized up
this interesting junior commander in front of her and asked, “Are you worried
about me?” Hal looked embarrassed and quickly shook his head while explaining, “No, Miss Una, you’ve misunderstood. I just…”
“Hahaha…” Mandy giggled, her voice like tinkling bells that made Hal’s heart jump
ablaze. “Well, don’t worry about me. I‘m just going to take a look. Lead the way.” Mandy had already stepped out when she finished speaking. Hal looked at the swaying graceful and enticing back before hurrying to catch
up to her. He said, “Miss Una, this Philip Clarke…” His voice faded. Soon, Hal led the tall and charming Mandy to Warehouse 8, the most heavily
guarded underground cage.
She stood three or four meters away from the steel railings of Warehouse 8,
just looking at Philip lying on the bed from afar. A slight smile appeared on
her mouth. Hal stood next to Mandy with a respectful look on his face and whispered, “Miss Una, do you need me to wake him up?” Mandy nodded. Following that, Hal walked to the steel railings and yelled coldly at Philip, who was resting with his hands under his head, “Philip Clarke, get up. Someone is here to see you.” Upon hearing that, Philip opened his eyes slightly, raised his head, and looked
at. the poker faced Hal Weiss. Then, he noticed the woman behind him with
her arms crossed over her chest. Her delicate figure exuded the charms of a
mature woman. Philip had never seen this woman before. Was this the person behind the
Too young. It seemed that. she was not the big fish, just one sent to test the waters. Hence, Philip ignored them and continued to lie on the bed while saying
indifferently, “What’s up? If there’s nothing, don’t disturb my rest.”
Hearing Philip’s nonchalant words, Hal clenched his fists in anger and said
coldly, “Audacious! How dare you be so disrespectful to Miss Una?!” Ashe said that, Hal ordered someone to open the warehouse door, wanting to
go in and teach Philip a good lesson. However, behind him, Mandy’s high heels clattered enticingly. She
approached the steel railings and raised her hand, signaling Hal to stop. Then, she looked at Philip carefully with her beautiful and mesmerizing eyes. With a
soft exclamation, she said, “He looks just like an ordinary person. Why would
mother treat him with such caution?” Of course, Philip heard her remark. He frowned and sat upright. With serious
eyes and a taunting smile on the corners of his mouth, he stared at Mandy and
asked, “Beautiful lady, may I ask who is your mother? Why did you bring me
here?” When Mandy heard Philip’s words, she was slightly startled. With a slight
smile, she said, “I didn’t expect you to still be in the mood to compliment me
after getting here.”
Philip shrugged and said, “Beauty is meant to be praised. If you’re happy with
my compliment, tell me who’s behind you and what your purpose is.”
The corners of Mandy‘s mouth turned up as she pretended to be cute. She
pressed her slender jade like fingers to her fiery red lips, pouted, and said, “I’m indeed happy to be praised by a stranger for being beautiful, but I can’t
answer your questions.”
After saying that, Mandy smiled slyly as she looked at Philip with curiosity. Philip shrugged, lay down on the bed again, and said no more.
The First Heir – Chapter 1856
Seeing that scene, Hal said to Mandy respectfully, “Miss Una, let’s go.” Mandy nodded and turned around. After taking a couple of steps, she turned
around again and glanced at Philip who was lying there. ‘This man was quite interesting.’ Not long after leaving, Mandy’s previous cutesy demeanor was replaced by a
cold and aloof look. She said to Hal who was following behind her, “Junior
Commander Weiss, this person must be guarded under enforced security. I
can’t help feeling that he’s not as simple as he appears to be.”
“Not simple?” Hal was taken aback before he laughed mockingly and said, “Miss Una, you worry too much. No one can escape alive after getting here. He may have been a former soldier with some skills and brains, but now that
he’s here, he’s no more than a normal person.”
In Hal’s opinion, Philip was just a warrior before and had some skills. However, that was about it. Hal overlooked Philip’s skills because many vicious villains were secretly
imprisoned here, all top agents or assassins of a certain country. Any random
person picked out from this group could kill Philip in seconds. Mandy nodded. The two returned to the office, and Mandy immediately
looked at the surveillance screen of the prison cage where Philip was being
kept. Looking at the lying figure, a strong look of curiosity and mocking
appeared in her eyes. “Junior Commander Weiss, I don’t want him to live comfortably these few
days. Do you know what I mean?” Mandy turned to look at Hal next to her. Hal naturally understood and nodded his head in response. “Miss Una, your
order will be carried out.” Mandy nodded. Of course, she knew that those people locked up in Warehouse
8 were the top agents and killers of all countries. For a guy like Philip to stay
in there, he would probably start begging for mercy within a day. ***
Back to Philip. He lay on the hardwood bed and kept thinking of
countermeasures. His mind had never been so clear before. Many things
flashed before his eyes like a movie. Even his plan to return to Arcadia Island
slowly evolved and enhanced in his mind. Mandy just stared at the monitoring screen, her shapely brows slowly
furrowing. She never thought that this guy could still fall asleep so leisurely in
such an environment. Should he not be anxious and nervous? Moreover, the atmosphere in
Warehouse 8 was too harmonious. Mandy turned her head and looked at Hal unhappily.
Hal was startled. Just now, he was looking at Mandy’s graceful S-shaped
silhouette as she bent over to look at the surveillance screen. Especially that
perky made him a little distracted. Now that their two gazes collided, Hal quickly took out the walkie-talkie and
ordered, “Try him out. Don’t let him sleep so peacefully.”
Soon, as seen in the surveillance footage, a foreigner with tanned skin walked
up to Philip. With fierce eyes, he frowned as he looked at this newcomer who
had his eyes closed. Strong displeasure appeared in his eyes. Philip was resting when he felt a vicious kick from someone. It made him
upset. He opened his eyes and saw a petite man in front of him. He was the only
person with such stature among these six people. “What’s up?” Philip asked with a frown.
The First Heir – Chapter 1857
“Hey, newcomer, clean this place up, understand?”
The man with tanned skin looked at Philip contemptuously and mocked, “It’s
your turn for cleaning duties now. Use your towel and clean the toilet!”
Before Philip entered, the villains locked up in Warehouse 8 had already
received instructions from Hal Weiss that they needed to take good care of the
newcomer. By doing this, they could get the chance to go out for some fresh
air. They had been locked underground for several years now, facing the gray
walls and steel railings every second of the day. To them, escape and freed om
were extravagant hopes. Being able to go above ground to see the sky and breathe in some fresh air was
their only pursuit now. Since the order from the top was for them to teach this
newcomer a lesson, not only could they get some exercise but they could also
go out, which naturally made them eager to take a shot at Philip. Moreover, they heard that this newcomer was a rookie, so when Philip just arrived, they
treated him dismissively and did not even look at him directly. Philip looked
at the urinal pit in the corner with dark yellow liquid splashed all over the
place. He flicked a cold glance at it before retracting his gaze. Still lying down, he
said to the foreigner with an unhappy expression, “Clean it yourself if you
want to. I’m not doing it.”
With that said, Philip continued to close his eyes, not paying attention to the
foreigner in front of him at all. “Damn it, you’re quite arrogant, huh? I have the final say on who cleans the
toilet, not you!” The foreigner’s eyes were full of anger and mockery. He
pointed at the pit and shouted coldly, “I’m ordering you to clean it up now!
Otherwise, I’ll shove your head into the urinal, you son of a btch!” This petite man was called Tyrone, an assassin from Country T who infiltrated into this country. He specialized in intelligence transmission activities. He was caught by local authorities a few years ago and had been detained here since. He could be considered a very skillful agent who once escaped from the siege of dozens of people, but in the end, he encountered Hal Weiss. Everyone in Warehouse 8, whether sitting or lying down, were first class agents. Compared to the rest, Tyrone was nothing but rubbish. When he first came in, he was overbearing and refused to yield to anyone. However, after just being locked up in here overnight, he conceded and completely caved in! There was nothing but maniacs and freaks in Warehouse 8! At the thought that he once suffered the brokeback mountain humiliation, Tyrone felt disgusted and had goosebumps all over! Now, the opportunity was finally here and Tyrone was wildly ecstatic. He was best at bullying a newcomer. However, from the current looks of things, this newcomer named Philip Clarke was obviously a little arrogant, which really annoyed him. Philip merely lifted his eyelids slightly, looked at Tyrone coldly, and said with a frown, “I have to clean just because you told me to? Who said so?” In fact, Philip knew clearly that this was likely the orientation program. He had been with the Dragon Warriors in the past and naturally knew some of the rules. It was really interesting that such a lowly tactic was being used on him now. As he said that, he tilted his head slightly and glanced at the camera with a red light in the corner. Some people were bound to be disappointed. The First Heir – Chapter 1858 Seeing Philip’s irritable temper, Tyrone got annoyed and roared furiously, “I said so! I have the final say in Warehouse 8! If you dare say another word, I’ll kill you right now!” While saying this, Tyrone was a little apprehensive. After all, he did not have the final say in Warehouse 8. However, none of the others wanted to take this credit away from him. All of them were seemingly unconcerned. “Is that so?” A faint smile appeared on Philip’s face. This was getting more and more interesting, so he would play along. Tyrone’s anger was close to exploding. He raised his fist to punch Philip in the face when suddenly, the latter sat up straight, stared at Tyrone with a mocking smile, and said, “Let’s play this game, then. You go and clean up the urinal pit. If I find a drop of urine, I’ll make you drink all of it!” Tyrone was already startled when Philip abruptly sat up. Upon hearing such arrogant words from the other party, he was furious! “You’re fcking dead!”
Tyrone went over and grabbed Philip by the collar. He sized Philip up as a
cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He said, “Oh, this shirt is not
bad. Take it off and let me wear it!”
Philip looked at the other party indifferently, smiled slightly, raised his
eyebrows, and said, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t let go by then, you can
say goodbye to your hand.”
Tyrone was not a street punk and naturally would not be intimidated by a few
simple words from Philip. With a fierce scowl, he sneered and said, “Damn
you, you piece of trash! You don’t know the rules and even want to threaten
me? In that case, I’ll let you know today who the boss here is!” After saying that, Tyrone raised his iron hard fist and slung it at Philip’s face!
