The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460

Joules Town’s business circle.

The turmoil of the past few days over Billion Trees Real Estate had finally ended.

Sean handled things beautifully and swiftly.

No one expected it.

You could predict Lennon Real Estate would grow stronger after acquiring Billion Trees!

With Zane and Johnson’s help, Lennon Real Estate was poised to peak in Joules Town’s real estate industry.

Even the summit of Joules Town’s business circle was within reach.

The entire Joules Town business circle would also be greatly affected by Lennon Real Estate.

In particular, those real estate companies were now a little restless.

If Sean were only a normal young man, it would not have bothered them.

However, they understood how powerful Sean was.

He had a lot of money, connections, and talent.

Who would make an enemy of such a person?

Therefore, many company owners could not help but begin plotting.

After much plotting, they finally understood one thing.

Their only option now was to suck up to Lennon Real Estate and be friends with Sean.

As the saying went, having powerful friends made things easier.

They had no choice but to succumb to Lennon Real Estate’s onslaught.

Even if they were brave enough to take on Lennon Real Estate, they would have to decide if they were capable of it.

These big shots were no fools to make their companies so big.

They had two choices before them.

Firstly, attach themselves to Lennon Real Estate, which would result in a great loss of profit.

After all, Lennon Real Estate would have a big chunk of the profit while they had bits and pieces after they succumbed to Lennon Real Estate.

Secondly, going up against Lennon Real Estate.

It would protect their interests in the short term.

However, they could not even hold on to their existing profit once Lennon Real Estate brought them down.

The second option was far too risky.

Not even the boldest business mogul would do so.

Therefore, many people could only give in after thinking it through.

The news of Joules Town’s business circle also reached the Collins family of Joules Town.

At this point.

Collins Residence, Old Master Collins’ room.

“No! I still can’t believe he solved it so easily.”

William shook his head and said after a long silence.

“Old Master, he solved it easily…”

Hubert said with a sigh, speechless.

“He easily solved it by bringing over some cash and making payouts and promises?

“Are the unit owners that easy to please?”

William shook his head, still unconvinced.

“Old Master, I get it now.

“We complicated things.

“Sean saw the root of the problem.”

Hubert shook his head slightly. It was indeed easy.


However, they and those business tycoons were scheming.

They found even the simplest things complicated.

“What’s going on with this boy?

“Why is everything so easy for him?

“Or has he taken control and prepared everything from the start?”

William had not taken Sean seriously until today.

He was surprised by what Sean had done but did not think much of it.

He did not even find the incident this time a big deal.


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