The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1461

Chapter 1461

However, what surprised him was Sean’s way of dealing with things.

There was a saying-“Complicated things are usually unbelievably simple.”

Sean used a seemingly simple method to solve the root of the problem.

He looked relaxed because he had expected it.

You could only have that kind of control if you were confident.

Not everyone had the brains to control everything.

William knew that not even Sean’s adoptive father, Colin, could do it.

“Old Master, he solved the problem and acquired Billion Trees regardless of the process.

“Lennon Real Estate will probably rise in Joules Town’s business circle from now on!”

Hubert’s tone was emotional.

Sean had visited William when he first came to Joules Town.

You could not call him penniless at the time. However, he was a minor character without identity nor background in Joules Town.

However, Sean had reached this point on his own in a short time.

He did not get any help from the Collins family during this period. He did it all on his own.

The more Hubert thought about it, the more unusual he found him.

He also thoroughly believed that Sean did not become a nine-star commander because of luck.

He did it because he was capable!

William did not argue this time.

“By the way, didn’t you say…

“If Sean can fix this, are you going to personally invite him over for dinner?”

Hubert coughed gently as he reminded him.


William could not help blushing.

If he and Hubert had said nothing, the matter would have been left alone.

However, William was straightforward. There was no way he would go back on his word.

Therefore, he could only do what he had said before.

“Ahem, Old Master.

“I know you only said it out of anger.

“Why don’t we just let it slide this time?”

Hubert coughed and said deliberately.

He knew that with William’s temper-the more he said, the less likely William would go back on his word.

“B*stard! A gentleman will always keep his word.

“I’ve lived most of my life. I always keep my promises. When did I ever go back on my word?

“I’ll invite him over now!”

William snorted coldly and picked up his phone.

Hubert stifled a smile and nodded.

He wanted to be friends with Sean.

Sean’s achievements were incomparable to the Collins family.

However, it was Sean’s potential that impressed Hubert.

Given enough time, Sean might rise to the top of Joules Town.

Therefore, it would be a wise decision to make friends with Sean. The sooner, the better

William picked up the phone, hesitated, and looked for Sean’s number

Just then, someone called over first.


William froze and quickly looked at the caller ID.

“Who is it?”

Hubert asked hurriedly.

After all, William’s private number was something very few people knew.

The ones that knew would not call randomly unless they had something important.

“It’s a phone call from Janestown.

“Is the big shot surnamed Lupin coming?”

William frowned slightly before tapping on the answer button.


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