At the sight of such powerful force and speed, Philip merely chuckled without
paying any heed to it. He shook his head slightly, stretched out his hand
casually, and easily grabbed the opponent’s fist. Then, Philip twisted a
backhand and Tyrone immediately screamed. His entire body followed the
force exerted by Philip and he turned his back to Philip. Philip kicked the other party’s ass and Tyrone instantly lost his center of
gravity. He crashed into the concrete on the opposite side and his head
immediately swelled!
This was just a simple counterattack from Philip. He had not exerted his full
strength at all. Otherwise, Tyrone would probably be dead from the crash just
now. Tyrone clutched his head and slumped to the ground, feeling dizzy. He flexed
his arm as he grunted a curse, “Newcomer, you’re looking for death!”
With that said, Tyrone got up and raised his leg again, wanting to kick Philip
to death. He was simply too careless just now. He did not expect the other
party to have some skills. “Back down!” However, at this moment, a muffled roar interrupted Tyrone’s attack!
Immediately after, a tall and sturdy foreign man with a bear like figure, a
shiny head, and a dark complexion stood up from the bed. With a frosty look
on his face, he flexed his neck from side to side, producing cracking sounds. As soon as he stood up, he was one head taller than Philip. With a raging cruel
and mocking look in his eyes, he looked at the newcomer condescendingly. When Tyrone saw this man stepping forward, he naturally stood aside like a
good boy. There was an unconcealed sneer at the corners of his mouth. Now that this big guy was about to take action, this newcomer was bound to
The First Heir – Chapter 1859
In the office, Mandy Una and Hal Weiss were staring at the surveillance screen. A faint sneer appeared on the forrner’s face. She was eager to see what exactly
was so extraordinary about Philip Clarke that made her mother give the order
to trap him inside here. Hal also looked at the surveillance screen with uncontrolled pride in his eyes. He laughed sarcastically as he said, “Miss Una, as long as this agent from
Country M makes a move, this kid won’t remain alive and kicking.”
Philip’s eyes were slightly narrowed at the moment. With his arms across his
chest, he looked at the bear like man in front of him and said with a smile, “Do you have an opinion?”
The agent from Country M did not like Philip’s provocative attitude at all. Making use of his tall figure, he reached out and grabbed Philip’s head, trying
to dunk him. However, before his hand touched Philip’s head, a huge force slammed into
the agent’s stomach!
The burly bear-like man was kicked and sent crashing into a wall before he fell
to the ground with a loud bang. From his appearance, he seemed to weigh at
least 100 kg. When he fell, the entire ground shook. This agent was a good
fighter in Warehouse 8, but Philip had sent him flying with just one move!
This made Tyrone dumbfounded for quite a while. Obviously, the agent from
Country M had belittled his opponent too much that he got kicked like that. Many people were shocked at the scene and felt that it was unbelievable.
Under such circumstances, the other four people who were still indifferent
earlier when watching the excitement coldly stood up at this moment. Philip swept his eyes over them as a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth. He clapped his hands indifferently, looked at them nonchalantly, and hooked
his fingers at them. He said provocatively, “Do you want to come at me
together? Come on, then.” His clear eyes blatantly revealed contempt and disregard. “Let’s attack together and kill him! Let’s show this kid what this place is!”
The agent from Country M on the ground roared at this moment. He clearly
felt that his abdomen and internal organs had suffered a huge impact. With the kick just now, he understood that the newcomer in front of him was
not a rookie at all!
Such explosive power could only be possessed by special personnel who had
undergone special training. As soon as he said that, the remaining few people rushed over with a fierce
look on their faces. They wanted to make a move on Philip. However, at this moment, one of the men who had been lying in the corner
opened his eyes leisurely. He cursed angrily, “So noisy! Can’t you let me sleep
in peace?”
When Philip heard this voice, his heart suddenly jolted. It sounded familiar. Then, the few people who surrounded Philip stopped moving when they heard
the man in the corner talking. After that, they stood on both sides respectfully
and bowed to the man who stood up while stretching. They said, “Ethan, are
you awake?”
The man was obviously a local with an arrogant and disdainful attitude. His
hands were in his trouser pockets, and he had a sluggish appearance. He
walked up to the Country M agent who stood on one side after getting up from
the ground while clutching his stomach. He slapped the agent on the head and
reprimanded him like he was scolding a child, “You stupid bear, is that all
you’ve got? You even got kicked out by a newcomer. Don’t you think that
you’re a disgrace to Country M?”
The brawny agent lowered his head, nodded vigorously, and said, “You’re
right.” Although that arrogant and handsome man was wearing prison garb, it could
hardly conceal his noble and domineering demeanor. He walked to Tyrone who had disrespected Philip earlier, looked at his arm, and chided, “Useless piece of trash. Your punishment is to clean the urinal pit
for a month!” When Tyrone heard that, his face was ashen and he wanted to cry. Likewise, he looked at Philip with deeper resentment. However, he dared not make any
retort in front of this Ethan guy.
This was what made Warehouse 8 so terrifying. This man was a nightmare for
all of them!
The First Heir – Chapter 1860
Immediately after, Tyrone quickly said, “Ethan, you can’t blame us for this. This kid is too cocky. He just came in yet dares to be so lawless. In the future, he might even go over your head.”
Tyrone had not done too well after infiltrating this country but he had
perfected the art of sowing discord. The handsome man frowned at this time. He turned around and looked coldly
at Philip who sat on the bed. He asked, “Hey, who is that kid? How dare he
throw his weight around on my turf?” However, when he finally saw Philip’s face clearly, he exclaimed in shock and
froze on the spot! “Ethan, what’s wrong with you?” Tyrone could not help asking. Ethan was the maniac of Warehouse 8. No! To be precise, the maniac of the
entire underground prison!
He held the title of Battle Maniac. Everyone who was brought here had been
brutally abused by Ethan. No matter which country’s agent they were or if they were a wanted person in
more than a dozen countries, once they got here, everyone would be taken
care of and tamed by Ethan.
However, Ethan was now looking at Philip as if he had seen a ghost!
There was even a trace of fear and respect in his expression. The handsome man completely ignored Tyrone’s words and looked at Philip
with a shocked expression. After a long while, he finally shouted, “Oh my, Big
Brother, why are you here?”
‘Big brother?!’ As soon as these words were spoken, all the people in Warehouse 8 were
Philip was also very helpless at this moment. He sat on the bed, shrugged as he
stood up, and said with a smile, “Ethan Clarke, you sure live a comfortable life. You’ve recruited many underlings here, huh? No wonder Uncle Tim said he
hasn’t been able to find you recently. To think that you’re hiding here.” Hearing this, Ethan showed a look of surrender. He scratched the back of his
head and grimaced as he said, “Big Brother, this… I had nothing better to do
so I came in here for some peace and quiet.”
“Nothing better to do? Peace and quiet?” Philip chuckled. He knew his
cousin best. He was mischievous since he was a child and caused a lot of trouble. Later, he
was sent to Reed Williams for training and finally settled down for a few years. He did not expect to run into this rascal here.
Ethan looked like a mouse in front of a cat. In fact, he was always beaten up
miserably by Philip when he was a child. He smiled shyly and grumbled, “It’s
all because of my old man who insisted on arranging a marriage for me. I
don’t even know what the girl looks like and he wants me to marry her. Besides, how old am I? I still want to play around for a few more years.” Upon hearing that, Philip patted Ethan on the shoulder, shook his head, and
said, “You’re still too young. One day in the future, you’ll regret it.” At the same time, Tyrone asked with an incredulous face, “Ethan, do you
know him?”
Ethan turned his head and glared at Tyrone. He went over and slapped him
silly before saying coldly to the bloodthirsty agent and spies, “All stand at
Instantly, the six vicious and terrifying villains of the underground prison
stood at attention with their heads held high while waiting for instructions. If
word of this got out, the entire underground prison would be in an uproar!
Ethan stood with his hands behind his back and introduced, “To give you a
grand introduction, this is my elder brother and also your big brother! From
now on, we’re a family. Do you understand?”
The First Heir – Chapter 1861
When facing Philip and Ethan, the several men of varying heights were as
fearful and well-behaved as a mouse in front of a cat. “Big Brother!”
In unison!
All six men bent and nodded respectfully to Philip. At first glance, they
seemed well-trained and must have received a fair share of beatings!
Especially the agent from Country M and Tyrone, who made a move against
Philip earlier. Their eyes darted about now, afraid that Philip would cause
trouble for them. Philip glanced around, and Ethan understood. With one hand in his pants
pocket, he pointed with his other hand at the agent and Tyrone while saying, “Aren’t you two going to apologize to our brother?”
Tyrone was the first to concede, nodding eagerly while admitting his mistake, “B-Big Brother, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was wrong!”
The agent also apologized while bowing at a 90-degree angle and lowered his
head, not daring to speak. Although the searing pain in his abdomen made his
forehead full of cold sweat, he dared not raise his head casually.
Philip waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, I know you received instructions
from the top.” Hearing this, Tyrone and the agent from Country M, as well as the others, heaved a sigh of relief. This person was a man whom even a devil like Ethan feared. He must not be
that simple. He might even be more devilish than the devil himself. Thinking
of this, Tyrone could not help but shudder. Fortunately, he was not reckless. Otherwise, he might have died without knowing the reason. At this time, Ethan said to Philip with a grin, “Brother, why are you here? Did
you fight with Sister-in-law and come here to hide?” Upon hearing this, Philip glared at Ethan in a huff and said, “Do you think I’m
like you? You only know how to hide when you encounter a problem, the
same as what you always did when you were a child. Don’t you like the girl
that Uncle Tim introduced to you? Which family does the young lady belong
to?” Hearing Philip’s question, Ethan leaned back on the bed, crossed his legs, and
said, “Who else could it be? The Joo family’s daughter, Vivi Joo.”
“Vivi Joo?” Hearing this name, Philip’s expression changed to one of awkwardness. He
stroked his chin and cleared his throat. He was quite familiar with Vivi Joo.
Come to think of it, he had not seen her in a while. This seemed to be a forced
political marriage, and the other party turned out to be his cousin. “Vivi Joo… I’ve seen her before,” Philip thought for a moment and said
casually. Hearing that, Ethan turned around and sat up straight. His eyes widened as he
looked at Philip with a silly smile. He quickly got up, dusted the bed with his
sleeve, and said flatteringly, “Brother, have a seat. It’s more comfortable
Philip furrowed his brows as the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. Seeing the look on Ethan, he immediately knew what this kid had in mind. Sure enough, as soon as Philip sat down, Ethan asked with a grin on his face, “Brother, what does this Vivi Joo look like? Is she pretty?”
