The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463

“You think I’ve changed a lot too, don’t you?

I realized it earlier, but I have no choice

15 years have passed since I retired!

A lot can change in 15 yea

Sometimes I even wonder if Colin would stay friends with me if he knew what I’m like now

William could not help laughing at himself as he spoke of it

Old Master, you don’t need to surrender your integrity for the Collins family

“Do whatever you want

Hubert pondered for a moment before whispering

“Whatever I want? There’s nothing I want to do

“The Collins family doesn’t have to be so successful I’m content with where we are

William said as he picked up his phone

William hesitated slightly as he looked at Sean’s number on the screen

“Old Master, I still think we should be friends with Sean

“It’s for the Collins family.

“Sean isn’t a regular man!”

Hubert looked at William and persuaded earnestly


William nodded gently

Then he tapped on the dial logo.

He eventually accepted Hubert’s advice and was ready to get in touch with Sean.


Sean soon answered the call

“Sear, it’s me”

liam coughed and said into the phone.

“Old Master Collins “

Sean paused for half a second before greeting him.

He was not friendly nor too indifferent-as if only facing a stranger

William was upset as he heard Sean’s tone

He detested Seans arrogance

big shots in Joules Town respectfully called William Old Master Collins whenever they saw him.

Who on earth gave Sean the confidence anyway?

William was annoyed but put up with it.

“I’d like to invite you to dinner tonight.

“Come over if you have time.”

Hubert could not help frowning as soon as William said that.

The tone sounded like a command. Sean probably would not buy it!

Hubert was right.

“I don’t have time.”

Sean refused without hesitation.

“What did you say?”

William, who was already trying to suppress his anger, instantly got even more upset when Sean rejected him.

“I don’t have time.”

Sean repeated without hesitation.

“You! I’m ordering you!”

William clenched his fist angrily and spoke into the phone.

“I don’t take orders from you.”

However, Sean responded calmly again.

You might give me orders, but I have the right not to take your orders.

It was so straightforward that William was instantly lost for words.

The authority he had did not work on Sean!

“How dare you reject………

William asked with widened eyes after a long silence.

“We’re all human beings. Who are you to order me?”

Sean’s tone was calm without any anger. It was as if he was simply telling the truth.

“You’re a soldier! You are a soldier, and obedience is a soldier’s top duty!”

William snorted coldly and began to talk about the rules of the army.

Sean shook his head and chuckled.

“You’re mentioning the army?

“I’m a nine-star commander in the army.

“No one in Dragon Kingdom can command me but the sovereign.

“Who do I need to take orders from?”

Sean’s rhetorical question rendered William speechless again.

However, he could not find a word to refute him.

“Do you know that very few people in Joules Town are qualified to have me invite them personally?

“And no one ever said no to me after I invited them!”

William had taken on a strong personal emotion.

“No one ever says no to you?”

Sean asked indifferently.


William nodded immediately.

“You have one now.

“I rejected you.

“I’ll hang up if there’s nothing else.”

Sean said and was about to hang up.

“You! Wait!”

William’s eyes widened instantly before he slammed on the table and stood up again.

Hubert watched William and Sean argue, but there was nothing he could do.

Sean and William were stubborn. There was no way the conversation could go on!

When two stubborn people got together, one had to compromise first.

However, now that neither of them was willing to compromise, it was only getting worse.

“Punk, are you really stupid?”

William frowned, his tone already cold.


Sean hung up without another word.

“That b*stard!”

William slammed on the table angrily and could not help yelling through gritted teeth.

Even Sean’s adoptive father, Colin, was polite to William

Sean’s attitude upset William.

“Here, look at his attitude.

“With his character, what great things can he achieve?

“Is he worthy of being friends with the Collins family?”

William slammed his phone onto the table and roared at Hubert Whatever anger he could not take out on Sean, he took out on Hubert.


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