The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1459

Chapter 1459

As the saying went, generous rewards roused one to step forward. The saying was universal at all times.

These employees were out there to make money. Sean’s payment satisfied them. How could they not

work hard?

These expenses were nothing to Sean.

Money was only a tool to him.

Anything you could solve with money was not a problem at all.

Sean would not hesitate when he could use money to motivate people to work hard.

“Get to work.”

Sean waved his hand slightly to beckon the crowd to disperse.


The crowd immediately nodded and left the meeting room.

Today’s meeting was the first senior executive meeting held after Sean took over Billion Trees Real Estate.

Sean did not say a single inspiring word during the meeting.

There was also no talk of ambition or future plans.

However, the senior executives were motivated when walking out of the room.

With all employees having such a working attitude, did they have to worry about the company’s development?

Conference room.

Sean opened a file and looked at it carefully.

Sean had solved Billion Trees Real Estate’s problems.

However, it was bound to take some time for such a large company to complete all the handovers.

Sean had a lot to do either way.

Zander could be trusted, but he could not understand these company documents.

He was confused with various technical terms either.

Therefore, Sean could only look through them and make arrangements for him.

Zander was still confused with a lot of what Sean did.

He was even tempted to ask questions sometimes.

However, Zander had learned to avoid asking questions he could not understand.

It was enough that he knew it was all part of Sean’s plan. “Commander, I didn’t expect us to settle things so smoothly.” Zander could not help feeling a little emotional at this point.

After Sean took over Billion Trees Real Estate, no one thought much of him.

Many people were waiting for Sean to give up.

However, many people probably could not help being dumbstruck.

“It wouldn’t have been hard.”

Sean replied, shaking his head slightly.

The most serious and difficult problem that Billion Trees Real Estate faced was with the government.

It was the same for any company.

Things like unit owners making a scene or employees asking for pay could be negotiated and settled. However, corporate taxes and other legal issues did not even have a chance to be negotiated.

What Billion Trees Real Estate had done was unforgivable.

Therefore, the most difficult problem Billion Trees Real Estate faced was with the government.

However, Johnson provided Sean with a lot of special treatment to get Joules Town’s business circle back on track as soon as possible.

He even exempted the late penalty for the taxes they had owed for a long time.

They had Johnson backing them up with the government.

The problems outside were nothing, of course.

“But I still think we settled too quickly and easily.”

Zander nodded gently. It came from his heart.

He thought it would take Sean a few days to sort everything out.

After all, Billion Trees Real Estate troubled countless big shots of the business circle.

However, it was ridiculously easy for Sean.

“Outsiders might think we handled it quickly and easily.

“Don’t you know how much work we’ve done to prepare for this day?”

Sean shook his head slightly. It was so easy today because he had been preparing for it for a while.

He had secretly planned for so long that the outcome of the matter was already predestined.

Today was only a formality, which was why it seemed so easy.

“That’s… That’s true…”

Zander paused for two seconds before quickly nodding.

Zander, Jeffrey, and the rest knew how much effort Sean had put in.

Sean had done a lot of planning and preparation before today.

Therefore, they achieved today’s result without effort.

Zander could not help but wonder that Sean would not be able to meet Johnson through Zane if Sean had not met Zane first.

Sean would not be able to do everything today without Johnson backing him in the government.

It was unrealistic even for Billion Trees Real Estate to tear off the seal and reopen.

In a word, being prepared would keep you safe.

Sean had it easy today because of his preparation a while ago.

“Make an appointment with Mr. Dane for me this afternoon.

“I must remind him of his promise before he forgets.”

Sean said quietly as he closed the file in his hand.


Zander nodded and responded immediately.


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