Philip rolled his eyes at him and pretended to put on airs. “Well… She’s the
daughter of the Joo family, after all. How can you judge a person by her
appearance? Since Uncle Tim has agreed to this marriage, you might as well
just go along with it.” Upon hearing this, the excited expression on Ethan’s face disappeared. He
muttered, “Marry her if you want to. I don’t want to marry a woman I don’t
Philip snorted and said, “Don’t you think I know your character well enough?
You really don’t want to marry her?”
“No, I don’t!” Ethan said seriously. Philip nodded as he lay down on the bed and said, “Okay, I’ll talk to Uncle
Tim later and help you to cancel the marriage. It’s a great pity. Vivi Joo can be
considered as the leader of the six golden flowers of the capital city…” Upon hearing this, Ethan’s eyes lit up. He quickly turned his head and said
with a flattering smile, “Brother, what did you say? The leader of the six
golden flowers of the capital city?”
Philip ignored him but Ethan kept buzzing around him, begging Philip to tell
him about Vivi Joo. On the side, Tyrone, the agent from County M, and the others who were
standing in rows at the corner were completely dumbfounded when they
watched this scene. That was the devil of this underground prison who held
the title of Battle Maniac. At this moment, he was actually so…
Sure enough, all men were obnoxious!
The First Heir – Chapter 1862
While on this side, Mandy Una and Hal Weiss had been staring at the
surveillance screen. At this moment, they were completely dumbfounded. No
one expected this dramatic scene. Not only was Philip not suffering, but he even became the guest of honor in
Warehouse 8!
As Mandy watched the reality unfold before her eyes, she almost went mad
with anger. She turned her head with a scowl on her face. Her shapely
eyebrows carried a biting chill as her pale lavender eyes glinted. She shouted, “Junior Commander Weiss, what’s going on here? Who is that man in
Warehouse 8?” Mandy’s jade like finger pointed at Ethan who was walking around Philip on
the monitor screen. Hal also looked guilty and helpless as he said, “Miss Una, we can’t touch this
person. He’s not within our authority.” Mandy frowned and asked coldly, “Why? Didn‘t you tell me that Warehouse
8 is full of vicious Villains, spies, and agents from various countries? How can
this man be so powerful?” Hal glanced at Ethan’s figure on the screen and said helplessly, “Miss Una, this person’s confidentiality authority is far above mine. He’s a level-7
classified personnel! He wasn’t captured by us. He came in on his own.”
“Level-7 classified personnel? He came in here himself?” Mandy was shocked. She lowered her eyebrows and looked hard at the
surveillance screen at the man surrounding Philip Clarke. This man who
looked handsome but acted frivolously actually had a level-7 classified
identity! ‘Who was he?’
‘In that case, who the hell was Philip Clarke?’
‘How could he make a man with level-7 classified authority treat him with
such respect?’ “No way, I need to go there again. I want to see for myself what kind of
people these two are!” Mandy was very angry. With a sway of her hips, she turned around and left the
office without further ado. Hal glanced at the monitoring screen with resentment and helplessness before
chasing after her. On this side, Philip‘s status in Warehouse 8 had already changed from a
newcomer to a guest of honor. He soon got acquainted with this group of spies
and agents.
After asking around, it turned out that they were all spy agents working in the
territory. They even revealed their agent codes and secrets. Moreover, everyone had blood on their hands. Since they were locked up here, no matter how many people came to
interrogate them and tried to get valuable information out of them, they had
kept their mouths shut and never mentioned a word. However, Philip merely asked a few simple questions and all of them
confessed. It was mainly because of Ethan who stood next to Philip. He gave
them a lot of psychological pressure and a sense of fear! “Well then, this can be considered as atonement for your crimes. It’s
impossible to let you out since you are our enemies, after all. However, I can
apply for a short vacation for all of you.” Philip looked at the group of people
in front of him with a cold expression on his face. Facing important matters as such, Philip still had a sense of measure. This
group of spy agents would stay in the territory for the rest of their lives and die
of old age. However, at this moment, a cold voice sounded. “You should be worrying about yourself instead of their well being!” At this moment, Mandy Una strode briskly up to the railings of Warehouse 8
with a biting chill in her eyes. She stared intently at Philip and Ethan, who was
next to him!

The First Heir – Chapter 1863
Philip turned to look. The door of Warehouse 8 was already opened. Mandy
swayed her hips and walked in while displaying a charming and imposing
manner. When they saw Mandy walking in at this moment, all the agents
squatting in the corner moved away tactfully. “Keres, do you think this woman is here to see Ethan or Big Brother?” At this moment, Tyrone was like a little girl next door with his sneaky eyes
darting all over Mandy. He looked very much like a gossipy grandpa in a
neighborhood. As for Keres, the agent from Country M with a bear-like figure, endured the
pain as he shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”
Tyrone rolled his eyes at him. Keres was famous for being a man of few words. When Mandy heard Tyrone’s words, she turned her head and glared at him
coldly. Tyrone was so scared that he quickly shut his mouth, lowered his head, and stopped talking. Philip was nonchalant. The woman in front of him acted as if she harbored
great hatred toward him as if he was a scumbag who dumped her. “Oh, Miss Una, did you miss me so soon? ” Philip said with a chuckle. With
his head pillowed on his hands, his eyes leisurely swept over Mandy’s figure. He had not looked closely before, but it seemed that Mandy Una’s body was
extraordinarily hot. She had all the curves in the right places and a tiny waist. Her wavy hair and flaming red lips would make any man stop in his tracks!
Next to him, Ethan could not help but give a thumbs up at Philip’s words and
said, “My brother is still so awesome. Does my sister-in-law know about
Philip turned his head and glared at Ethan. The latter closed his mouth
obediently. However, this sentence made Mandy angry. She did not expect Philip to be so
frivolous and abominable!
Despite that, what she did not expect was that Philip’s next sentence was even
more revolting! “Judging by your looks, you must have frequented many high-end places. Why are you staring at me all day long? Do I have gold on me?” Philip
laughed mockingly. What he wanted to do was to stoke Mandy’s fury. When a person got angry
and flew into a rage, it was easy to lose rationale. Sure enough, his words made Mandy so angry that she started to tremble. Likewise, those guys in Warehouse 8 also looked at Philip with admiration.
One word, awesome!
Second word, amazing!
Mandy angrily clenched her fist. The hidden lavender light under her eyes
reflected a biting killing intent. In the Nonagon, everyone was respectful to
her, but when she got here, she was actually humiliated by a scoundrel who
was nothing!
Mandy almost could not hold back and was about to kill Philip right here on
the spot! “Hey, Miss Una, if you look at me like that, I’ll get scared. I didn’t do
anything to you. I’m married and have a wife. Can you not pester me like
this?” Philip said with a sneer. “Hal Weiss, bring him out! I want to teach him a lesson personally!” Mandy
shouted coldly and sternly. After saying that, she turned around on her high heels and left in a huff. However, Philip’s next words almost made Mandy stumble. “Oh no, my brothers, I’m sorry. She wants to be alone with me in a room.”
Hearing these words, Hal, who was responsible for bringing Philip out of the
prison cell, also had a face full of icy coldness. He glared at Philip viciously
and said grimly, “You‘ll die from talking too much!”
Philip turned his head and smiled faintly. He was led out by two men in
combat uniforms holding his arms. This time, he did not struggle but left with
Hal very obediently. Ethan stood at the door of the prison and looked at Philip’s departing back as
well as the others. A hint of devilish chill and killing intent flashed in the
corners of his eyes!
Just now, Philip had told him not to act rashly. Otherwise, according to
Ethan’s temper, he would have turned this place upside down!
The First Heir – Chapter 1864
Soon, Philip was taken into another secret chamber that was surrounded by
white walls and incandescent lamps overhead. The whole room was bright, even a little blinding. In the middle was an iron table with four legs welded to the floor. A man in combat uniform came over and put handcuffs on Philip’s hands. The handcuffs look very unusual. There was a black steel ring with a
coin-sized LCD screen on it, displaying the number 0 that was red in color. Philip looked at it and frowned. These were no regular handcuffs as they were
a high-tech product. After a brief glance, Philip laughed and said, “Buddy, it’s
not easy to take this thing off after it’s put on.” On the side, Hal said coldly and mockingly, “Are you hoping to take it off?
These are the latest electronic handcuffs developed specifically to deal with
people with combat experience like you. As long as you try to break it, the
handcuffs will release an electric current. The more you struggle to break free, the greater the voltage! The maximum voltage can directly electrocute four
cows! Believe me, those guys in Warehouse 8 have all been subdued by this
Philip frowned upon hearing this. At Philip’s expression, a vengeful sneer appeared at the corner of Hal’s mouth.
At this time, Mandy walked in and said coldly to Hal, “Get out!” Hal was taken aback and said, “Miss Una, this guy is not an ordinary person. I want to stay here and protect your safety.” Mandy turned her head as a dazzling light flashed from her eyes. A regal aura
exploded from her body as she sneered and said, “Do I need your
protection?” At that moment, Hal felt as if he was struck by lightning. Mandy’s intensity
was too strong!
Just for a moment, Hal even had the urge to bow and worship her. Thinking
that she was from the Nonagon, Hal conceded. He turned around and left the
secret chamber. Philip chuckled, looked at Mandy in front of him, and asked, “Are you going
to interrogate me alone?” Mandy had completely erased her charming persona from before. Her
expression now was very cold, and her eyes were full of angry resentment. Bang!
She made a sudden move and stomped on Philip’s feet with her high heels. A muffled grunt!
Philip’s face instantly went pale. He tightly clenched his fists as his body
tensed. His eyes suddenly widened with angry flames!
At the same time, the number 0 suddenly spiked up to a value of 230 on the
LCD display of the electronic handcuffs. Sizzle!
Philip abruptly stood up and roared when the electronic handcuffs on his
wrists surged with a blue electric current, crackling and sizzling in the process. Instantly, Philip felt as though his whole body was numb. He slumped back on
the iron chair again, limp and paralyzed!
