The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464

“Don’t you think our attitude’s the problem, Old Master?

“Sean’s a human being. He’s not a pet. He’s also a capable person with high status.

“How can he accept being called upon and dismissed like this?”

Hubert’s words rendered William dumbfounded.

Sean was a former commander, so he had his pride.

He would not enjoy William bossing him around.

After all, William was dismissive when Sean came to visit.

They deserved Sean’s attitude toward them!

“But I’m his elder!”

William sat down slowly and said through gritted teeth.

“But we didn’t act like elders…”

Hubert shook his head slightly. He realized William was getting a little senile.

There was a term “Old man child”. People did behave like children as they grew older.

“Anyway, invite him to dinner yourself if you want. I’ve done what I said. It’s not my fault he doesn’t come.”

William was silent for a moment. Then he turned and went into a room after saying.

Hubert sighed, picked up his phone, and hesitated to call Sean.

At the same time.

The former Billion Trees Real Estate building. The chairman’s office.

After Sean put down his phone, he opened the file before him and looked through it.

“Commander, we’ve set an appointment with Mr. Dane.

“He won’t have time in the afternoon-not until after 8 p.m.”

Zander looked at Sean and reported softly.


Sean nodded gently.

“Did I hear Old Master Collins call you?”

Zander paused and asked again.

“He invited me for a meal.

“I declined”

Sean closed the file and picked up a file nearby.

“Old Master Collins

“Commander, I’m not trying to speak ill of Old Master Collins.

“But i think he’s not who i thought he was.”

Zander hesitated for two seconds before speaking his mind.

He thought a veteran like William was admirable.

However, in Sean’s contact with the Collins family, Zander only found William snobbish.

He did not behave like a member of the army at all.

“It’s normal.

“Society is different from the army.”

Sean shook his head slightly, looking unbothered.

It was as if he had seen through society.

“Well. I still don’t think he should have done that anyway.”

Zander paused for two seconds before saying with a sigh.

“There’s nothing we should or shouldn’t do. They made a different choice at most.

“We could end up like him too.”

Sean chuckled and whispered.

“Like him?”

Zander asked quickly.

“No fish can survive in the cleanest water.

“We can’t be too pure either.

“To survive, we have to be a little greedy and get our hands dirty to fit in with this world.”

Sean slowly looked up. What he said provided Zander food for thought.

“So you understand Old Master Collins.

“You don’t blame him for how he treated you?”

Zander asked cautiously, blinking his eyes.

“I can understand, but I won’t forgive him.”

Sean looked up slowly, his tone somewhat meaningful.

Zander pondered again before finally nodding with a hazy notion.

Sean picked up his coffee cup with a complicated look flickering in his eyes.

He could understand William’s behavior, but he could not forgive William’s attitude.

Sean found the Collins family because of William’s relationship with Colin.

Sean believed his adoptive father’s taste in friends.

Therefore, he visited him, full of hope.

However, he was given the cold shoulder instead.

What did that mean?

It did not matter that William did not want to help Sean.

However, his attitude shamed Colin!

Although Sean was not Colin’s biological child, Colin always treated Sean as his own.

Was William’s attitude not dismissive of Colin when his old friend’s child came to visit?

It was Sean’s pet peeve.

There were not many people in Sean’s life that he was grateful for.

May was one. Without May, Sean would have starved to death on the streets.

Colin was the second.

He gave Sean a second chance at life and changed Sean’s fate.

Sean would not allow anyone to look down on them and humiliate them.

It was why Sean treated the Collins family that way today.

“Everything aside.

“When I visited the Collins family, they were trying to make us leave.

“Now that Lennon Real Estate is taking off, they want me back.

“Isn’t that funny?”

Sean shook his head before putting down his coffee cup and standing up.

However, the phone on the desk rang again.

Sean picked it up and saw that it was Hubert calling.

He did not want to answer it, but considering Hubert’s attitude toward him, Sean answered anyway.

“Mr. Lennon, Old Master’s hot-tempered and stubborn. Please forgive him.”

Hubert immediately said apologetically after he got through.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Sean waved his hand nonchalantly

“Well. Mr. Lennon, why don’t you come for dinner if you have the time?”

Hubert coughed and invited again.

“Let’s take a rain check

“I have an appointment tonight.”

Sean shook his head slightly and declined Hubert again.

Hubert was silent for two seconds before replying to Sean.

“Okay! Let’s take a rain check.

“I only wanted to tell you Mr. Lupin from Janestown will probably be here in a couple of days, Mr. Lennon.

“I’ll introduce you to each other if we have the chance.

“We can solve your problems if Mr. Lupin’s willing to help”

Sean froze when he heard that.

“He’s coming?”


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