The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1462

Chapter 1462

It was a phone call from Janestown, and William dared not ignore it.

“Hello, this is William Collins speaking.”

William said as he answered the phone call.

“Old Master Collins, it’s me.”

A middle-aged man’s voice came from the phone.

“Mr. Jamestone? How did you find time to call me?”

William sat up straight at the sound of the caller’s voice.

Although they were not as old as he was, status was not decided by age.

As the saying went, you would not know your status until you went to Janestown.

Joules Town and Janestown were very different in status.

One was one of the modern cities, and the other was the capital of Dragon Kingdom, where the monarch resided.

How could the two compare?

How could someone from the Janestown government be taken lightly?

The Collins family rose to prominence in Joules Town.

However, even William had to remain respectful and polite in the presence of Janestown’s big shots.

“Mr Lupin has settled his business.

“I expect him to leave for Joules Town in a couple of days.

“You’ll have to make the arrangements.”

William nodded as soon as the man spoke.

The arrangements he mentioned were not as simple as arranging food and lodging.

They must guarantee the safety of a big shot of this stature.

Besides, the government staff of Joules Town knew what the higher-ups wanted to see and not see.

The Collins family was ranked at the top of Joules Town’s affluent families, so they had to take it seriously all the more

“Mr. Jamestone, don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

William nodded repeatedly, not daring to refuse.

“Okay, be prepared.

“I’ll contact you again when the time comes.”

The man said and hung up.

William slowly put down his phone, pondering with a frown.

“Old Master…”

Hubert looked at William with hesitation.

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing something wrong with Hubert’s expression, William immediately asked with a frown.

“You… You seem to have changed…”

Hubert hesitated for a moment before saying.

“What has changed?”

William became even more confused when he heard this.

“You’re unlike yourself.

“I don’t remember you coming back from the army like this.”

Hubert gathered his courage and said it in one breath.

He remembered William to be high-spirited when he first retired.

He was honest and upright, not allowing the slightest injustice.

He would never indulge those who were above him.

However, William was much more obsequious and snobbish now.

Take Sean’s case for example. If it had been the old William, the Collins family would have had a different relationship with Sean.

William fell silent when he heard Hubert’s statement.

He slowly let out a sigh after a long time.

“We can’t always do as we like.

“I didn’t believe it before, but I do now.”

William’s tone was a mixture of helplessness, reluctance, and resignation.

He knew what he had been like in the army, of course.

However, the army and the outside world were different after all.

Interest, money, and power did not matter in the army. All the soldiers ate and trained together.

There was no deception or comparison of money and power. The only competition was personal strength and ability.

There was no need to worry about food and clothing or status

It was the same for everybody.

Could a realistic society be the same as the army?

Money, power, connections, and backgrounds were equally important.

You could only join them if you did not want to be trampled over

“I thought it would be the way I thought it would be.

“But then I found that my military methods could not handle the outside world.

“I can’t change society, so I have to fit in.”

William confided in Hubert out of the blue.

Hubert was moved to hear William’s statement.

“I knew my military methods won’t work in the world. That’s why I didn’t think much of Sean.”

William shook his head and mentioned Sean again.

No matter how powerful you were in the army, society’s rules were different from those in the army.

Therefore, William did not care, even though Sean was once a commander in the army.

“But I didn’t expect him to adapt to the outside world so quickly.

“Besides that, he does it much better than I”

William sounded emotional as he spoke.

He had to admit that he was surprised by Sean’s actions.

He thought Sean would keep hitting dead ends and would eventually give up if he dealt with the outside world like how he did things in the army

However, it was only now that William realized that he had underestimated Sean.

Not only could Sean lead a war, but he was also talented in business.

He was capable in all aspects.

Otherwise, he could not have gone so far in Joules Town in such a short time.


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