He roared inwardly!
Damn it!
Like what Hal said, with these electronic handcuffs, the more he struggled, the
greater the voltage! “Philip Clarke, since you’re here now, I can easily kill you!” Mandy’s face
was full of vicious smiles like a femme fatale.
The First Heir – Chapter 1865
Philip still felt numb all over from the electrocution and simply leaned back on
the iron chair. There was a trace of disdain and provocation on his face as he
said, “Miss Una, are you getting so furious and desperate that you want to use
torture methods on a handsome guy like me?” Mandy was slightly stunned when she heard this. Did this guy still have the mood to be narcissistic at this juncture?
He really had no idea what his current situation was. Mandy sneered and
moved her high heels away from Philip’s feet. She stared at him coldly while
saying, “You don’t seem to be afraid at all. I really don’t know where your
confidence comes from.”
Philip scoffed and said, “That’s because my face value is justice. A handsome
guy like me has had a tough life. As for you, by using people from the battle
squad to bring me here like this, aren’t you afraid of causing unnecessary
trouble? I’m really curious about the person behind you.” Mandy laughed lightly with an intriguing smile. Leaning close to Philip’s ear, she said in a charming voice, “I’m also very curious to know what’s so
noteworthy about you that can make us deploy such forces to bring you here. Why don’t you tell me who you are, who is behind you, and what secrets you
have?” At these words, Philip frowned and raised his head. His gaze was blazing as he
looked at the seductive woman in front of him.
Did she not know who he was?
He chuckled. Philip asked, “You don’t know who I am?” Mandy shrugged and said disparagingly, “Why should I know?”
Philip shook his head, looking a little helpless. He said, “So it seems that
you’re just a pawn.” Hearing this, Mandy was unhappy and said, “A pawn? You think too little of
me. I might as well tell you that I’m a member of the Nonagon. How about it?
Have you ever heard of it?”
‘Huh? The Nonagon?’ Philip was dumbfounded as a doubtful look crossed his face. It could be said
that he had heard a lot about the Nonagon recently. It seemed that this Una
chick really did not know much about him. Seeing Philip’s face full of doubts, Mandy smiled smugly and said, “So, have
you never heard of the Nonagon before? Hehe, let me tell you that the power
wielded by the Nonagon is far greater than anything you can ever imagine!
Even that Junior Commander Weiss outside can only condescend in front of
“Now let me ask you, do you really think you can escape from the palm of my
Mandy smiled with a proud and triumphant expression while saying, “You
don’t have to answer me right away. You can slowly digest the information. When you figure it out, tell me honestly who you are, where you come from, what you have done, what secrets you have, and anything else I want to know. If you explain everything to me in one go, I can leave you a whole body.”
Pompous and egotistical. That was Philip’s evaluation of Mandy Una. It seemed that this young lady was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. She regarded herself too highly. However, this could also inversely reflect that
her identity and status were not that simple. Nevertheless, Philip was puzzled. Did he have anything to do with the
Why would people of the Nonagon detain him like this?
Thinking of this, Philip scoffed and said, “Miss Una, it seems that you think
I’m a good-for-nothing. Or perhaps in your opinion, I’m just an insignificant
“Of course.” Mandy shrugged, raised her shapely eyebrow, pursed her flaming red lips, and
said, “In the eyes of the Nonagon, someone like you is just a little better than
an ant. In this world, there are many secrets you don’t know about. If you
don’t want to die a miserable death, just honestly answer the few questions I
asked just now.”
Philip laughed. “What are you laughing at?” Mandy scolded angrily. She was getting more
and more upset Willi Philip. She really wanted to kill him just like that. However, she dared not disobey her mother’s order. Philip’s smile was the greatest contempt for her at this moment.
The First Heir – Chapter 1866
“Am I not even allowed to laugh now?” Philip raised his hands, shook the
electronic handcuffs in his hands, and said, “I already have these on and I’m
still not allowed to laugh? Are you afraid that I’ll escape and get back at
you?” Hearing this, Mandy laughed uproariously and said, “Interesting. Get back at
me? I heard from Junior Commander Weiss that you used to be a soldier. It
seems that the arrogance of a soldier has not been extinguished from you. If
possible, I’d love to have you join me as a bodyguard.”
Philip shrugged and said disdainfully, “No thanks, because you won’t have
that chance. From the moment you brought me in, you and I are already
enemies. Moreover, I can tell you clearly that no matter who stands behind
you and no matter what status you have in that Nonagon, in my opinion, there’s nothing for me to fear.” Upon hearing this, Mandy instantly got angry! “What did you just say? Are you defying me?” Mandy smiled grimly and
coldly. She had wanted to put a little pressure on Philip to see if she could get
anything out of him. To her surprise, this guy did not know what was good for
him and even acted so arrogantly. “It seems that if I don’t make you suffer a little, you won’t know what this
place is and what kind of person I am!”
Mandy could not bear it any longer. She walked over and stomped violently on
Philip’s foot again. This time, the force was unusually huge!
Philip’s whole body tensed!
He clenched his fists and tried hard to break free from the electronic handcuffs, but the electric current hit him directly and his body went weak. Thus, Philip could only endure the pain in his foot and sneered, “Are you
angry? Is that all you can do?” Mandy sneered and said coldly, “Come in and take good care of him! I want
him to know the consequences of defying me!”
Soon, several ferocious looking men in combat uniforms walked in through
the door. Mandy turned around and said before she left the room, “Don’t kill him. It’s
okay to break an arm or leg.” After receiving the order, several men in uniforms nodded in response. Then, they approached Philip grimly. Philip frowned and looked at the three men in combat uniforms in front of him. Each of them was not a simple person.
Before this, Philip might be able to defeat them easily. However, now that he
had these obstructive electronic handcuffs around his wrists, he had no ability
to fight back at all. “Sorry, we’re just carrying out orders.” One of the three men in the lead said to Philip. They already knew that Philip
used to be a soldier and was still quite respectful. Philip nodded and said with a bland smile, “On the account of your words, I
can give you a choice. If you leave here right now, I’ll pretend that nothing
happened.” Hearing this, the man in uniform frowned and said, “As warriors, we are
bound to obey orders.” With that said, he was first to approach Philip steadily. With a punch, he
attacked Philip’s stomach. Boom!
A loud noise!
Before the fist of the man in the uniform landed on Philip’s stomach, the door
of the secret room behind him was violently kicked open from the outside. “Whoever dares to touch a hair on my brother’s head, I’ll exterminate him!”
An explosive roar sounded from the doorway!
The First Heir – Chapter 1867
Suddenly, a figure full of killing intent, like the Grim Reaper from hell, walked
into the secret room with his hands in his pants pockets. When Ethan saw Philip with his hands cuffed at this moment, deep anger
crossed the corners of his eyes as he stared intently at the men in combat
uniforms. “Release my brother from the handcuffs!” Ethan said coldly with indomitable
pressure. The men in combat uniforms gasped aloud when they turned around and saw
Ethan standing behind them. This man was the most difficult and terrifying
guy in the entire stronghold. He held the title of Battle Maniac here!
They still remembered back then when Ethan used his own power to defeat all
the guards here before he walked into Warehouse 8 amid the shocked and
incredulous gazes of everyone. He fought his way in here. Even after the supreme commander learned about the seriousness of the
matter and rushed over to meet Ethan, he could not do anything. He only left
a warning no one should mess with this man!
Otherwise, they would face catastrophe!
Later, it was rumored that this man was actually the successor of Supreme
Williams of Southridge. He was the person with the most potential to become
the next supreme figure of Southridge!
He had a level-7 classified authority!
The leader of the three men in combat uniforms scowled and frowned. He
looked at Ethan and finally said weakly, “Ethan, don’t give us a hard time. We
are acting on orders. If you want to take him away, you can only step over our
bodies.” After that, all three men in combat uniforms assumed a fighting stance as they
stood in separate positions. They closely blocked Philip behind them, while
keeping Ethan in front of the door. They knew that fighting Ethan would be a
suicide mission. However, they were bound by duty!
Ethan nodded and said lightly, “In that case, fulfill your duties!” With that said, he stepped forward and stomped down. The soles of his feet
produced a clattering sound!
This crunching sound directly exploded in the hearts of the three men in
Right in front of their eyes, the aura on Ethan’s body suddenly soared, climbing to the point where no one could resist at all! “Charge!” With a chill in his eyes, the man in the lead forcibly went up against Ethan’s
overwhelming killing intent. He squeezed his fist and slammed it into Ethan’s
chest fiercely!
The power of this punch was unusually great. A normal person who received
this punch would surely have their ribs broken and lose their life!
However, Ethan merely smiled contemptuously and raised his hand. Boom!
The man’s punch was blocked by Ethan, who caught his fist firmly. After that, he laughed lightly and said, “Too weak!”
The man in combat uniform was completely shocked. That was because his
punch was not ordinary. It contained at least 300 to 400 kilograms of force. However, such an explosive punch was still blocked by the man in front of
The next second, the corners of Ethan’s mouth curled up as he exerted a little
force in his hand.
The sound of broken bones resounded throughout the secret room. The face of
the man in uniform went pale as he groaned. He quickly raised his leg and
launched an explosive sidekick at Ethan’s waist!
This was the weakest spot in the human body. After a kick to that part, most
people would be unable to straighten up and lose the ability to move!
However, that kick also fell short. Ethan kicked sideways as well and hit the knee of the man in uniform. With a
bang, the man bent down and knelt on one kneel. He was just like a courtier
greeting the king.
The First Heir – Chapter 1868
Ethan lowered his eyes and looked at the man who had a pained expression on
his face. He said coldly, “You’re not my opponent.” After that, he loosened his hold and the man breathed a sigh of relief. Holding
his broken right fist, his eyes tensed with fear!
Immediately after, Ethan looked at the other two men in combat uniforms and
asked, “Do you want to have a go?”
The two men in combat uniforms exchanged a glance and immediately
attacked with a punch and a kick. Ethan shook his head helplessly and said, “What a nuisance. I really hate your
relentless attitudes.” With that said, he stepped forward and made his move. He grabbed one of the
men’s punches and directly twisted their arm at a 90-degree angle!
