The Guardian’s Sword by Talking Cigarette Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465

Sean was interested in the news.

He could reject or ignore the Collins family.

However, even Sean would not take someone from Janestown lightly.


It was because Janestown was Dragon Kingdom’s capital and where the sovereign resided.

They were at the same ministerial level, yet the ones from Janestown had more weight than any other city.

If Sean wanted to return to the army and avenge those who died in vain, there was no way he could bypass Janestown.

If Janestown commanded to protect Blaze and prevent Sean from making a comeback, Sean would never have had a chance.

If Janestown were interested in Sean, it would be a done deal. No one could stop him.

Therefore, Sean attached great importance to Janestown’s response.

“Mr. Lennon, are you listening?”

Hubert’s cry brought Sean back to reality.

“Go ahead.”

Sean replied immediately.

“Mr. Lennon, I know you’re an elite who could get anything you wanted without help from others.

“But I think it would be nice to have some outside help to make things go more smoothly.”

Hubert paused before saying with a smile.

Hubert’s way of dealing with people was diplomatic

He also knew how to take care of the other party’s dignity.

“When is Mr. Lupin coming?”

Sean nodded gently and confirmed with Hubert.

“It should be these two days.

“Someone from Janestown called my dad just now.”

Hubert quickly told Sean truthfully.

“These two days…”

Sean nodded gently.

He should be able to take care of everything in these two days.

Besides that, he would have more influence in Joules Town if things went well.

Perhaps Sean would be eligible to see Mr. Lupin, even without William’s introduction.

It was why Sean was spending his time in Joules Town.

He could only be qualified to make friends with powerful big shots if he was strong enough.

Otherwise, he would not even have the right to approach them.

“Mr. Lennon, I think the Old Master will meet Mr. Lupin.

“Mr. Lennon, why don’t you talk to the Old Master first about how we can get you to meet Mr. Lupin…”

Hubert coughed, finally getting to the point.

He still wanted the Collins family to be on good terms with Sean.

However, Sean was not interested in wasting his time with the Collins family.

Sean had visited the Collins family already

However, the Collins family’s attitude disappointed Sean.

He might not care how William treated him, but the way William treated him represented the Collins family’s attitude toward Colin.

William did not take Sean seriously. That meant he did not care about Colin’s name.

It was precisely because of this that Sean had always disliked the Collins family.

“Mr. Lennon, my father’s temper has always been that way.

“He has no bad intentions, but he’s quite hot-tempered.”

Hubert paused before defending William.

However, Sean was not a youngster who could be persuaded easily

He was young, but he had experienced many things, met countless people, and witnessed the world’s fickleness.

How could he change his mind just because Hubert said something?

Therefore, Sean did not waver at all when Hubert said this.

“Mr. Collins, I know what you mean.

“But the Collins family and I aren’t meant to be.

“I would be grateful if the Collins family would help me.

“I won’t say anything if you refuse to help.

“As long as the Collins family doesn’t go against me, I won’t go against the Collins family due to my adoptive father and Old Master Collins’s relationship.”

Sean was silent for a few seconds before speaking slowly.

His statement expressed his attitude.

He did not have to make the Collins family an enemy, but there was no way he would be friends with


At least there was no way they could become friends.

If the Collins family did well in the future, Sean might make a different choice.

However, Sean did not regard the Collins family well right now

“Mr Lennon, you were a commander You should be generous and foresighted.

Hubert was silent for a few seconds before saying.

Sean shook his head and sneered at Hubert’s remark.

“Mr Collins, do you think I’m mad at the Collins family for not helping me?”

Sean paused for a few seconds before asking slowly.

“Aren’t you?”

Hubert frowned slowly.


“Helping me is a favor

“It’s not your duty to help.

“I won’t hold any grudges whether you help me.


Sean paused at this.


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