The man in uniform looked to be in pain but still endured it. He quickly drew
a dagger from his left leg with his left hand and stabbed it at Ethan’s chest. However, Ethan seemed to have predicted his move. He raised his other hand, stretched out two fingers, and clamped the dagger that the opponent stabbed
toward him!
Immediately after, Ethan used his two fingers to break the shiny cold dagger. Hiss!
The man in combat uniform and the leader who fell to the ground were
dumbfounded when they saw this shocking scene. What kind of combat power was this?!
When the remaining man in combat uniform saw this, he immediately took
out his Desert Eagle from his back. “Stop it! Don’t move! Otherwise, I’ll shoot
to kill!”
The face of the last man was cold with rage. He glanced at the state of his two
comrades who had gone through thick and thin with him. He was furious. However, not only did Ethan not let go, but he turned his head with a wicked
smile and said, “Do you dare to pull the trigger?”
The remaining man was taken aback by this question. A trace of ruthlessness
flashed in the corner of his eyes as he shouted, “Let’s see, then! Let go at
Ethan smiled and released the other man in uniform. The man with the gun breathed a sigh of relief. However, the moment he relaxed, a black shadow flash ed in front of his eyes. Before he knew what was going on, the Desert Eagle in his hand was already
aimed between his brows!
When he came back to his senses, he saw Ethan holding the Desert Eagle in his
hand against his forehead. With a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, he
asked, “Now, do you think I’ll shoot?”
The man in combat uniform panicked, but after going through various life and
death situations on the battlefield, he had long trained to become fearless in
times of crisis. He chuckled and said, “Shoot me if you have the guts!”
As soon as he said that…
A gunshot!
The man in uniform stood frozen in place, his left ear only left with a loud
buzzing. In front of his eyes, wisps of white smoke emitted from the muzzle of
the gun!
On the wall behind him was an eye-catching bullet hole. Ethan had fired, but
it was only a warning to the other party.
Then, Ethan threw the Desert Eagle on the ground, turned his head toward
Philip, and asked, “Can you stand up?”
Philip chuckled, his body still a little numb and weak. He said, “Not really. This thing is quite high-tech.”
Ethan pursed his lips, stepped forward, and put Philip’s arm around him. Then, the two brothers walked out of the secret room grandly. “By the way, Brother, is my sister-in-law pretty?” Ethan asked cheekily. With a blissful smile on his face, Philip said, “No one in this world looks
prettier than her.”
The First Heir – Chapter 1869
“What about Chloe Sommerset? Have you cleared things up?” Ethan asked
again with a nosy look on his face. Philip frowned. It had been a while since he saw Chloe. He wondered what she
was doing recently and if she was well. He turned his head, leaned on Ethan to
walk out of the secret chamber one step at a time, and said, “You talk too
much. I’ll get Uncle Tim to propose marriage to the Joo family later!”
Ethan wanted to cry when he heard that and quickly admitted his mistake, “Okay, I’ll shut up.” However, before the two brothers had gotten far, more than a dozen heavily
armed men in combat uniforms came rushing along this corridor. Clang!
In front of the brothers, a row of men in battle uniforms dropped their
anti-riot shields to the ground. Behind them were three rows of heavily armed
soldiers in uniforms and helmets. They were either standing or crouching with
guns in their hands. Hal Weiss stood behind these people. With a grim expression on his face, he
said angrily, “Ethan Clarke, this is the 12th division of the Internal Combat
Investigation Bureau. As the junior commander, I new order you to take that
man back to the secret chamber. Otherwise, we will execute the right to kill!”
Ethan frowned as his eyes swept over the heavily armed soldiers. A disdainful
smile appeared on his mouth as he said, “Hal Weiss, are you threatening
me?” Hal said, “This is not a threat but an order! Although you have a level-7
classified authority and I have no right to command you according to the
regulations, I just received an order that no one is allowed to leave this place
including you! So, to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed, please take that man
with you and return to the secret room immediately!”
Ethan chuckled and said to Philip, “Brother, it seems we have to fight our way
Philip also sneered and said, “Great! Let me see the results of your training
with the Dragon Warriors over the past few years.” Although not loud, his words had fallen into the ears of this group of
combatants. Hal’s face grew darker as he shouted, “Ethan, are you sure you
want to fight your way through?” With a disdainful look on his face, Ethan said, “Hal, you have no right to
interfere with my actions. Since you have received the order, I’ll look for the
person who gave the order. I want to find out who dares to bring my cousin
Instantly, Hal’s expression crumbled. He did not expect Philip Clarke to be
Ethan Clarke’s cousin. They were both surnamed Clarke, no wonder.
Then, Hal said grimly, “Ethan, this is the final warning. Are you going to
Ethan chuckled as he supported Philip. A biting chill was reflected in his eyes
as he said, “The people you have here are not enough to stop me.” Hearing this, Hal’s eyes glinted sharply. He waved his hand and shouted, “Take them down!”

After Philip was taken away, Wynn returned to the suite and immediately
contacted George Thomas. Philip had left her George’s contact details back then. At that time, Wynn was
very puzzled. Philip actually had the contact information of George Thomas. This was an existence hailed as the richest man in the Penhart region! “Hello, excuse me, are you Mr. Thomas?” Wynn was very anxious at the
moment but still remembered to be polite. She supported her belly with one
hand and held the phone with the other. Her worry showed on her face as she
asked. “You are?” George’s aged voice came over the phone.
“My name is Wynn Johnston, Philip Clarke’s wife. He told me to contact
you,” Wynn quickly replied. ‘Young Madam?’
The First Heir – Chapter 1870
George almost fell off from his director’s chair in fright. He quickly asked with
a smile, “Miss Johnston, how may I help you? Did something happen to Mr. Clarke?” Wynn nodded and said anxiously, “Yes, Philip has been taken away by some
people in combat uniforms ten minutes ago. I’m worried about his safety, so I
called you. Mr. Thomas, do you have a way to find out who took my husband
away? No matter what the other party demands, I’ll fulfill it as long as they
don’t hurt my husband.” While saying that, Wynn was already crying from distress. George’s mind was buzzing loudly now! “What? Young Master has been taken away? Who’s the other party?” George
slapped his desk and stood up angrily. “Y-Young Master?” Wynn was stunned speechless and asked, “Mr. Thomas, what did you just
say?” At this moment, George realized he had a slip of the tongue. He quickly
thought of an excuse to brush it off and said, “Oh, you must have misheard me. I was asking who took Mr. Clarke away. Do you remember what they said or if
they had any special markings on them?”
Wynn thought about it and quickly replied, “Yes, they said that they’re from
some Internal Combat Investigation Bureau. Mr. Thomas, you must save my
husband. No matter what you need, I’ll try my best to help!” Wynn had thought about it thoroughly. As long as Philip could be brought
back safe and sound, even if the other party wanted all the shares of Beacon
Group, she would be willing to let them go!
George quickly replied, “There’ s no need. I’ll deal with this matter
immediately. Miss Johnston, don’t be too anxious. Mr. Clarke will be fine. If
they dare to take Mr. Clarke away for no reason, I’ll tear down that miserable
unit of theirs!”
“Thank you, Mr. Thomas.” Wynn thanked him repeatedly before ending the
call. However, after hanging up the phone, she recalled the words George had
uttered just now. ‘Young Master?’ Did she hear it wrongly?
After George ended the call, he was in a state of fury. How dare the people of
the combat squad meddle in the affairs of the Clarke family and take the
young master away for no reason?
This was a violation of the agreement with the Clarke family!
This was making an enemy of the Clarke family! Intolerable! With George’s
temper, this matter would not end so easily!
Soon, George contacted Reed Williams and said solemnly, “Supreme Williams, the young master has been taken away by the people from the Internal Combat
Division Investigation Bureau. You must find out the young master’s
whereabouts as soon as possible and ensure his safety. Also, you must uncover
the mastermind behind the scenes this time!” George’s words caused Reed, who was guarding his station in the jungles of
Southridge, to furrow his brows. He asked, “What’s going on? Mr. Thomas, please tell me slowly.”
Reed still held some basic respect for George. After all, he was the Clarke
family’s butler and followed Roger Clarke around, so he was also quite
important. “The young master has been taken away by people from your combat squad. The other party’s unit is the Internal Combat Division Investigation Bureau. Moreover, it has been more than ten minutes!” George said gravely, “I’ll
inform the old master of this matter immediately. I hope you can find out the
young master’s whereabouts as soon as possible. If anything untoward
happens to him at all, you and I both understand that this will be a disaster no
one can bear!” Of course, Reed knew that. He was standing on a mountain in Southridge at
the moment with one hand behind his back He was in a combat uniform. Behind him, six of the most elite Dragon Warriors stood on each side. They
were fully armed in combat uniforms and armor.
In the Dragon Warriors, they held the invincible title of the 12 Apostles!
Reed frowned as a faint killing intent flowed from the corners of his eyes. It
startled a flock of birds in the forest. They flapped their wings and flew away. “I understand. I’ll take care of this,” Reed said with a chill in his eyes.
The First Heir – Chapter 1871
At this moment, George was full of anger as he sat in the chairman’s office of
his newly established group building. Not long after, the secretary walked in. “Mr. Thomas, the president of Harper Group from aboard, Mr. Chris, has
arrived at our group’s conference room and has been waiting for ten minutes. Do you want to go down and meet him first?” the secretary asked. George was obviously not in the mood to entertain the president of Harper
Group now. He waved his hand and said coldly, “Let him wait!”
The secretary did not know why the chairman was suddenly so angry, but the
status and power of this group abroad were not that simple. In particular, President Chris was a member of the 12 Sacred Halls of the West in Country M. His position was indeed not low. It might be a little inappropriate to leave
someone like him waiting. Thus, the female secretary cautiously asked, “Mr. Thomas, how long should
he wait? He came here this time with a letter of intent for cooperation. He has
been waiting for more than ten minutes and seems a little cranky.” George merely replied coldly, “If he refuses to wait, tell him to get lost! It’s
just Harper Group. I don’t care about it at all!” With that said, the female secretary had no choice but to exit the chairman’s
Inside the conference room, after the white bearded President Chris heard the
female secretary’s words, he was furious and started to curse angrily. Finally, he raised his voice and threatened, “Tell your chairman that I’ll definitely
return and inform our Lord Hades that your group treated distinguished guests
from abroad so rudely. This is simply unacceptable! Fck this bullsht! Let’s
Chris was mad with fury. He turned around and left with four hot blondes. ***
Back in Southridge. Reed Williams was not in a good mood at this moment. Philip Clarke was a
member of his Dragon Warriors. Although retired, once a Dragon Warrior, always a Dragon Warrior. Moreover, he was his disciple and his teacher’s son. He was the future of the Clarke family!
With such a special identity, there were still people from the combat squad
who dared to touch him. Either they were stupid enough to court their own
deaths, or they were not members of the combat squad but were acting under
the guise of one. Within two short minutes, Reed had analyzed the cause and consequence of
this case, as well as the people who might have done this to Philip. Finally, he
set his eye on a certain institution. “Is it people from the Nonagon?” Reed was grim as he stood with his hands
behind his back at the top of the undefeated mountain.
After that, he ordered the 12 Apostles behind him, “Immediately pass on my
Supreme Order. Inform the other three supremes that Southridge will have our
troops lined up in front of the Nonagon. If they don’t want to get involved in
this mess, don’t interfere in the affairs of Southridge!”
“Yes, Supreme!” The 12 Apostles shouted respectfully. Immediately after, these people left with a flash. ***
Meanwhile, far away in the land of Charbury, somewhere inside a heavily
guarded courtyard. An old man in his 503 or 605 was practicing in the sunset
while wearing a white martial arts garb. All around the courtyard, guards in green uniforms watched this place closely. The old man was the most prestigious person in Charbury, Old Master Garth
Santos. Even the Dunleys, who were the most affluent family in Charbury, had to pay
some respect to Garth. It was because of his honorary feat of retiring from the
He was a grand commander. There were only 20 to 30 grand commanders in the entire country, with only
three or four being appointed each year. Although it was one level lower than
the supreme, they were also people of great prestige and strength within the
territory. At this moment, his personal guard walked into the courtyard briskly while
holding a mobile phone in his hand. He said respectfully, “Old Master Santos, you have a call.” Garth hummed and said, “Put it aside.” However, before he finished speaking, a cold voice sounded over the phone, “Garth Santos.” Hearing this voice, Garth was taken aback and quickly picked up the phone. This scene also stunned the guards who were standing a t attention in the
yard. For Old Master Santos to take the call so nervously, the identity of the person
on the line must not be that simple.
The First Heir – Chapter 1872
Garth Santos was flustered as well. Although he was almost 60 years old, when he heard that voice, he still immediately put the receiver to his ear and
said respectfully, “Supreme Williams, what are your orders?”
After saying this, Garth gasped inwardly. The supreme!
Although Supreme Williams was only 40, his accomplishments and feats were
already enough to shake the world, past and present. No one could rock his
title as the first supreme in the territory. However, why was Supreme Williams calling him so suddenly?
Could it be that something big had happened in Southridge or Charbury? “Garth Santos, one of my Dragon Warriors has been taken away by someone
from the Internal Combat Division Investigation Bureau under your
jurisdiction. You need to give me an explanation,” Reed Williams said coldly. Garth was taken aback and immediately felt his scalp tingling.
Someone under his jurisdiction actually captured a Dragon Warrior
established by Supreme Williams?
How could that be?
That was the Dragon Warriors! They enjoyed the glory as the first combat
squad in the country!
Who would dare to make a move against the Dragon Warriors?!
That was tantamount to offending Supreme Williams!
Instantly, sweat dotted Garth’s forehead as he quickly said, “Supreme
Williams, I’m not aware of this matter. I’ll look into it right away. There must
be a misunderstanding. I’ll deal with it at once. Please wait for my call.”

At this moment, a certain combat squad stationed somewhere in the suburbs
of Songfield in Charbury was surrounded by tightly guarded facilities. In the most hidden tent in the middle, there was a man who looked to be in his
30s or 40s. He was wearing a green combat uniform with an armband. He was
staring at the training screen on the electronic device, his face full of
At this time, his phone suddenly rang. The guard on the side glanced at the
caller ID and quickly handed it over while saying, “Supreme Commander
Gildon, it’s a call from Mr. Santos.” Mac Gildon immediately took the phone and walked a few steps to the side
with a smile on his face. As soon as he was about to speak, an angry roar came
from the other end of the line, “Mac Gildon, did your people take a man
named Philip Clarke away from Uppercreek just now? I’m telling you, he’s a
Dragon Warrior! He’s under the command of Supreme Williams! Release him
at once! If that person is harmed in any way, you can put in your resignation
and see me for your execution!” Mac Gildon was none other than the enforcer of the Internal Combat Division
Investigation Bureau in Songfield of Charbury. He was also Hal Weiss’ direct
superior. He had no idea that Mr. Santos would personally call him. What was Mr. Santos’ identity? He was the grand commander!
Hearing Mr. Santos’ words, Mac dared not be negligent and quickly said, “Mr. Santos, please wait a moment and calm down. Let me make a phone call to
confirm. I’ll definitely give you an explanation!”
‘Oh no!’ Something was about to happen!
That bunch of imbeciles under him actually touched someone under a
supreme’s command. Moreover, it was a Dragon Warrior belonging to the first
supreme in the country!
The First Heir – Chapter 1873
Mac almost went crazy. What the hell was this bunch of people doing? How
dare they touch someone from the Dragon Warriors? Was that not fooling
around in the lion’s den? “Mr. Santos, don‘t worry. I’ ll deal with this matter immediately. Please wait
for my call!” After a few words from Mac, Garth hung up angrily. Mac was now full of cold
sweat. He immediately said to his guard, “Connect me to Hal Weiss at once. I
want to know what that kid has been up to!” Mac was about to explode with anger!
District 12 of the Internal Combat Division Investigation Bureau was under the
responsibility of his capable subordinate, Hal Weiss. He had battle honors at
such a young age and was promoted to the rank of junior commander. Soon, the call was connected. Mac’s face was cold and his tone was angry as
he roared, “Hal Weiss, who the hell did you arrest just now? Do you know
how much trouble you’ve caused?” At this moment, Hal was confronting Ethan Clarke in the dim corridor. When
he suddenly received a phone call from his superior, he quickly picked up the
call and was angrily reprimanded.
“Supreme Commander, I did arrest one person but it was with your consent. Moreover, this was a direct order from the Griffin Pavilion of the Nonagon.” Hal was also a little helpless at this moment. He did not expect a small Philip
Clarke to invoke a personal call from Supreme Commander Gildon. “With my consent? In that case, I now order you to release him
immediately!” Mac bellowed. “Release him? Supreme Commander Gildon, I’m afraid you can no longer
make decisions on this matter. This is a direct order from the Griffin Pavilion
of the Nonagon. We have no right to interfere. Moreover, Miss Una is here
with me right now. I have no right to refuse her request. Even you have no
right to defy her.” What Hal said was true. An order from the Nonagon could bypass the combat
squad without anyone’s consent. Even a supreme commander like Mac Gildon
had no right to question or change it. When Mac heard this, his face darkened immediately. He asked, “Miss Una is
there in person?” Hal nodded in response, glanced at Ethan opposite him, and said, “Supreme
Commander Gildon, I can’t follow your orders on this matter. I’m dealing with
something urgent right now so I’ll end the call.” With that said, Hal was about to hang up the phone.
On the other side, Mac was furious. His subordinate refused to listen to his
Was the Nonagon really that powerful?
Yes, of course. Even Mac Gildon had to give way to them. However, the people from the Nonagon had bypassed him and were
commanding his subordinates within his jurisdiction. This made Mac upset! “Damn it!” Mac roared, “Hal Weiss, as a supreme commander, I hereby order you to
release that person at once! If Miss Una of the Nonagon questions it, you can
say that it’s my order and I’ll bear all consequences! You have to understand
that the person you arrested is not a simple character! Too many forces are
involved behind him!” However, as soon as Mac finished speaking, Hal said solemnly into the phone, “Supreme Commander Gildon, I can’t release him because they’re ready to
fight their way out. As you know, breaking out is a capital offense.”
The phone was hung up!
Mac was dumbfounded. ‘Break out? Capital offense?’
Damn it!
Hal Weiss was actually disobeying his orders!
Immediately, Mac put on his hat and said coldly to the guards around him, “Get the car ready. Bring five teams and send me to Songfield! Hal Weiss is
getting too bold and is even committing insubordination now. Let me skin him
Instantly, five teams of combat personnel were mobilized outside the tent. They were waiting in place in an orderly manner, ready to move out. As soon as Mac got into the jeep, Garth called again.
The First Heir – Chapter 1874
“Are things settled?” Garth asked coldly. Mac breathed heavily and said, “Mr. Santos, the subordinates are being a little
disobedient. I’m going there in person. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!” Hearing that, Garth frowned and said, “Okay, give me the address. I’ll handle
it personally.”
Instantly, Mac was dumbfounded. The grand commander wanted to deal with
it personally. This was getting serious!
How many grand commanders were there in the country? Which one of them
was not a hero who had shed blood on the battlefield and carved a name in
Which one of them had not shed their blood bravely for the country?
In other words, Mr. Santos was a living legend. Mac dared not say anything. He could only recite the address dutifully before
saying to the guard next to him, “Bring some people to Songfield immediately
without a moment’s delay!”
“Yes!” Urgent mobilization order!
To Songfield at top speed!

Back to Ethan’s side. With an indifferent face, his eyes revealed a chill as he
stared at Hal who stood behind the soldiers. He said, “Hal Weiss, when I came
here uninvited back then, all of you didn’t do anything to me. Do you think
you can trap me here now with all these weaklings?” Hal scowled when he heard this and said, “I admit that your skills and
strength are unfathomable. But no matter how good you are, can you escape
the weapons in the hands of these warriors? Don’t forget what I just said. If
you dare to force your way out, I’ll execute the right to kill!”
“Haha!” Hearing that, Ethan laughed and said, “The right to kill? I’m sorry, but please
look behind you.” At those words and looking at Ethan’s bland expression, Hal’s heart jolted. With a twitch of the corner of his eyes, he abruptly turned his head to look
The entire corridor behind him was full of prisoners from various countries. The ones taking the lead were those guys from Warehouse 8, who were all
looking at Hal with a mocking sneer. Whoosh!
In an instant, the row of soldiers behind Hal turned around and raised their
guns at those vicious criminals. Hal’s face was filled with gloomy chills as he
turned his head and roared at Ethan, “You dare to rebel?”
Ethan shrugged and said, “You’re exaggerating. This is just an appropriate
threat. Junior Commander Weiss, you should be a sensible person. These
people are all vicious bastards. If anyone escapes, it’s enough for you to spend
the rest of your life in prison!” A blatant threat!
Hal’s expression was very ugly. Was he being flanked on both sides?
Most importantly, how did this group of people get out?
Were those prison guards a bunch of dimwits?
As if seeing Hal’s doubts, one of the scrawny guys pulled out a large key from
his pocket and said, “Excuse me, Junior Commander Weiss. I used to be a
thief. I can open every door here.”
Hearing that, Hal exploded in anger! “How about it, Junior Commander Weiss? Do you still think you can keep me
here?” Ethan asked provocatively. Hal clenched his fists and roared, “So what if that’s the case? This place is
heavily surrounded! No one can escape today! Everyone, listen to my order!
Anyone who dares to force their way out, kill without mercy!” Hal went crazy, and his eyes were red with anger!
The First Heir – Chapter 1875
At Hal’s command, all the soldiers loaded their weapons. By this time, the discomfort in Philip’s body had also dissipated. He slowly
straightened his back, got up, and walked behind Ethan. He gently patted his
shoulder and said, “I’ll do it.”
Seeing that his cousin seemed to have recovered, Ethan breathed a sigh of
relief and said with a smile, “It’s okay, I can deal with these small potatoes
with one hand.”
Philip did not refute but smiled and said, “You’re still with the Dragon
Warriors and under the teacher’s command. There are some things that you
can’t intervene in. It won’ t be good for your future development. I’ll take care
of it.” With that said, Philip did not care if Ethan agreed but stood in front of him
directly. With a firm gaze, he looked at Hal coldly and asked, “I have two
questions for you. Who instigated you?” Hal did not hide the information and replied directly, “Miss Una.”
“Who’s Miss Una?” Philip asked. “She’s not someone you can inquire about. If you have to know, I can only tell
you that she’s from Griffin Pavilion of the Nonagon,” Hal said to put some
pressure on Philip.
“You have to understand that the Nonagon can’t be confronted so easily, even
for people like us. Moreover, they’re far more powerful than us and can
directly bypass the combat squad. Philip Clarke, if you don’t want to cause
any trouble, you should immediately return to that secret room of your own
accord!” Hal said. However, Philip merely smiled faintly with a hint of coldness in the corner of
his mouth. He said, “Hal, ever since I came here, you’ve never asked me
about my identity. Have you never wondered why Miss Una brought me
here?” Hal frowned upon hearing this. He had indeed doubted Philip’s identity. After
all, he was Ethan Clarke’s cousin. However, since it was Miss Una’s order, he
only had to obey and execute it. He would not ask anything that he should not. Thus, Hal said, “I don’t care about your identity. Here, everyone has only one
identity either a soldier or a prisoner. Obviously, I’m a soldier and you’re a
prisoner. This is the simplest truth.” At that, Philip nodded and said, “Since you say so, then I have nothing more
to say.” After saying that, Philip started walking one step at a time toward the rows of
soldiers in front of Hal. Whoosh!
They immediately aimed their guns at Philip!
Seeing Philip approaching so fearlessly, Hal scowled and shouted angrily, “Stop! If you take another step forward, I’ll shoot!” However, Philip did not stop at all. The chill that surged in his body became
more and more intense! “Stop! Stop at once!” Hal shouted angrily before saying, “Everyone, get ready!” At the same time, the group of prisoners blocking the back of the corridor also
started to rush forward. At this critical juncture, Hal suddenly received a
message in his earpiece. “Junior Commander Weiss, Supreme Commander Gildon is here and wants to
see you!” Hal’s expression darkened when he heard the words. He was about to reply
when he heard a rush of hurried footsteps behind the long corridor. By the
sound of it, those were combat boots. Mac Gildon’s furious roar followed, “Hal Weiss, get out here!”
The next moment, a group of heavily armed personnel in green uniforms
emerged from the other end of the corridor. The leader was the furious Mac Gildon!

The First Heir – Chapter 1876
At this moment, he was livid!
His station was not far from Songfield. They drove here at full speed and
arrived in slightly more than ten minutes. Hal glanced at Philip coldly before stopping his next movement. Turning
around, he saluted Mac who approached him. “Supreme Commander
Mac passed through the vicious group of prisoners, came up to Hal, and kicked
him fiercely in the stomach. “How dare you disobey my order?!” Mac roared with anger. Then, he looked at the surroundings and said, “And
what the hell is going on here? Loaded weapons? Who are you going to kill?” Hal rubbed his stomach and jumped up from the ground. He stood in front of
Mac coldly, saying righteously and solemnly, “Supreme Commander Gildon, this is Miss Una’s order!”
Seeing Hal’s indignation, Mac was furious. With a cold snort, he sternly
reprimanded, “So what if it’s Miss Una? Do you know who you’ve arrested?” Hal frowned and said, “No matter who it is, as long as they’re caught, they
must be treated equally. This is what you taught us back then!”
Mac’s chest heaved with anger. Hal actually dared to use his previous words to
refute him. He went up with another kick and said, “He’s a Dragon Warrior
under the command of Supreme Reed Williams in Southridge! Do you know
how much trouble you’ve caused? Just now, Mr. Santos personally called me
and told me to release him immediately!” Hearing this, Hal was completely dumbfounded. ‘What? A Dragon Warrior?’
‘Under the command of Supreme Reed Williams in Southridge?’
‘Mr. Santos personally gave the order to release him? How could this be?’ While Hal was still in a daze, Mac had already walked up to Philip and said
with a bow, “Mr. Clarke, you have suffered. Please forgive my poor discipline. I’ll bring you out right now.”
Philip raised his eyebrow at the sight of this group of people who suddenly
barged in to rescue him. He realized something. It seemed that the teacher had
made a move. After thinking about it, Philip did not make things difficult for Mac Gildon and
only coldly looked at Hal who was standing at the side before walking forward. His sarcastic look made Hal’s face darken. ‘Was this over? Damn it!’
Soon, Mac left the underground prison with Philip and returned to the ground
above. However, just as they appeared on the surface, they were shocked by
the scene in front of them!
In front of them, about a hundred soldiers were pointing their guns at the
entrance leading to the underground prison. The one in the lead was none other than Mandy Una. At this moment, her
arms were crossed and her eyes carried a biting chill. She stared coldly at Mac, Philip, and the others. She said, “Supreme Commander Gildon, you have no
right to take this person away. He’s a wanted man by the Nonagon!” Mac’s face darkened at the sight of Mandy. Then, he squeezed out a smile on
his face, took a step forward, and said, “Miss Una, you really can’t touch this
person. He’s a Dragon Warrior under the command of Supreme Williams. I’ve
been ordered by Mr. Santos to bring him out safely.”
To his surprise, this arrogant Mandy Una cocked her head, looked at Mac
disdainfully, and said, “Supreme Williams? So what? He’s a man wanted by
the Nonagon. Does a small supreme dare to fight the Nonagon?”
The First Heir – Chapter 1877
‘A small supreme of Southridge?’ The corners of Mac’s eyes froze, and he could not help feeling angry. This Mandy Una was uncharacteristically arrogant and rude. She even dared
to disrespect Supreme Reed Williams of Southridge. He was the first supreme in the country!
Come to think of it, even Deputy Consul Cooper Berry of the Nonagon would
have to be polite when he saw Reed and treat him as a guest of honor. However, Mandy did not care for Reed at all. Too pompous! “Miss Una, I’m not kidding with you. This person belongs to Supreme
Williams, and Mr. Santos has also given the order that he must be sent back
safely. Please don’t make things difficult for me.”
By this time, Mac’s tone had also become a little cold. After all, Mandy
bypassed him and directly commanded his subordinates, which already made
him upset. Now, this woman was also rude to Supreme Williams, which made
his impression of her even worse.
Before this, he still had some respect for her due to her status in the Griffin
Pavilion of the Nonagon. Now, since the other party was so disrespectful, Mac
felt no need to grovel to her. A warrior must display the pride and backbone of a warrior!
With a twitch of her eyebrows and a slight chill on her face, Mandy said to
Mac, “Supreme Commander Gildon, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. You can’t take this person away. He’s wanted by the Nonagon. I want to deal
with him personally!” Upon hearing this, Mac held back his anger and solemnly commanded the five
squad members he had brought behind him, “Everyone listen to me and force
your way out! Anyone who dares to stop us can be killed on the spot!” Whoosh!
Instantly, the combatants Mac brought with him raised their guns and pointed
them at the people opposite. The atmosphere was extremely tense!
Mandy also lost her patience and warned, “Mac Gildon, don’t play with fire! I
have the Griffin Order from the Griffin Pavilion of the Nonagon. The people of
your combat squad must obey me unconditionally! Otherwise, everyone will
be charged with insubordination and dealt with accordingly!” Mac coldly snorted at that. “Miss Una, this is not me playing with fire but you
burning yourself! I also have the order from the grand commander that this
person must be brought back safely! If you dare to make a move, you’re
disobeying Grand Commander Santos’ wishes and being disobedient!”
“Hmph!” Mandy snorted coldly. She raised her hand and said, “In that case, there’s
nothing else to discuss between us. Let’s see who can walk out of here alive!” At this critical juncture!
Suddenly, eight Apache combat helicopters rumbled in the sky. The
thundering propellers resounded over the entire factory!
The people on the ground swayed like fragile grass due to the strong air
current. Everyone looked up and saw the eight combat Apaches hovering over
the factory. Immediately after, black ropes were tossed down from the sky. Combatants in
black combat uniforms with weapons on their backs descended quickly from
the high altitude!
After everyone landed, they raised their weapons and quickly surrounded this
These people were unlike those in green uniforms. They wore black combat
uniforms and had armbands with the picture of a longsword as well as the
word ‘Snapdragon’ written on them.
They were Garth Santos’ personal guards, Snapdragons!
They specialized in offshore activities. They were a mysterious combat squad. Generally speaking, they never appeared in public. However, this combat squad appeared today!
The First Heir – Chapter 1878
Mandy looked around at the Snapdragon combatants who quickly surrounded
the area and her face darkened. Mac was overjoyed when he saw this scene. The expression on his face turned from nervousness to relaxation, followed by
panic. After all, the appearance of the Snapdragons meant that Old Master Santos
was here in person. Sure enough, one of the Apaches landed on the ground
and Garth Santos in his white martial arts garb stepped down from the
helicopter. Four Snapdragon combatants guarded him closely from front and back. This was a legend in the territory, a radiant star!
After Garth arrived, the two confronting parties made way for him. He walked
over without even a glance at Mandy and approached Mac directly, first
glaring at him coldly before saying solemnly, “I’ll take care of you when we
get back.”
Then, he smiled at Philip and said, “Mr. Clarke, I’m sorry to have made you
suffer. I’m here to pick you up.” With Garth Santos around, there was nothing to worry about. However, Mandy spoke up at this time, “Mr. Santos, I didn’t expect you to
turn up in person. But you can’t take this person away. He’s wanted by my
Griffin Pavilion.”
Hearing that, Garth turned back and looked at Mandy coldly. Standing with
his hands behind his back, he said, “Little girl, even your mother, Dahlia Una, wouldn’t dare to talk to me like this.” Mandy frowned before she said with a chuckle, “Old Master Santos, I know
that you’re highly respected in the territory and enjoy a lot of fame, but this is
the business of my Griffin Pavilion. I hope that you won’t interfere in it. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee if you can keep your status and influence.” Garth laughed and said, “Very well, you’re indeed your mother’s daughter, carved out of the same mold as Dahlia Una. Even your personality is the
“But you’re not your mother yet, and you’re not qualified to order me around!
The Nonagon must have been left alone for too long that they don’t have any
respect for anyone else nor the country! You’re just a bunch of selfish and
materialistic guys who claim to be working for human civilization and the
future, but in fact, it’s all for yourselves!” Garth said resentfully and added, “Today, I’ll make my stand right here. If
your Griffin Pavilion wants to take this person away, you have to convince me
first or dismiss me from my post! Otherwise, I’ll definitely pay a visit to
Pavilion Master Una in person!” As the grand commander in the territory, Garth Santos was just short of being
a supreme in terms of position. Although the Nonagon could bypass the
combat squad, they still had to toe the line in front of a grand commander like
Garth. After all, grand commanders were the cornerstone of the territory. Offending a grand commander would be tantamount to offending all battle
forces in the territory.
No matter how powerful the Nonagon was, they would not dare to act so
recklessly. ***
Meanwhile, the Nonagon headquarters. The pointed black building. At the moment, outside this towering Nonagon headquarters building, the
streets in all directions were densely packed with armored vehicles and groups
of heavily armed combatants. All of them were heading into the city at the same time!
In less than ten minutes, within a ten mile radius of the Nonagon was packed
with fully armed combat personnel. All of them wore dark green combat
uniforms. Like blades that formed physical strength, they intertwined into
walls of humans. Meanwhile, within the crowds of fighters on each street, poles with huge red
and black flags fluttered in the wind. The supreme banner of the Dragon Warriors. This was a symbol of
invincibility. It was the flag that all enemy nations feared. At this moment, the entire city fell silent!
The citizens who did not know what was happening hid in nearby buildings
and looked at this scene in shock. All the streets were under martial law. Even
the skies above were filled with hovering fighting planes. 30,000 soldiers in armor. The entire Nonagon building went on high alert and was put under martial
law immediately. All disciples of the door and combat guards were urgently
recalled to guard all entrances and exits of the Nonagon. At the forefront of the crowd, an imposing figure stood in a green combat
uniform and a dark green general’s hat. The brim of the hat was embroidered
with a green dragon pattern with a gold star in the middle. There was also a
green dragon saber at his waist. His gaze was as deep as a sea of stars as he
stood with his hands behind his back, looking indifferently at the towering
building in front of him. An invincible posture. An intensity that soared to the heavens!
The First Heir – Chapter 1879
30,000 heavily armed combatants in armor stood in front of the Nonagon
building. Reed Williams stood proudly in front with his imposing figure. Behind him
were all armored soldiers. All sorts of combat vehicles filled the nearby streets. Fighter planes hovered in the sky. The whole situation was on the verge of breaking out. The Nonagon building
was also alerted immediately. All members were dispatched. All the guards on station as well as hundreds of door disciples responsible for
the security of the Nonagon and liaison with various divisions received an
urgent order to defend the Nonagon headquarters at all costs. Swoosh!
One by one, figures descended from the sky, emerged from the ground below, appeared out of thin air, or gradually solidified in human forms from flames, waves of water, liquefied iron, and so forth. All of them, with chills on their faces, stood in a row in front of the Nonagon
building. Each of them had a haughty look as they stood or crouched with arms akimbo
or crossed. Their eyes coldly scanned the 30,000 combatants in front of them.
Disciples of the door!
Hundreds of disciples immediately gathered. Everyone was an elite who could
fight off a hundred. If word of such an astonishing scene spread to the outside
world, it would certainly cause changes to the entire world. The truth hidden by the Nonagon and several other institutions would be
made public. However, Reed Williams had taken advanced precautions and cleared
everything within a ten-mile radius. All normal citizens were brought away by the combat squad without delay. At this moment, within a ten-mile radius of the Nonagon, only the people of
the Nonagon and Reed’s people were present. Facing the disciples of the door with supernatural powers who looked aloof
and arrogant, the 30,000 combatants showed no trace of fear. Just like
fighting machines, they stood on the spot awaiting orders from the supreme. Reed’s green uniform fluttered in the wind. With an indifferent face, a glint
flashed in his eyes. He instantly figured out the strength of these hundred or so
disciples. “It’s been a long time since I met someone of my kind.”
Reed sighed inwardly and stood with his hands behind his back. His long and
slender fingers moved slightly. From his expression, he seemed to be
calculating something. At the same time, up in the Nonagon building behind a large French window
somewhere, was a middle-aged man wearing a white shirt and a checkered
vest. He had a stoic angular face and a pair of deep-set eyes with a hint of gray
in his hair. He sipped a cup of freshly brewed coffee in his hand. This person
was nearly 1.9 meters tall, broad and sturdy like a bear. His hair was combed
back and he had a beard. He wore a pair of gold-framed glasses. He had the
reputation as a rogue in a suit. Cooper Berry, he was the deputy consul of the Nonagon. The actual person in
charge of the Nonagon now. A faint indifferent smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he said to the
three tall and s*xy female assistants behind him, “Have you contacted the five
pavilion masters?” A blonde and blue-eyed female assistant wearing a sequined pale gold
ultra-short dress with a devilishly hot figure bowed respectfully. She said, “Deputy Consul, we have contacted them and they’re on their way.”
Cooper chuckled and said bemusedly, “On their way? With their strength, it’ll
only take them minutes to rush over here from the various pavilions. They’re
deliberately stalling for time.”
The blonde female assistant wrinkled her pretty brows and asked, “Do you
want to issue the Nonagon Order?”
Cooper shook his head, looked at the scene below, and said, “No need. Members of the five pavilions will always think they’re superior. Where is the
Griffin Pavilion Master? Is she on the way too?”
The female assistant replied, “Pavilion Master Una has already arrived, but
she seems to be in some trouble.”
Cooper smiled and asked, “What kind of trouble?”
The First Heir – Chapter 1880
Another female assistant in a fiery red dress replied, “Pavilion Master Una has
been intercepted in Griffin Pavilion. The other party is a king of disciples, and
the two sides are confronting each other.”
“A king of disciples?”
Cooper trembled, turned around, looked at the female assistant in the flaming
red dress. He asked, “Who is it?”
Cooper knew that this king of disciples was definitely not one of the current
ones in the Nonagon. This person was either from outside the country or had
defected. The female assistant replied, “He’s the former king of disciples of the fifth
zone who’s also known as Red Dragon, Fennel Leigh. He previously singled
out Spencer Dunley.”
‘Fennel Leigh?’ Cooper frowned, and an explosive aura suddenly surged all over his body. Then, he chuckled and said, “Interesting. I only told Pavilion Master Una to
test the waters a little. I didn’t expect such a big reaction. Oh, Philip Clarke, your Clarke family is indeed very powerful and mighty. Roger Clarke, what
exactly are you plotting? Is he really the chosen one?”
Cooper mumbled to himself before turning around and draping a white coat
over his body. The back of the coat was a golden embroidery of the word
‘Nonagon’ with two gold dragons surrounding the word. Then, he stepped out of the office while saying coldly, “Let’s meet Reed
Behind him, the three female assistants followed closely. ***
With a cold face, Reed stared at the hundred disciples in front of him and said
indifferently, “I don’t want to harm the innocent. You should back down on
your own.” One of them was a burly man with a fiery temper. He was dark-skinned and
full of brute strength with a pair of shiny iron bangles around his wrists. He
was the first to jump down and punch the ground with a fist. In an instant, the
surface of the ground within a few meters from the impact cracked like a
spider web before exploding. Fiery red lava spread under the cracks. “I, Matt Wells, challenge you! Anyone who dares to attack the Nonagon is
courting death!”
The bad tempered burly man roared and stomped his feet on the ground. Like
an exploding cannonball, both his fists burst with dazzling red sparks and
smashed at Reed fiercely.
The force of this punch was strong enough to shatter combat armor. The
scorching heat carried in that punch was enough to
melt iron!
Many disciples smiled faintly when they saw Matt making his move at this
moment. The figure in the green combat uniform in front would most likely fall after a
single blow from Matt. After all, they were two totally different kinds of people. This was the
fundament that made the door disciples superior to these normal people. That
was because they had long since ceased to be ordinary. They had been exposed
to more and better civilizations, and their bodies had evolved along with it. However, the next second, all the disciples were shocked!
Reed looked at the fiery red fist that blasted toward him expressionlessly. He
stood on the spot with just one glance, raised his hand slightly, and stretched
out. With just one finger, he blocked the fist that was surrounded by flames!
Yes! That was correct!
Everyone could see this clearly!
With just one finger, he blocked Matt Wells’ domineering and fiery punch.
All the door disciples gasped. Immediately after, they saw Reed bend his
finger slightly before flicking it.



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